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  1. Yes. This is kind of what I was thinking maybe someday would happen
  2. So we drove in to Canada from the US to check out the falls. Hotel wants almost 20% at the front desk to exchange some US dollars for Canadian. Wouldn’t this be a perfect use case for xrp? And how would this work in this case? How could xrp benefit tourists in cases like this? If it were somehow in an atm the atm owners may still charge a high percentage. Thoughts?
  3. Very cool. I have a ledger w xrp on it. So I can store both on the same nano? Probably a dinner question but I thought I could only put on currency on it.
  4. I have s bunch of tron. It’ll probably go to zero someday but anyway it’s on an exchange. Is the official tron wallet for your phone a safe place to store it? thanks.
  5. Thanks. I thought that would be the best course of action. As of now he owes me some $ for gains. We are hoping to transfer this weekend.
  6. What is fifo please? what you did for your friend Is exactly what I have done except we will be transferring his xrp to a nano for him. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys. He’s buying a nano s. Then im going to set it up for him the uphold idea is good too
  8. That would be easiest. So I would owe no taxes on it? It’s just like me giving him a gift or something? Am I missing something here or just making things too complicated and over thinking it?
  9. If ripple were to fail and all of my XRP is on a nano it always has been. He and I both know exactly how many coins he has. That’s not an issue between us.All of my xRP is on a nano it always has been. That’s not an issue between us. I also told him that he should just assume he’s throwing his money away and will never get it back but on the flipside something wonderful could happen. If ripple were to fail or something devastating happened and we lost all of our coins he knows that I am not responsible he’s taking the risk just as I am. But we were talking today all we were concerned about is the capital gains. Let’s say long in the future from now I cash out my coins I pay my 20% capital gains and I have my money. But when I pull his quoins out the government or whoever overseas these crypto transactions will see that I had a capital gain and I am responsible to pay. Then when I give him his money he’s going to have to report that income and have to pay again. So basically he would be paying 40% or more to cover my capital gains or what appeared to be my capital gains and the taxes on the money he just received from me. That’s all I was saying. hell I’ll just tell him to order a Nano if his own while xrp is cheap and I can help him with it.
  10. So long time xrp hodler. I have some coins in my stash that a friend gave me money to buy for him. He’s computer illiterate. I can’t be the only one who has done this. So when he cashes out I will have to pay my 20% capitol gains and he will have to pay tax when he receives the funds. How does a person avoid paying double tax in a situation like this? If I help him create a wallet can I send him his xrp and then I am free and clear of it? Thanks.
  11. Isn’t it still limited to 5 states?
  12. The buy is instant on uphold if u link your bank account. Fees are low too with a limes accout. Technically the buy is instant kind of. As long as u have the amount in your bank account u get the xrp u bought at the price you bought it at at that very instant even if it takes 7 days for your funds to clear. So keep in mind u may not really have your xrp until your funds clear. I hope I didn’t make that more confusing.
  13. I have accounts at several exchanges. How do we know if we completed this KYC stuff? Would we see an option to do so or to check to see if we did in our accounts on these exchanges? thanks!
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