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  1. If it’s too good to be true, than it’s probably to good to be true. This has never failed.
  2. Someone probably had an annual tinfoilhat yard sale.
  3. Wanting for someone to go to jail for this is pure hypocrisy. We are in crypto so the government has no control, and gladly would hide everything and every trace . Double standards are the very essence of evil.
  4. Nothing to worry about. Swift is just a name , by the time they realize how to do it, world would be different.
  5. FUD

    Ledger recovery

    Not to a AI designed for braking it. This is a far cry I admit, but world is full of great minds.
  6. FUD

    Ledger recovery

    The fact that all words are the same on every device , proves a fact that’s it’s not as secure as we think.
  7. Nobody knows this. But even if yes, it doesn’t mean moon tomorrow 😂
  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. In reality it will probably not happen since you can’t trust someone’s keys if you get me:) But if it does happen, you are right there is no way to trace it.
  10. Or that someone has already picked it😂
  11. Honestly, from what we saw that happened to the whole market, this could be the exact case of otc shenanigans catching up with us. We are completely clueless in that regard. Retail market as we know it, even now doesn’t have real-time pricing, without the api we are getting a very delayed data on all of the exchanges that we use, and none of us here are professionals trading via api. This is how this whole thing is designed, otherwise they can’t make money of it. We are always playing the catch-up game by trading past figures against them. It takes balls to trade crypto, especially with a leverage. So again, if someone sold something otc , than someone bough it. And that someone has a very limited set of options, keep it for later or sell it, or bring on the futures and other hedging instruments and the pandora’s box opens once again. The otc price will always catch up. Maybe not tomorrow or even months from now, but it will. Nobody can sustain and support volumes and prices via otc for eternity. It’s not a black hole, or is it? Now that is a question we need to ask . How deep otc trading is in crypto? What are it’s lilmits?
  12. That is a common misconception. Otc trading is not accomplished by trading in some parallel universe where rules don’t apply . For every sale there need to be a buy, and the other way around. Same as “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Newton’s third law never fails, hence that it is why they call it law.
  13. Don’t mind the CNBC it’s a Chanel for sheep with a hint of comedy, it isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It is purely entertainment focused.