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  1. any chance of getting my 20 XRP back from toast, since it appears to really be toast now?
  2. i am also zero-sum on XRP but still amazed how the faith of some keeps them investing more while cl is taking his out. the issue is not escrow sales, those are well understood, but the coordinated sale of XRP from cl addresses that suppress price and profit for retail folk. imagine, all things equal, and executives from any big corp. selling off their equity and keeping the price suppressed. who would invest in that? that is what seems to be happening with these exchange sales by cl, ect...
  3. agreed, if this ship doesn't start to sail soon then it gets a big downgrade from me too
  4. "I just bought some more xrp during this dip." my view is that there has only been one dip down from the ATH and unlike other DAs our dip has been magnified by the recently revealed selling by ripple and cl. certainly the age old question of why XRP rose slower and dropped harder is now clarified as being caused by these ongoing sales by ripple. my opinion is also that the project is first class but to find out that ripple has been bleeding XRP is not welcomed. for all anyone knows now ripple may be content to drop the price of XRP back to its .oo?? levels and hand it all off to the imf after
  5. larson has billions of XRP, he created them,lol
  6. "I mean, that makes no sense to me from the standpoint of Ripple. Why would they intentionally manipulate the price downward?" again, my understanding is that much of the selling is from known C Larson's addresses and that selling seems to dump XRP when price tries to increase. like everyone else here i have no way to know why the sales are taking place but the sales certainly are not helping the price. like many i have no intention of selling based on speculation that "the Ripple team" is bailing out but...
  7. my understanding is that it's not only the selling that is being questioned but the correlation that these exchange sales take place when price attempts to increase.
  8. certainly makes sense to buy btc now since it really is firing off its rockets, but always a finesse move to figure out when to convert back to XRP
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