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  1. Guys, I changed all my XRP to YFFII. it is a restricted supply of 30,000 coins and the similar to YFI, the same principle of acting like YFI but it is the improved version with staking. The price now is just $3.6 at Hotbit exchange. I am pretty sure that it has capabilities to go to moon in case of new listings and new investors. So don't wait for the income for years with this securities coin XRP))
  2. How you can expect 100 bln coins to have a bull run, my God
  3. Sell out this XRP, guys. Invest in something valuable and with small issue, not 100 bln coins))
  4. Haha, what I see is that XRP trading forum became altcoins traiding forum but not XRP XRP army is disappearing day by day 😁
  5. 16 USD for XRP?)))) hahaha even not in dreams... in 15 years XRP may reach 0.5 USD with such a huge supply.
  6. So all these mooners cant understand that Ripple will sell off their coins for many years ahead and make their money. They dont care abour ordinary investors like you. This will not allow the price to raise even to $1 for upcoming 10 years. When you flood the market with a huge supply of coins, there is no other way. Sure if you are young enough to wait for another 20 years ahead, then come on:)))
  7. Exactly same words were told here by other guys about 2018 & 2019. Heyyy, where are all those guys? Just sold out and finished their game😁
  8. https://decrypt.co/37523/ripple-cofounder-xrp-dump-2020-crash-price Jed is dumping a lot of XRP, good job)) this is killing the price))
  9. These guys will buy up to days when they are 90 years old and hope for Moons and Lambos 😁😁😁
  10. So rally finished, it seems Brad released his 1 bln)))
  11. It is not trolling, very hige supply always kills the price. It's the market rule.
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