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  1. Yep, they closed above 6450. Looks like we may have just broken a key resistance as bulls sustained their channel. Opened long position. Target 6700 to attack 6900. A break would see a green ***** to 7400. Most shorts are pooping their pants; it's higher than the last pump to 10k.
  2. If BT There's potential for a bounce to 6450 - 6500 (although highly unlikely. A close below in 2 hours will see us entering the depths of hell.
  3. As you can see, it wasn't a slight correction, it is a complete erasure of gains. People were closing short positions/getting liquidated as the pump took off due to a failed bullish attempt to hit 7k. For now, the H&S remains play. Look at the daily chart.
  4. There is a nasty head and shoulders forming with a 5500 target, which would give you an indication how low XRP can be expected to go, and further affirmation to hold off on buying as I suggested previously. I would suggest taking some profit now, today was a bearish retest of supports, tomorrow you can expect most of these gains to disappear. I'll post a chart tomorrow to show you what I mean.
  5. My apologies, I left a previous thread unanswered/unattended. Have not had the time to write my replies. However, I did want to warn you guys to sell a chunk now.
  6. I didn't think they'd be ballsy enough to dip into the resistance created by the previous wicks, but they did. Rest assure, folks: this IS the bottom you're looking at. I expect an insanely quick recovery to the $0.33 level, followed by continued growth. Don't sleep around waiting for $0.25.
  7. Also of interest: that nasty resistance is also set up to cross. It seems all the dominoes are in place if we consider the highly oversold conditions on the RSI, as pointed out by others.
  8. It seems we've finally reached the bottom of a previously established bullish channel. I don't see this support line breaking, unless chaos is the goal. I also see it as a perfect target for the bearish channel we've been seeing. Only a fool would short at this point, and we know whales are deadly, but no fools. I expect the final preparations in the next 2-3 weeks before the much anticipated bull run. Correspondingly, bitcoin's weekly MACD is due to flip from red to green in approximately the same time. I can almost see why that whale in OKEX was recently rekt as I can see how he would imagin
  9. You need to use log scale when looking at long periods, noob.
  10. He makes a really good point, it definitely seems like the SEC will wait for court decisions, instead of having their decision influence the ongoing suits. However, if that's the case, I really can't see the big "run" happening any time soon. Market makers have too much to risk, I expect a few pumps here and then, but overall stagnation, much as we've been seeing lately. Big players will keep their eye on the ball, but for the foreseeable future will move on to trendier assets.
  11. Won't even reach $10, lol. The life cycle of a whale: pump unreasonably high, short, repeat. When there's massive profit in betting against it, there's no need to pump it too high. Don't worry, you'll see your all time highs, and then some. You have to keep giving people hope to keep the game going. That's how you trap newcomers at the top. When the price starts dropping, they'll believe they're buying the dip, but it never quite reaches their profit target after it slightly recovers. After all, they just saw it reach a new peak, it's only a matter of time until it reaches a new one? THAT'S wh
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