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  1. Interesting. First time I've heard Egypt mentioned.
  2. Definitely worth bumping this thread back up. Credit to Bank XRP on Twitter for bringing it back to my attention.
  3. She's gone back to using her primary account.
  4. Afraid I can't, other than that SC and Ripple have been working together very closely for at least two years and have lots in the pipeline.
  5. I'm very rarely "in the know" on these things, but I can confirm that StanChart are in deep with Ripple.
  6. So, presumably we now have a PHP/INR corridor and a MXP/INR corridor as well? And an SAR/PHP corridor etc? The network effect of this is going to be massive!
  7. Forgive me for ploughing in, but does anything on either of these pictures mean anything to you, Bob?
  8. So, for those of us who don't have a spare three hours, what are the big takeouts from the interview?
  9. Any Texas-based posters able to set up some sort of surveillance equipment for Bob and David's meet? Could be juicy!
  10. This is Wen Moon: Apologies, I fully accept this adds nothing to the discussion. As you were!
  11. Fallouts and legal battles. The more dirt dug the better! Might need to engage a lawyer before publishing...
  12. CG123

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob, thanks for your comprehensive reply. Forgive me for questioning your motives, I'm sure you'll appreciate that it's wise not to trust anyone in this game... And glad to hear your health is improving. Long may that continue!
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