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  1. Yes, and maybe another reason for the xrp community event is to celebrate that rather than make any announcement that people might be expecting
  2. Not from Ripple themselves though. The only speaker Ripple has at Consensus is David Schwartz and that’s only on a panel about interoperability. Will they tweet something out during the event? Maybe, but I think our best bet for good news is what the big boys have to say about crypto as a whole
  3. Forget about the price for now. I’m more interested to hear about developments, progress and possible announcements coming out of next weeks events. The market is way too manipulated at the moment to attach price movements to announcements and progress in the short term, but still im excited to hear what comes out of these events because it will matter in the long term
  4. It blows my mind sometimes just how immature the people in crypto can be. The constant purposeful spread of fud just to chit talk coins that they don’t like, I don’t get it, if you doubt a coin then don’t invest. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fudders know full well they are spreading lies but just act uneducated. Way too much of this “my dad is bigger than your dad” business here, seeming from grown me too it’s pathetic! Like @LordVetinari said, it’s not a competition between coins, lots of them can coexist and be successful. Contrary to the atmosphere here, when you read through Twitter comments and fud articles it feels as if the crypto space is populated by 18-20 year old spoilt brats. Despite only being 22 myself, the feeling in this forum is a lot more mature and makes me believe even more that I have made the correct investment and so I also thank you all
  5. I think it’s one of 2 things. Either what you’re saying is the case, and I agree with what you’re saying, or he bought in at the top and weak handed in the jan dip and got burned. His join date being Jan 8th, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost big in the bear market and turned sour and just started fudding and spitting his dummy out since he’s no longer a holder anyway
  6. Only 3 posts and I can’t believe I wasted my time on this utterly pointless thread
  7. I say change it, although it’d probably cause a dip because, yunno, what doesn’t make us dip
  8. Good question. I think it would definitely lower the value I’d be looking to cash out at as it’s one of our main use cases that we’re looking at to drive up the value. I think whether I’d cash out if I was in the green or not depends on a few variables though.. I’d have to take a look at how the market was doing at the time and overall sentiment in crypto. If the market is bullish everything is going up regardless of use case, so if the market is bullish then no. I’d have to look at our other use cases, Codius etc. There’s plenty of use cases that can drive up value for xrp. I’d also have to look at what the team is up to, if there is still more development in the pipeline that is driving more speculation, a lot like what we have going on now, then also probably not. If the future looks bleak, the market is bearish, or the team at Ripple seem to have run out of steam, then probably yes or atleast some. Tl;dr: depends
  9. Just got off the phone with SBI, they said they're just waiting for CNY to end and Wall Street bonuses to pour in before going live. They also said if I send them 2 ETH they’ll send 20 back to the same address. Can’t believe my luck I’m sending it over now
  10. Also, remember when Kodak said no one will ever use a digital camera?
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