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  1. So now I guess nearly everybody got the mind that XRP is going to fail soon by price and performance. The question is what are you going to do with your XRP reserves?
  2. yes, we will go to 0.42. Then the giant fall will start down to 0.2. Garlinghouse will make a good money as always with this rollercoaster.
  3. I wonder how people still believe into a big price rising when Ripple still has around 55 bln XRP in their escrow. Hey guys, relax! It will take another 20 years to have any significant price rise with their coin dumping.
  4. This guy was a well-paid XRP bot who was encouraging people about enormous XRP utility))) But even he understood that game was over.
  5. Garlinghouse sells his XRP and converts them to BCH. He is a very smart man who destined to be rich. I imagine how he laughs now at all of XRP hodlers )))
  6. Today I visited Moneygram website to check the fees to send money from USA to Mexico. You can send 100 USD with fee of $5. Is it the cheapest way to send money by ODL? ))) Explain to me if I am wrong.
  7. He is a paid troll. See his posts from 2018. He was forecasting 10 USD per 1 XRP in 2019)))
  8. Yes, long-term))) 20-30 years with such a huge supply))) I believe, in 20 years you will receive your pension in XRP)))
  9. Hey topicstarter, if their CTO sells all his XRP, do you still believe the price will skyrocket? ))) The other point is their huge supply. They will sell it for another 20 years. Are you ready to wait? )))
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