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    Addy reacted to Hodor in XRP Reaching Cruising Altitude   
    In this latest blog, the topics include Ripple's xRapid marketing strategy, a panel where Marjan Delatinne is scheduled to discuss PSD2, and SWIFT's embarrassing announcement about its failed POC with blockchain.  
    Also, there's good news on the exchange front, as Huobi looks to set foot on U.S. soil.  
    Rounding things out is an incredible announcement of a community-created application to text XRP peer-to-peer, along with shocking information about Cobalt - the name given to the planned upgrades to the XRP Ledger.  
    Hope you enjoy the coverage - please leave any feedback below: Feel free to share my blog with a friend or any group or on any platform - and thank you for doing so! 
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    Addy reacted to xrp_moonjet in Price prediction - the other one   
    Its hard to time the market..
    If someone knows to find the exact bottom and top, they would be a billionaire by now..
    in 2017 May, Ripple spikes up to 40 cents and dropped back to 20 cents.. And stayed within 13 cents to 28 cents for 6 months till Dec.
    In 2017 Dec, We saw Ripple crossing 3$ and now oscillating between 60 cents to 90 cents.. the range is above the previous all time high
    In next bull run we are going to stay above 3$ for sure.. So 50 cents to 3$ is 500% gain.. So if you buy at 40 cents its going to 650% gain.. 
    so its just a difference of 100% more profit.. But if you are trying hard to time the market, you might miss the next bull run.. Which no one knows when it will start.. 
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    Addy reacted to vrippled in Will Ripple be Bigger than Bitcoin ? Experts say Yes !   
    I fully agree! Now let me get back to counting my chickens 
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    Addy reacted to EWH2020 in Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel   
    Yep "I bought the dips" at those levels. 

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