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  1. I see it now for weeks, it just refuses to go on top of 0.30. Why do you think?
  2. Support and ceiling are relative terms that are used in hindsight in TA. Just because something has support doesn't mean that it won't go lower. Similarly for the ceiling, it doesn't mean that the price can't go through it. So please stop saying that there is no support hence the price will fall. It won't (necessarily).
  3. My point is the psychological effect, in line with the long term hodlers and those who "had enough" in the perspective of reality and real usage (short term)
  4. First, I do believe that crypto, and XRP in specific has a bright future ahead of it. I would say about 5 years+. There is a genuine need in the tech however banks and FI take time to adopt anything. They are slow moving beasts. I think the price will boom EOY 2018 but not to ATH levels. I would say $1.9-2.2. Why? Well, first is the psychological effect of what happened last year. Potentially some good news and speculation could fire it off. Then this will be followed by a strong dip again. Why? Because all the people who are longing for an exit will cash out. I think 2019's sta
  5. But BTC at al losing 50% of it's value? XRP losing more? Are these not signs of a bubble burst?
  6. I think if it like this: we drank the cool aid and got into it in the first place. Like in the .com bubble. The market crashed thereafter. Like the .com bubble. Did the internet or internet companies stop producing or evolving? No. On the contrary, they evolved and became rich, and new tech was invented. I think the same applies here. Maybe it will be a combination of XRP and the x platform with a different tech, but the world does keep on moving and new stuff keep on being invented and used. I think this is the case here too. But yes, it might take 2-3 years...
  7. This means we are predicted to be stuck under the $1 range ?
  8. As the title says, it was already low and now I see a trend of going even lower. Any specific reasons?
  9. I didn' say any, I said XRPand BTC are very much correlated especially in the downs.
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