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  1. I find myself coming back to this topic regularly. Thanks for sharing your views! I expect a parabolic rise, such as the one that started at the end of December, somewhere in the last quarters of 2021. What are your expectations on this?
  2. Be careful though. The token she's refering to, which might be xrp according to her theory, is probably just a security access token common in API's...
  3. Every monday until the price is above 0.5 euro again. Stacks up nicely the last few months. Bittersweet:)
  4. The more I think about stuff like this, the more I see the endless possibilities. Love it!
  5. I Googled this a bit and came across this article from 2013: https://www.forbes.com/sites/timothylee/2013/04/11/an-illustrated-history-of-bitcoin-crashes/#740c869b4039 Some interesting quotes from that article: Many commentators declared the fall the beginning of the end for Bitcoin. If bitcoins are worth $500 in 2018, (...) Conversely, if a bitcoin has fallen to $5 five years from now, we'll shake our heads at the irrational exuberance that once valued a bitcoin at $260 (or $32, for that matter) Good reminder that it just might be worth it to have a little pati
  6. Great post, thanks! Doesn't happen a lot that I read an entire blogpost;)
  7. I see this a lot. But I think he only mentioned he's sure at least one bank will in 2018 and he hopes dozens will in 2019.
  8. I've thought about this too. It's a cool idea! I just wonder what a safe place would be to store such an important piece of paper?:)
  9. I've read about it last week. Didn't really properly research it though. What do you like about it?
  10. Pride and ego's often get in the way of change..
  11. I told her about it. And then she bought some too.. ?
  12. Just returned to this topic to post this. Was surprised to see it on that site, one of the biggest online news platforms. Impressive marketing move!
  13. https://ripple.com/insights/ask-anything-brad/ It's in the Q&A here, around the 14 min mark
  14. Wouldn't surprise me if they release 1.0 during that event. However, I do not know how long it usually takes to go from an rc version to a release..?
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