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  1. Seems like we have heard the down for maintenance thing a time or 2 and it has resulted in a lot of hype followed by a big bag of nothing.
  2. Runs on Ripple, expect to see this on every major payment corridor once everything is live I would guess. As stated before NDA’s are probably keeping the cat in the bag for now.
  3. @Zedy44 I agree with you 100%, it would be cool to see more hedge funds get involved with XRP. My point was the optics of his portfolio, if he only needs less than 5% of his portfolio to trade the other 95% can bee taken different ways. The FUD’ers out and about could spin this in many was.
  4. I completely understand about wanting to be diversified in your portfolio but when you Hedge fund name has a asset that less than 5% of your portfolio holds it could be precieved different ways.
  5. Does the fact that his hedge fund holds less then 5% XRP and more in Bitcoin not raise a lot of questions?
  6. She answered as best she could, I’m sure there are NDA’s that they have to talk around.
  7. I have seen some BIG camel toes in my time, they barely fit in what they were wearing and no way to get them thru the eye of a needle.
  8. At 8:06 she states the network is no longer in a experimental phase, our network is live since last year, that’s very encouraging. 9:10, his final question is great. “Do you see XRP as the global reserve ASSET of the future? Her answer is great, I like how she emphases XRP was created to transfer value, that how the creator gifted it to Ripple and a ecosystem around that.
  9. If you invested in a team and it went to zero, why would you invest in the same team? what is the definition of insanity.. doing the same thing over and expecting a different outcome? its not going to zero.
  10. I’m feeling fine, I bought after you and hold a smaller stack. But we are in a marathon Brad said so I am in it for the long haul. Like you mentioned in a couple other post, I bought big on the fabook dip and it is feeling great!
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