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  1. again, amazing that Ripple was at the table for this public meeting of world financial wizards!!!! certainly speaks Volumes! wonder who invited Ripple cause i don't think they just paid a conference fee to seat in that room or at that table? and if the conference organizers where willing to showcase Ripple in public i suspect some significant discussions took place in private. and these wizards are all about privacy!
  2. David reminds me of a friend of mine who is on the Asberger's spectrum and who is often amazingly insightful, focused and brilliant. I see Mr. Schwartz as being so far removed from the average ego issues that most of us fuss with and that interfere with us really dissecting, analysing, understanding and solving problems. Amazing man!
  3. thank you, (can i call you Fred?). my nano has never been updated so this Jan. snafu did not affect it. i think i will research this a little more before updating my nano. PS. one thing about this XRP Chat is the wonderfully helpful people you find here! Regards
  4. yea, that's my understanding too, but never the less it's a bit of an unnerving procedure even it i have the 24 magic words as backup.
  5. My Nano is calling for a software update and the instructions direct that you need to delete some apps to make room for the update process. Can someone who has already completed these update requests relate their experience of the process. Basically my concern is when deleting my XRP app can I be confident when I reinstall it my Zerps will return? Any help in understanding this precedure would be appreciated.
  6. yes, would like to place an order for a fleet of 3D printed lambos with XRP logo on doors. i suspect by the time the order is printed up i will be able to pay in full with XRP.
  7. for me the best scenario for the next few months is that XRP adoption is speeding up and the powers that be have no choice but to accept the increasing integration of XRP. SBI, for example, will be opening up this month and if you consider they are a super big, completely legitimate corporation embracing XRP then these small fry outfits, like coinbase, have to recognize they need to accept XRP or miss out on the exponential XRP growth in the near future. as for timing and price, i believe entities like SBI are more focused on the professional, secure and longterm integration of XRP. we tiny, retail investors need to stop thinking about price, if that's possible, and accept the huge foundations being put in place by such giants as SBI is proof enough that price will sky rocket.
  8. Wade

    Canadian Zerpers Club

    think we need a Canadian meet up party . I suggest St. John"s, NL1
  9. congratulations, well done, nice to have a little distraction/R&R
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