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  1. Thank you for the answer @BobWay, here is the video where that quote is from. Not that it makes any difference, but dont want it to look like i made that up out of thin air. Minute mark 53:20 is when he starts talking about how policy is holding XRP back. I do understand though how customers will be able to use xrp without ever even touching it through multi hop and such, but would be a lot easier and drive faster adoption if we could just get some damn clarity.
  2. Thanks @BobWay! What do you think the policies are that Ryan was referring to when he said this: "The challenge for adoption comes back to policy. The policy uncertainty around some of the assets has limited adoption, particularly here in the US. And I’m speaking from Ripple and XRP, because we use that asset because it’s a half a cent per payment. It’s basically free. It scales. And it’s efficient, with 1,500 transactions per second and nearly no energy burn. So we’re at a point today where there are real solutions to all of these challenges that already exist."
  3. Ripple insight Oct 10, 2017- First Financial Institution Uses XRP to Solve the Liquidity Problem In a precedent-setting moment, Cuallix became the first worldwide institution to use xRapid — Ripple’s solution that utilizes XRP as a liquidity tool — to reduce the cost of sending cross-border payments from the U.S. to Mexico. Is this what you are referring to? If so, this is where i get confused as they must have only been doing tests with xRapid because it wasn't live until oct 1, 2018. What does live mean for the 8 current FIs/bank we have currently? Are they actually sending money through xRapid yet, even if small amounts. I know mercury-fx has sent a mustard payment and honeymoon payment, but what about the others.
  4. Hi @BobWay, I know regulations were discussed in the Hi, I'm Bob thread but this just came up and i wanted to know what your opinion is. Do you think the token taxonomy act is what banks and other major FIs are waiting for in terms of "flipping the switch" and leveraging xRapid? Or, is there another regulatory hurdle we must overcome in order to see xRapid use grow? As far as this tweet, idk if you saw it, is there any specific video you could share that you think would be best for his request? I linked the SBI ripple Asia vid on ripples website, but im sure there are much better ones out there. Thanks to whoever added chat: 👌
  5. I had a talk with someone else earlier about this. You are not lucky, you are smart. There are a lot of people who have been told about XRP or heard about it somewhere, but they didn't act. The fact that you are here in this forum shows that you have done research on XRP and are most likely invested. It does not make you lucky that you chose to pursue something that most people shrug off.
  6. well said, i wonder if @BobWay could give us insight into any concerns he might have of jed being able to 'skirt' around the patent. I do believe the point you referenced as far as the banks is valid, however, with worldwire it seems that stellar and xlm are getting themselves closer and closer to the banks.
  7. This is not my question, but i would love if you could address some of his questions as well. Thank you so much!!! i truly mean that. Even if you dont answer any of these it has been very calming to have you talk with us.
  8. Isnt this the purpose of ripple having a patent on the specific way of distributing?? Sounds like almost any other way would put a downwards pressure on XRP ... "conventional wisdom" as @BobWay put it
  9. I believe this was just a pledge by Chris to donate to rippleworks, but this is an interesting topic considering the enormous amounts of XRP.
  10. @BobWay First, thank you so much for coming here and answering all of these questions with tremendous detail. I am hooked and cannot stop coming back to check if you posted something new. I am fully aware this question may not be answered but i would like to throw it out there anyways. What do you think the explanation is for all of the hype by Ripple early 2018 that did not come to fruition? I know the common answer is regulations, but wouldn't Ripple see this coming and think to "cool the jets" until everything was clear. I know i will get kickback for saying ripple hype so to be clear, I am referring to these statements. 1.) 3 of the 5 largest money transfer companies will use XRP in payment flows 2018. (MG and WU did technically test XRP, but this statement implies commercial use, or else they would say "test XRP". 2.) https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/06/04/ripple-ceo-expect-dozens-of-banks-to-use-our-cryptocurrency-next-year.html This is only one of the interviews where he eluded to major banks using in 2018 and orders in the magnitude of dozens during 2019. The other was at CBinsights where he said 100% a bank will be using in 2018. 3.) 2 household names (not FI/banks)- David?? I would like to mostly address point #2 because that is where i feel as though it was a bit deceiving. The other 2 i can understand, and quite frankly i would have been able to understand #2 not coming to light if at the AMA in December Brad would have just said "hey, you know i probably got a little ahead of myself, but this did not happen this year. Instead, I experienced the first time where i questioned my investment. It was somewhat hard to watch when Monica and Brad got into the topic of a bank using XRP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF1yixhyMfY 11:00 Brad says catalyst, more precisely a credit union, and 11:40 Monica seems to try to back up that statement by reassuring everyone catalyst is a bank. Ok, so to summarize it in 2 questions. 1.) Do you see orders in the magnitude of dozens of banks signing up to use xRapid this year? 2.) What do you think the reason is for the delay? i know Brad said regulations in that AMA, but again it is hard to believe he was not aware of these hurdles considering the pending lawsuit when he was having interviews touting major banks this calendar year (2018) Thanks again for any help with these questions, i understand that delays occur frequently in business, so by no means am i concerned. Rather, i would just like to understand if they are still on track to accomplish these goals or if there has been a major hurdle we are not aware of.
  11. Yo crypto espi.. I was on Livestream of teenage buffets video i think late December when you were talking bout starting your own Channel. Word of advice. Don't be so monetone. I sware just smile and spice it up a little bit and it'll be a little easier to watch. Other than that tho kudos for doin the vid.
  12. All I'm trying to say is that most of us here probably did not come from millionaire families, I'm sure some did, but point being is some of us will have enough money and intelligence to really make a change and I will be one of them.
  13. It won't take that long. If its going to hit 100$ it will be 3-4 years Max.
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