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  1. Hint: when trying to search for stuff on Reddit like that, type in the title of the post in the search box and it’ll come up so on that one “this is the only price that matters”
  2. Hmm the million dollar question...this is purely a guess, but I would suppose that it would come from mostly when the partnerships ripple has now move to using Xrapid. Why the hell else would they have Xrapid if they didn’t intend to have it used? If they didn’t intend for there to be a lot of volume, why make so many tokens. Once Banks, WU, & Moneygram and the plethora of other partners ripple begin to use Xrapid, it should go up. Other partnerships Ripple has, like Lianlian, (who list Apple and PayPal as strategic partners) processes “billions in payments between merchants and consumers including major online retail sites, such as Amazon, Ali Express, and eBay”, per ripple.com. There is the SBI Asia credit card consortium, the Japanese bank consortium of 61 banks. American Express and Santander, etc. I could go on with the partnerships, but digging down the rabbit hole of connections would take all night- but my guestimation is that for each customer Ripple has who is using xcurrent and who transitions to the use of Xrapid, the price of XRP would increase about $4-7. So if they have 100 partnerships 4x100= $400 with an average around $550. I came up with this because xrp hit $3.36 with just hype from the retail market back in December and I think the market cap or money flow through was~$130B. That’s where I’d guess the $589+ would come from. Now, it does blow my mind that that increase could happen in ten months, but hey maybe it’ll happen like a power grid Turning on and one day we’ll wake up and be like ummm whaaaattt??!
  3. Bearables posts and comments all seemed from the point of view as an observer, not of us who are “proles” lol.
  4. 26-35 The majority age here doesn’t surprise me. It’s the group that grew up with the technology boom- clearly saw its start and have seen how companies like amazon, google, apple, and Facebook have become the giants they are. I think we see this potential in ripple, I do!
  5. Hey has anyone ever thought that the “king” is someone like Lord Jacob Rothschild... the Rothschild family owns all of the central banks around the world.. bearable said the king is someone out of sight not visibly connected to ripple... hmmmm
  6. I started following bearable a few months back. I read through all his comments, and while he is a stranger on the internet, his history gave me confidence. I truly got the sense that he is a benevolent character with a sound mind. My interpretation of his actions is that he knows xrp will succeed (somehow) and, perhaps, wanted to pay it forward in some way since crypto probably changed his life. I didn’t get the sense that he was attention seeking or full of it. If he made all of that up, shame on him, but i think he’s legit.
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