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  1. Fairly sure he was being sarcastic to the usual fud points
  2. Didn’t Brad G state he expects the last bank on earth to adopt ripple/xrp would be citi bank?
  3. Yeah this really opened my eyes to why someone with a lot a money would not get in the space. Just transfer the funds to another wallet off the exchange and they can’t do anything else. No one could.
  4. I’m guessing this some how. I havent narrowed down how they got that first yet.
  5. Thus why my nano s sits inside a safe.....inside another safe.
  6. The emails were the weakness. I didn’t know my email account did 2fa. No I didn’t rotate passwords. Lesson learned. This was my first real “hijacking” shall we say. So my ignorance of it all put me here. I’m just hoping everyone sees how easy it can happen and learn.
  7. Bulk of my holdings was on my nano s. This is just some xrp I bought over the past couple weeks.
  8. 2fa was enabled on everything. But since they accessed my emails they disabled them
  9. 2fa was enabled on everything. But since they accessed my emails they disabled them
  10. Wanted to put this out there as it looks like I have lost some of my xrp. A few days ago my yahoo email account started doing weird things, and I was getting some verification text messages to my phone. Yahoo was asking me for a verification via text but it was listing a different phone model then mine. I had never had this prompt before so I figured it was an error on yahoo’s part. I didn’t have any urgent emails so I left it for a day. Big Mistake I also had a gmail account. It alerted me to some suspicious log in’s from a location far from me. This was strange and I knew something was up. I quickly changed my passwords and enabled every security feature I could find. My gmail account worded for a little bit but whoever it was that gotten access I believe changed my password again and I am now locked out. I had used mostly BS info for my personal stuff so I wasn’t able to recover it. Problem em is I use this email exclusively for coinbase. ****. I get on there and notice additional phone numbers as verified numbers and with my gmail account useless I was running out of time. Luckily my coinbase app would still let me in and I was able to delete my banking info, erase the unknown phone numbers and lock my account via coinbase support. Now the bad stuff My yahoo account was linked to my binance account. The perpetrator changed my email settings to block any notifications from binance and to forward all emails to another address that was one letter off from mine. This was so I wouldn’t get the notifications from binance on account changes. They were able to transfer about 1800 xrp out of my wallet. They did weird things. They sold the xrp to btc, then rebought the xrp, then sent it out to a new wallet. The kicker. When you stop 2fa, binance puts a 48hr good on your account they gained access on the 25th I notified binance to lock my accounts on the 26th they told me they got my message and are giving to to the proper departments. I was in contact with them and they set it so I could log into my account. That’s when I discovered the xrp had been transferred out on the 27th in the morning. So so all this Person did was wait out the 48 hours and bam, got the funds. i thought highly of binance but I’m not sure if it’s the language barrier or what but they hardly read the content of my messages. I literally told them to lock it. So so that sucks. I keep the bulk of My holdings on a nano s. Never keep anything on the exchanges.
  11. No ones really knows. The estimates I have seen were from 10 to 50 dollars of market cap equals 1 dollar of actual fiat
  12. Wanted to share The federal reserves “faster payments task force” set out to improve the payment system in the US. Now I wanted to highlight this about ripple. This is my own opinion based on nothing but reading. Here we go: -out of the 16 companies submitting proposals to the task force, ripple has the only real time payment/settlement system available. -There were 321 participants in to the task force. Out of this 321, 16 were chosen to be on a “steering committee”. These include: 1. Dept of treasury 2. Electronic payments association 3. Consumer financial protection bureau 4. Consumers union 5. Walmart 6. Kroger 7.accredited standards committee 8. U.S. bank etc...etc But on that list was our very own Director of regulatory relations, Ryan Zagone If the United States wants to have a payment system that includes itself in the world economy with real time payment/settlement in the global economy. Ripple was the only system even solving that problem.
  13. I have definitely had your thoughts on that. Now when we are talking about securities, the focus seems to be in America. Keep in mind XRP has already been deemed not security at other parts of the world. Does America want to be left behind? I doubt it, I think the sec and ripple are in constant communication to satisfy what the sec wants. Listen to the recent videos when they announced eth not being a security. They seem to be very willing to work with the players that engage the SEC. We know ripple is all there. I just have a strong feeling the grey areas we talk about on xrp being a security are being erased by what they are doing to further decentralize the network. Coil and xpring both help say hey there are multiple companies/initives working with xrp and building themselves on it. I strongly believe a stipulation for the funds to universities as to run a validator. I mean this would put them all over the world and at the same time promote great publicity.
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