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  1. Crap I need to catch up, should start with episode 1
  2. It’s all the same with every coin, people wanna get rich fast, but it’s not happening 😂
  3. That lag is normal , this decline in price since January , is basically OTC cashing out catching up, this has nothing to do with market. Market “weather” is at its finest, but the market still struggle, why? Need new money. When? When the prices are right to start buying again. And this a question that nobody can give a good answer to.
  4. What kind of dumb nut, will discuss this in a pulblic chat?
  5. Most got in at ATH, the more “smart”ones got at .90 to 1, the very smart at .25 and the geniuses got in 2017.
  6. This riddler crap needs to stop, and the starters of this hype baned forever.
  7. Yes yes yes , this is the funniest part all. They want to cheat the system, but when their money get stolen on some exchange by bot , they run to the law man for help. Most enjoyable thing to watch I must say.
  8. Hold up, if we merge even two 589 topics , this creates a new 1178 topic. I knew it was a trap of some sort . Dang it
  9. You didn’t get the point. Person A, spend 16 000 usd and got truck of apples, but also wanted bananas but he had no money left so he stuck with apples. Person B , spend 16 000 usd on bananas, but wanted also apples but he has no money left. But, then each one realised that they could have waited and bought more at a later date of each, but they were idiots and spend all on one thing. A great crypto investor, will never hate any asset and buy only what he or she likes. The only ones that hate, are the ones who spend too much on all ,or on a limited set of assets. This creates what we call now evangelicalism of any one “token”.
  10. Not as easy as it seems ?
  11. Clearly they never heard of slippage and so on?. This is exactly what has happened during this bot shamanism.
  12. Nothing new, even the coliseum is more grotesque and modern than this bot crap that for some reason people forgot about.
  13. It’s simple really. You hate on XRP because you spend all your money on btc at 19k and can’t buy any XRP now . Or You hate btc because you spend all your money on XRP at 3 buck and could not buy more btc at par 6k .
  14. Ahahaha you win. This is actually brilliant one.
  15. Do yourselfs a favor, log out of media like tweeter, forget about crypto for 6 month, come back and realize that nothing changes with those people , but your nerves are still safe since you don’t have to listen to them. Truly important news, will find you even if you are not looking.
  16. Well you have just created another one. This is called hypocrisy ? Oh crap and I commented in it, it’s a trap.
  17. Xplain would be a nice one, with it’s own token WTF runing on burned XRP.
  18. It is not her nor anybody’s fault that people base their financial decisions of some YouTube videos and get rekt on daily bases. This is always has to be consumed with high amount of spices, and taking seriously only as a form entertainment and nothing more. Never ever any book or Harvard course has clearly stated how to get rich by sitting on your asses by providing information about “sure things” that you absolutely have to invest in. It never happened before, and it never will.
  19. If it’s too good to be true, than it’s probably to good to be true. This has never failed.
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