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  1. Do you think this is because they didn't fully grasp the concept that even with those price fluctuations, there is relatively 0 volatility risk through xRapid because they arent exposed for longer than 5 seconds? Now, obviously if they plan to hold xrp, "holy grail"- Dilip Rao, then that would be understandable. So let me ask you one more question if you don't mind. Now that banks saw xrp drop like a ton of bricks since jan, what would be the moment they ARE interested in holding xrp. I just find it hard to believe xrp will be 'stable' for at least 5-10 years, so even when crypto starts booming again, wouldn't there still be the same fear from the people at the banks that it could drop 70, 80, 90 percent at any given time?
  2. I think many in the community are under the impression progress with xRapid is being hindered by regulation and from this post and previous posts in the regulation thread it seems as though that is not the biggest factor here.. hope you have a good night!! Thanks again Bob
  3. Thanks @BobWay, just to be clear I was referring to statement by ripple of 3 of 5 largest payment providers and brad saying a bank 100%. and yeah sorry I put the posts in wrong order of timing but thank you for that response and it definitely makes sense with the 3 of 5 statement by ripple not coming to fruition since that was in jan when we crypto was booming, however, the vid I posted where brad says 100 percent a bank will use this year was in late june when we were around 45-50 cents so thats a bit different... anyways, so glad you r here in the community.. hope u dont think im being too skeptical, after all u asked for it lol, I just thought it was odd since he would have known at that point, late june, regulatory issues could get in the way so no reason to say 100 percent IMO.
  4. thank you for replying @BobWay, i think with the question about hyping he was referring to these 2 statements made last year. Well, one from ripple 1 from brad
  5. Thank you for the answer @BobWay, here is the video where that quote is from. Not that it makes any difference, but dont want it to look like i made that up out of thin air. Minute mark 53:20 is when he starts talking about how policy is holding XRP back. I do understand though how customers will be able to use xrp without ever even touching it through multi hop and such, but would be a lot easier and drive faster adoption if we could just get some damn clarity.
  6. Thanks @BobWay! What do you think the policies are that Ryan was referring to when he said this: "The challenge for adoption comes back to policy. The policy uncertainty around some of the assets has limited adoption, particularly here in the US. And I’m speaking from Ripple and XRP, because we use that asset because it’s a half a cent per payment. It’s basically free. It scales. And it’s efficient, with 1,500 transactions per second and nearly no energy burn. So we’re at a point today where there are real solutions to all of these challenges that already exist."
  7. Ripple insight Oct 10, 2017- First Financial Institution Uses XRP to Solve the Liquidity Problem In a precedent-setting moment, Cuallix became the first worldwide institution to use xRapid — Ripple’s solution that utilizes XRP as a liquidity tool — to reduce the cost of sending cross-border payments from the U.S. to Mexico. Is this what you are referring to? If so, this is where i get confused as they must have only been doing tests with xRapid because it wasn't live until oct 1, 2018. What does live mean for the 8 current FIs/bank we have currently? Are they actually sending money through xRapid yet, even if small amounts. I know mercury-fx has sent a mustard payment and honeymoon payment, but what about the others.
  8. Hi @BobWay, I know regulations were discussed in the Hi, I'm Bob thread but this just came up and i wanted to know what your opinion is. Do you think the token taxonomy act is what banks and other major FIs are waiting for in terms of "flipping the switch" and leveraging xRapid? Or, is there another regulatory hurdle we must overcome in order to see xRapid use grow? As far as this tweet, idk if you saw it, is there any specific video you could share that you think would be best for his request? I linked the SBI ripple Asia vid on ripples website, but im sure there are much better ones out there. Thanks to whoever added chat: 👌
  9. I had a talk with someone else earlier about this. You are not lucky, you are smart. There are a lot of people who have been told about XRP or heard about it somewhere, but they didn't act. The fact that you are here in this forum shows that you have done research on XRP and are most likely invested. It does not make you lucky that you chose to pursue something that most people shrug off.
  10. well said, i wonder if @BobWay could give us insight into any concerns he might have of jed being able to 'skirt' around the patent. I do believe the point you referenced as far as the banks is valid, however, with worldwire it seems that stellar and xlm are getting themselves closer and closer to the banks.
  11. This is not my question, but i would love if you could address some of his questions as well. Thank you so much!!! i truly mean that. Even if you dont answer any of these it has been very calming to have you talk with us.
  12. Isnt this the purpose of ripple having a patent on the specific way of distributing?? Sounds like almost any other way would put a downwards pressure on XRP ... "conventional wisdom" as @BobWay put it
  13. I believe this was just a pledge by Chris to donate to rippleworks, but this is an interesting topic considering the enormous amounts of XRP.
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