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  1. I'm excited this has happened. Enough HOlding the DOoR for xrp!
  2. Foot in the coinbase door we've been waiting for
  3. *Rubs genie's lamp* "I wish people stopped posting price prediction topics". - Eh, one can dream.
  4. XRPCHATTEES All there is to say, has been said. These are testing times, it might get worse before it gets better. Those who have sat tight with hands under their asses will come out stronger. Have faith in the tech, I do!
  5. I was thinking about constantly switching between the two. There is good competition hence they will gain at different times
  6. Stop being jealous of other useful coins, XLM has a place in society and so does XRP. XLM had a boost because of coinbase speculation and you can see the 90% gains in 3/4 weeks. Good for them, lets be supportive. I can see XLM doing what happened to EOS back in April/May.
  7. Where is the $0.006 option, but serious! Anything above 100 is crazy and anything below 0.2 is crazy
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