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  1. Maybe we should all send (very small) tips to EM, to get him intrigued...
  2. CG123

    XRP, UK users and Uphold

    I've signed up to LBX, but can't seem to transfer Zerps from Binance, as it doesn't seem to like the wallet address. Any ideas?
  3. CG123

    Ripple Client Event at Sibos

    No idea who the suits are, but the green things are caperberries.
  4. It's a nod to ZZ Top, where the clean-shaven one was called Frank Beard.
  5. But, but...that was three months ago!
  6. CG123

    Foundations of Success

    Great stuff as ever. I particularly liked that quote about crypto only being 0.3% of global markets whereas the dotcom boom was a third of global GDP. Makes you realise how early we are in the game!
  7. CG123

    Audi rips the camouflage off its E-Tron electric SUV

    Agreed. As an aside, I got picked up by a Tesla the other day (on the Chinese version of Uber). Was absolutely tremendous, everything I had expected and more. Just need the Zerps to moon now!
  8. DS in a BG123 costume hitting a big red button to start xRapid. Oh, and SWIPPLE to be announced. Not too much to ask, is it?
  9. Great blog as ever. Nicely broken down into the cross-border, domestic and derivative angles. After everything I've read today, I'm genuinely starting to believe things are about to go stratospheric!
  10. CG123

    ACI, central banks & Ripple

    Isn't Codius meant to give unlimited scalability? I'm sure I've heard BG say they can already do 70k per second, but would expect much more when the upgrade kicks in (early 2019, wasnt it?).
  11. CG123

    Are you thinking what I am thinking?

    I can s*** in the fountain if that would help.
  12. CG123

    Are you thinking what I am thinking?

    Good god, your property market is crazy. You can buy an actual castle here for around £1m! https://search.savills.com/property-detail/gbedscedt170135 Mind you, if Mark Carney has his way, we'll all be paying $40m for houses!
  13. CG123

    Web Monetization Has Begun

    Precisely. And if websites stop allowing free usage, people will have no choice but to pay. The potential for this is huge, whether it be listening to music, watching sports/films/TV programmes/adult content, reading books/blogs etc.
  14. Looks like it. While Hyperledger appear to have taken IBM on as a partner since its inception, there's no reference to them being involved in creating it. Also, on Jed McCaleb, it looks like the official line now is that he walked away from Mt Gox in 2011, yet I'm certain I've seen emails which suggest he was involved much later than that. Trying to rewrite history, perhaps?