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  1. Pretty sure this latest drop across all crypto is because of BREXIT.
  2. Could always issue IOUS on the XRP ledger. They have also been involved with Ripple for the past 5 or 6 years.
  3. Why not do it on the XRP ledger as issue IOUs?
  4. Settlement between crypto currencies, they are using ETH.....
  5. So I thought these banks where with Ripple from the start, looks like that didnt work out https://www.coindesk.com/bbva-bank-spain-crypto-custody-trading-plans https://www.coindesk.com/standard-chartered-bank-to-launch-crypto-trading-for-institutional-investors-sources Not settling with XRP
  6. Will be great to see the back of him but to be honest, he doesn't make that much difference, if one guy can upset the whole market there is something fundamentally wrong.
  7. When are you all going to learn, this is the entire crypto market moving, bitcoin moves first and the then the rest move, its how it always has been and will be for the foreseeable future. The whole crypto market is one big orchestra.
  8. I think we are done moving up for the moment, i could be wrong, Christmas another burst.
  9. was out before that, have kept a small stack and will for awhile, i bought bitcoin at 18 dollars and sold at 100 oh to turn back time....
  10. I bought xrp at 0.002. I have been around for a long time. Have not posted in quite awhile. Big difference I see this time is Ripple has no exciting news, last time they were announcing things every week and it all came to nothing. Retail interest in ripple is also only a small percentage of what it was, you can see it in how busy this forum is now from what it was. Will xrp rise? Yes, as the whole market rises....Will we reach 3 dollars? i think we will be lucky to see .50c to $1. If Ripple come up with a new usecase then maybe we are back on but for now ODL has failed.
  11. in about 50 mins Asia opens....hopefully some volume
  12. We are also probably the least volatile digital asset if that stands for anything Over the past month. One thing, our daily volume is still a bit low, it has risen since coinbase etc. Would like to see us over take all these other alt coins.
  13. I have been watching crypto markets since 2012. What you have to remember.....this is all manipulation. The crypto market is completely fuelled by whales/groups who got a lot of coins being in the early days of bitcoin/alt coins. I bought xrp at 0.002 and bitcoin at 18 dollars. I'm far from a whale and most of my holdings are long gone but the accumulation that was done in this period is what fuels us today. Until the time institutional volume comes we are running on a manipulated roller coaster.
  14. xcurrent not xrapid no xrp for the moment.
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