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  1. xrpria

    Why are you here

    @Champipple I'd totally echo that sentiment. I tell myself constantly that our ability to recognize and invest into a technology that so few people in the world understand, let alone throw their money at, will naturally be rewarded by prosperity. Some in this space are lucky, but most others are wise.
  2. xrpria

    Why are you here

    Loved the post @XRPisVELOCITY. Very honest and truthful. I relate to 8 of 9 reasons #Proud
  3. xrpria

    Why are you here

    I hope for all of us you get to your 3rd and final item on your wish list
  4. xrpria

    Why are you here

    I will never forget that feeling when I sent XRP for the first time... it was like making the first ever call from a mobile phone.
  5. xrpria

    Why are you here

    @dadofzara As good of a reason as any... certainly better than lambos
  6. xrpria

    Why are you here

    @Esprxp I couldn't agree more. This is the fundamental difference this community needs to set itself apart with. Patience stemming from belief. Thanks for the comment
  7. xrpria

    Why are you here

    @RobinBaas not being all-knowing might even be a blessing in disguise. Helps (me at least) widen my perspective on non-technical matters. Cheers
  8. xrpria

    Why are you here

    @Benchmark 4 words that summarize it all...
  9. xrpria

    Why are you here

    Just a thought I'd like to share.. Like many here, I’m not a Blockchain specialist. I am no expert on distributed ledger technology, and beyond sending you a GIF from Stefan Thomas’ Google talk session, I can’t tell you how its fundamental structure is actually built. I do not know how to describe consensus algorithms to my wife in simple terms, implying I know little of it (I have tried, but her straight face lasts about as long as an XRP transaction - sigh). Blocks and nodes and validators and 51%... When these terms are discussed in fora I understand the concept, but my concept of unde
  10. Thanks for the shout-out, buddy! ps: love the name !
  11. I'd also like to know. I always thought it was a guessing game from the XRP ledger monitor... you could wait for the quarterly reports from Ripple, but 4 times a year probably wouldn't be efficient enough for you
  12. @Julian_Williams That's a good point. People can visualize what they want to create and have a clear idea of the initial purpose, but the ultimate outcome and use will always be more clear after it's done especially because the convenience needs to be lived first. Maybe this is blasphemy on this forum, but I do not believe in the success of a digital currency that is imposed and embedded in the system from outside. And if a digital currency is created from within the system, I trust it even less. This is why the approach of Ripple is so unbelievably unique and thats why I'm a zerper. T
  13. @panmores On your second part, I thing this was the partially answer I was looking for. The idea of currency independence for oil is a contradiction in and of itself. So it would be difficult to materialize. As for your first part: I agree, but I initially wasn't trying to instigate a political question/discussion. I also understand that the topic itself has politics at its core. But is this not "the revolution" we are all cheering for and hoping to achieve? What if blockchain technology as a whole decentralizes not only money, but decentralizes hegemony? A single entity can c
  14. @D_B_Cooper wouldn't XRP or any digital asset nullify this issue for all? This is really where my question is...
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