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  1. support fully your opinion. Unfortunately, some will understand it very late. If you noticed many users left this forum, as a result of distrust to last events.
  2. if one day Harry Potter becomes the president of USA... at least all we know that they do not care about the XRP price and even their CTO is selling out all his XRP.
  3. Brad is one of the biggest scammers in the finance industry. Just look at his running eyes, this is a sign of big lie.
  4. SWIFT managed to make a trial cross-border payment in 13 seconds yesterday. This is the end of XRP game.
  5. There are signs that Western Union is getting on Ripple board gradually.
  6. Huge supy of 100 bln. It will be released fully may be in 20 years. About which investments loosers are talking? 😂
  7. here is the group of Ripple-paid hired trolls. Do u remember ChickenRegal with title Best Contributor? and where is he now? where is Hodor? ))) all of them disappeared from here. They lured many people here into the fraud of Brad and Co and now enjoying the moment. XRP is one of the best tricks for last years))
  8. Even Joel Katz already lost his trust into XPR and selling off. So guys, be realistic.
  9. XRP is coming to its end. Their CTO is selling his portion of XRP in big amounts and people here still dream of lambos:)))
  10. Dear Mr Garlinghouse, Please create totally a new entity called XRP Bank. Instead of putting a huge quantity of XRP into the escrow, you can take this initiative and create a totally new world of moving and making internet of value. If you are utilizing this website or someone from your team is using it, that would be great to think over that revolutional idea (even by merging with some huge bank). P.S. Guys, I dont know how to tag anyone from Ripple Team and hope you will help me. Thanks.
  11. Can I directly buy from Bitstamp and send it immediaty to my XRP address in Gatehub??
  12. Guys, can you please advise exchanges for buying XRP (not Changelly and CoinMama) with Visa cards.
  13. Also can you please share other sources for direct buying XRP with Visa cards.
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