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  1. in about 50 mins Asia opens....hopefully some volume
  2. We are also probably the least volatile digital asset if that stands for anything Over the past month. One thing, our daily volume is still a bit low, it has risen since coinbase etc. Would like to see us over take all these other alt coins.
  3. I have been watching crypto markets since 2012. What you have to remember.....this is all manipulation. The crypto market is completely fuelled by whales/groups who got a lot of coins being in the early days of bitcoin/alt coins. I bought xrp at 0.002 and bitcoin at 18 dollars. I'm far from a whale and most of my holdings are long gone but the accumulation that was done in this period is what fuels us today. Until the time institutional volume comes we are running on a manipulated roller coaster.
  4. xcurrent not xrapid no xrp for the moment.
  5. Its easy to see your only 26. Be grateful because you never know whats around the corner.
  6. Ripples has buckets of money, going public now would be a terrible thing. Patrick Collison on stripe an potential Stripe IPO in 2017 ---- Collison also pointed out that an IPO could make it more difficult for a company like Stripe to take calculated risks and moving at its own pace. “Being a public company certainly doesn’t stop you from taking a really long-term time horizon, but it does make it more difficult,” he said. “From our standpoint, becoming a public company makes sense when you’ve reached some point of stability, some plateau — [when] you’ve done the stuff that you
  7. I have a very similar idea, it will take millions, if not hundreds of millions to market and make a game like this. The big problem is regulation. Will Cities/governments allow this type of gambling to take place? I feel not. As this will great new economies which they do not have much tax control.
  8. By going public a company loses control, all their decisions have to keep share holders in mind. There would be no reason for ripple to go public, they have buckets of funding and are on a growth cycle, companies should go public when they stop growing and there end goal is complete. Right now going public would be a very stupid thing for the company to do.
  9. Is there any plan to make the way in which the list is chosen decentralized in the future? Not complaining, I think its good that a trusting body picks it, it just seems like the final step in decentralization.
  10. Brilliant, I think we should look at chimps behaviour and emotions more to understand our own. My advice. Don't be a Bonobo in a Chimp world.
  11. Maybe it was written when R3 had teamed up with JPM.
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