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  1. The real price is the price of the market ! At this time, its' around $0.33.
  2. I don't care about the price at the EOY. What interests me is the price in 5 years, and I think it will be at least $10.
  3. I can't buy more because I'm broke. But I will do the same if I were not broke.
  4. 589 not on EOY but on 31/01/2019 (cause : 589 = 31 * 1 * 19), this is TA.
  5. Moderator could you delete this post please ?
  6. Human population is also a bubble. But we will go to Mars and other planets. XRP too. ?
  7. The world's millionaire population was expected to reach 53 million by 2019. So 168455 XRP millionaires will only represent 0.3% of this population. A drop of water, and it is quite possible. Source : https://www.cnbc.com/2015/06/24/how-many-millionaires-in-the-world-it-depends.html
  8. The price does not fall compared to ETH. ? See :
  9. Personally I will not do it again. The last time I advised to buy an asset, the person sold too early because the price of the asset was falling and he lost money. I felt responsible. I just say DYOR.
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