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  1. Thanks! That was the link I was looking for. Well, I have not turned into a millionaire but yes, the money I spent have multiplied quite a bit. I'll study that too (y) I'll study that as well. Thank you all again for for kind help.
  2. For now, I just wanted to know how much money I have. Just to see if the money I bought grew. Yes, it starts with an "r" and and "s" 33,000% --> Is that a thirty-three with three decimals or a thirty-three thousand ? Don't play with my feelings You are right, It was on November 2013; four years and three months. I had a teacher that was so mad about letting the Bitcoin thing to pass by (yes, at that time nobody would ever imagine what the "Bitcoin thing" is now), and he was looking for the next cryptocurrency to buy. He tal
  3. Hi! I'm sorry for the –I know– incredible newbie question. I'm not related at all to cryptocurrencies. Five years ago I bought some ripples and I have written down my "Ripple Address" and "Secret Account key." What's the next step? To open a Wallet? Thanks!
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