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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 and I’m am the queen of England . Oh hello, I’m Elisabeth I to have send trillion of xrp to an unknown address in Suffolk, come come with me ,I will show you to it.
  2. “I’m not in for the money, I’m in it for the technology” this petition shet is extremely funny.
  3. You didn’t answer my question. Who the hell you think you are to be speaking for all of people, and who the hell are you to tell others what to not write here?
  4. Dude , who are you to tell people to stop saying something multiple times in a row? The golden status here means ****, there are no heroes. I will be speaking my mind and I will do it how I like it. If y’all have a problem with that , there’s admin that have tools to restrain me from doing so. This is the internet. No knowledge needed. Y’all get triggered so easy about it, which indicates that there is no need to even guess about it. Presumptuous you tell me? I only stated the obvious, by saying that none of us fanboys (and we are fanboys,) are fully aware of that this
  5. I’m not reflecting anything, I’m only speaking my mind. If it is prohibited by the rules of our community, than it’s not a very good one. None of us own anything here , there’s no doors to be kicking in really. But what I do notice, is that the forum gotten hostile since last year. Not a fun an friendly place that it used to be. Yes I do fear that we are all could face a rude awakening, not only considering xrp, but with crypto in general and I’m not afraid to talk about it , this has nothing to do with fud or misinformation. Again, none of us is strong enough to acknowledge the f
  6. Unfortunately, nobody but sources inside the firm are able to even try to answer that. Being among the elite , xrp has been known to always lag. But manipulation is a real threat. It is there and nobody can do nothing with it.
  7. He has actually got a point. Yes his presentation of it is a bit bold, but still. The biggest flaw that we all share is, undoubted believe that we will execute a moon landing in some distant or not future. None of us is strong enough to even think about it being a flop. Let’s be honest, ripple already made billions just by trading it back and forth, they can live with price not getting anywhere for eternity, and it would be completely legal, they are not obligated to anything. Anyhow, the whole market is crap at this moment, there is nothing going on with anything.
  8. Seriously, people are having to many expectations based on the positive news. And every time folks get rekt, this has to stop , no need for a community as such to push people to make decisions. Sbi this, WU that, monegram and so on. And XRP is notorious for crashing upon good events. Only time will tell. But nobody needs to be persuaded to jump on a train or get of it . This is what’s wrong with crypto world , to many fine gentlemen and ladies trying to act like they know stuff, and people sadly listen to it. I had my pulse on sbi since it was first mentioned ages ago.
  9. If bitcoin scarcity would really matter that much, it would already be priceless. Its not like gold, we don’t know the exact amount of ore that is left for the taking, but gold is still valued high, because there is use for it , other than jewelry. Bitcoin, we know that there is only so much of it in the world and will never be more, it should already be priceless, but it’s constantly being dumped on us. Im just plying, we don’t know how much it would be in a hour, let along years😂
  10. This holding fiat and making money from it sitting there, has to many red flags. Money laundering basically has the same concept.
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