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  1. I can certainly respect that view, and at the time David and Chris were both preaching for people to build on the RCL. Then came the Datz drama, WCG and Ripple Trade being discontinued, and a major pivot away from p2p. Look man, I'm not saying a grass roots effort is impossible, and I think we can both agree on the benefits, but I don't think it's the only component to success. If you have something you are working on, I'd love to hear about it, but it would have to be supported by Ripple imo, if only via social media and showing up at events. Ripple has spent too much time shunning a focus on P2P to expect the market to react to small movements, regardless of merit or individual efforts. Ripple has changed their tune dramatically in regards to the focus on XRP. I am excited to see the xRapid's final form, and the FI's move from testing to live. If you are expecting a bottom up strategy to grow the XRP ecosystem in some sizable way, without Ripple's support, you really may be wasting your time. Not due to the lack of potential with XRP, but there are so many other tokens that have a primary focus on this approach, and have a ton less market cap.
  2. I agree Coinseeker, and you're right, we've argued this for YEARS. I am now of the mind that it doesn't matter unless Ripple is fully behind it. This doesn't mean that there is less opportunity for XRP to close the gap between BTC and ETH. I agree that if there was a p2p platform developed and supported by Ripple there would be a much stronger following, with bigger swings and we'd be higher than where we are right now. But this is not the case, and hoping or wishing, or even trying our hardest to make it so is a complete waste of energy imo. Like Miguel said, fits and starts. We will see the gap in the top three thin before the end of this year. I actually think we will see a huge momentum shift throughout Q4 as the market realizes the immense impact of SBI launch. Will XRP attract the pump crowd that funnels everything into the flavor of the month token trying to chase momentum? 100% yes imo. Will Ripple change their entire business philosophy to do so? I sincerely doubt it. All said, I think there is merit to Ripple creating a p2p arm that focuses on wallets and exchange tools for the individual. I think David even said he was considering stepping down to work on a project of this type. I could see him leading a design team focused on applications of this kind. I do not for a second think this is critical to the performance of XRP, but it does create a sort of activity vacuum to appear so at times, so I completely understand your position on the matter.
  3. When you compare the executive leadership team of Ripple to any other asset, none even come close. I was just reading an update from Sia and they are basically a bunch of college kids. Bitcoin is a headless / decentralized monster, Charlie Lee didn't care about litecoin until the crypto bull run, ETH is all on Vitalik, who is brilliant but god for it something happens to him for real this time... I understand the perceived benefits of decentralized applications for the IoV, but I'm much more confident in this team than any other investment opportunity across the board. Rarely do you see an opportunity with a Fortune 500 caliber team and crypto gain potential.
  4. Yeah you're right @Max Entropy why waste your time creating a solution for the Apples, Seagates, and International mega banks of the world when you can make a P2P wallet for all the teenagers on trollbox...much longer term thinking, no way could that fail. I get it, we are missing on the fomo and overhyped pumps because there is a lack of p2p application development, but I would hardly call what they have been doing "goofing around". Your concern is appreciated but misplaced.
  5. Nothing to see here, keep selling me your XRP at .15
  6. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    Sounds like they are pulling out the US entirely, fiat and digital. https://www.bitfinex.com/posts (Emphasis added)
  7. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    I think IOTA is really interesting, but this seems like a bubble to me. They only trade on 1 exchange: Bitfinex. Bitfinex announced that they are dropping all US customers in the next 90 days, and have stopped accepting new US verifications. Once there are additional exchanges that can show a true representation of market sentiment we will have a better idea of the true value of IOTA. As of today, it seems like a bit of an echo chamber, but what do I know? I'm just a bitter guy living in NY who can't buy IOTA.
  8. Ridiculous that even after @Graine called it out, people still fell into the trap. He did not say they don't care about the price knuckleheads...Let me break it down: The part you heard: The part you missed: The saddest part: Rise above guys, you're better than this.
  9. Let's be honest

    Thank you for providing the information and source details! I will add them to my reading list. Not to be snarky, but how do you think any crypto market maker feels today, vs. February 2017? Just trying to highlight that there is opportunity cost to avoiding volatile markets as well, and I believe that loss of opportunity is going to allay many fears to the contrary.
  10. Yikes, hurry up and like something I post. Get thee behind me evil numbers!
  11. Aaand that's probably why he keeps a low profile, haha. Thanks @miguel @JoelKatz and @nikb for your participation and contribution here.
  12. Let's be honest

    Why does everyone hear volatility and only see the negative swings?
  13. The main issue with Palm and Nokia (and blackberry, and Erickson, and etc..) is that they refused to adapt. I think Ripple has more than proven their ability and desire to pivot with the market in the past 4-6 months.
  14. This is pretty easy to understand if you examine your own emotional process. I'm willing to bet that some of the speculative $ that moved out of XRP at 18-19 cents moved into NEO or OMG near the ATH. Fomo always wins, do not engage.