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  1. We're caught in a trap.... I can't walk out Because I love you too much, baby....
  2. Like Phil Colins says… “I can feel it coming in the air tonight… oh yeah” I know when the market is going to turn to the upside. How? Every bone in my body is saying, SELL. Sell now, sell it all… quit. I bought in the early days, held XRP for years whilst the market burned me to hell. Then it went moon. Yes... it already went moon for some of us older hodlers. But I can tell you all now… it’s spicy. The nerves are twitching. Something big is going to happen. We have all suffered long enough. Strap in.
  3. If I might throw down a little here... thinking you missed the point completely P3T3RIS. But glad you got a chance to sneak in the word "racist", bet that felt good. Of course, that's just, like, my opinion man...
  4. Bravo... so good one could even apply Galgitron's Hopium to ... our current state of politics in the USA. Thanks for the refresher.
  5. This could be related as it is from Chase Bank. It is not well published. Perhaps it is not available to all accounts at Chase. But when I go to Global Transfer on my phone, I can send to almost anyone in any country converted into their currency. Every time I step through the process the wire fee says... No Fee. It may be that they are not charging as an initial promotion, but they do make the point that for any transfer over $5,000 there will be no wire fee in the future. My understanding is that the wire will happen way faster than it used to.
  6. The jury is still out on this one. It could be possible per articles such as this one, to use 1031 exchanges: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tysoncross/2018/02/19/the-truth-about-cryptocurrency-and-like-kind-exchanges/#21bed6216fd1 Accountants I have spoke to suggest filing as if it were short and long term gains. Then, for any trades before end of 2017, file an amendment with a disclosure statement using 1031 exchanges. That way, you avoid the IRS ruling against you on your original return which will trigger huge tax penalties should they disallow the 1031 exchanges. However, if they accept the amendment, you will typically cut your tax bill by a substantial amount. In my case, over 75%.
  7. You are correct but the thread ended in Feb. It is now June. More people have joined since then and it is still of great concern. But if no one cares that XRP is the child of the Tyrell Corporation. I yield
  8. Great.. I'll buy one tomorrow and hopefully all the chicks will think I'm cool
  9. Okay Plikk - where has this been discussed. Give reference. If so, I fall on your sword firmly.
  10. Hey Skeletor... back off on your useless comments. This is a topic for those dealing with serious wealth issues.
  11. Wow... are you married. Do you fart when you eat hot dogs. Way to squirt on my topic.
  12. Maybe something to think about in this depressing, well only 9,900 % increase from $0.005 over the past year or two. Anyway.. sorry.. point to raise is, what happens to the world when XRP hits $500. Sure, the world has had mega wealthy people before - JC was worth $3 trillion. GK was over $100 trillion. The Bezos and that 'man boy' from Facebook will be peanuts to the wealth that will come from this. Are we ready for rulers with that much financial muscle?
  13. Yeah and somewhere there is a guy wishing he hadn't spent 10,000 bitcoin on a couple of pizza's. Would be interesting to get her take on the loss of $58,000 for a nail. But hey man, I've been married 25 years so I get it.
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