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  1. That is some serious selective response. Sure, we could do this messenger/msn style, but I expect full and comprehensive answers or we are not having a conversation. So I've read your posts for a while, still not on my ignore list. But lately you've been upping your game. I'm fine with differentiating opinions, but this is pure logical fallacies. My first question is why you are talking about the volume in a clearly manipulated/chained market (whatever you believe). Clearly NOT relevant as per now, is it? Ripple can announce everything they want, with or without effect. Volume could absolutely be an indicator in the future, but you speak of air as of right now. So why contemplate about the current situation? My conclusion is that you are displaying a pessimistic perspective, which is highly common for all serious investors. But my point is that you should maybe not conclude on something that has never had the chance to be born.
  2. Actually going to feed troll/ignorant, whatever you label yourself. You just can't differentiate between present (non existent Xrapid utilization) vs future use. You talk about now, why? The last info I heard was that Xrapid production would most likely go live with some FI by end Q3/4. For your own notice, the whole f market is tanking, thanks Mr. obvious. Regarding WU, very contradicting statements have been given by numerous others FI's. Including warm speeches from all the way up to UN, IMF, FEDres etc, regarding a new financial system. I don't know what proof you need to satisfy your sad investment style.. but could I suggest you start shorting and scalping the market, based on your sentiment? What do you expect, a flip switch movement? Instant volume boost? Either your are impatient or patient. Guess who mostly loose..
  3. As a European watching this madness livestream, I must say I'm absolutely appalled and shocked about the cut out. Wtf is wrong with these news channels. I mean like, if the monarch of Norway suddenly passed away during live time, they would MIGHT cut out the program, and that's like a national crisis!
  4. Just came across this at an exchange chat. Purely speculative ofc, but it correlates very much with my own amateur calculations and hopes ?
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