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  1. If you’re DCA is $1, you’ve seen the swings. I agree that “last call to X” is quite an assumption, but if you believe in XRP, dollar cost averaging down is not a bad idea if you have the funds. Consult with the alternate version of yourself that bought and watched XRP go up. Would he have wished he bought more at 60c?
  2. Remind them that the harder it is to buy, the earlier you are When anyone can log onto an app and buy whatever they want in a few clicks, we will be at our peak.
  3. Looking for a steam of the show in Japan, last livestream during SWELL was on Ripple Insights
  4. It's 6AM in Japan right now. Nikkei Morning Plus airs in 1 hour from now wherever in the world you live.
  5. Sell only in an emergency imo. This is just the beginning...
  6. There was a “pay with Ripple” project on the old forums (XRPTalk.org) I remember merchants setting them up (Amagi metals is the only one I ever used, but it worked) I know @tulo @Sukrim and @lucky were around back then. Maybe try to source some of the devs from that project?
  7. Great insights from @tulo and @Professor Hantzen Another important note: Your emotional investment is of no concern to each coin. Aka you can't will something to happen. Best to diversify, and keep tabs on your investments from a place without emotion. Create a set of indicators to help you determine action. Here are a few of mine: Something happens - good or bad, price action or announcement. Does this fundamentally change any aspects of the future potential? If so better or worse? Worse - consider shifting a portion somewhere else based on impact. Does this move us closer or further from the goal? Further - consider moving a portion to something else. Does the news and price reaction make sense? If it seems like an overreaction - consider profit taking. Under reaction - consider increasing position What you will find is that the best answer 90% of the time to is hold. But at least you get there based on logic and reason vs fomo and exasperation.
  8. The majority (99%) of the new Coinbase users are not trading on GDAX,. They got a referral email and are scanning their drivers license and credit card to make a $500 purchase of BTC, ETH, or LTC.
  9. I'm all for fun speculation, but this is a stretch, lol. He's saying don't make an a$$ out of yourself getting too friendly with the adult beverages at your office party this year.
  10. This was great @Hodor Really well done. Keep up the good work friend.
  11. I called the LTC move a few days ago on Discord. Bought in at $92. Why is it moving? The reason is actually very simple. A bazillion new coinbase users, only 3 options, LTC is the lowest. When every coin spikes on technicals and irrational exuberance, yet XRP is flat or up a tiny bit on MASSIVE fundamentals, you know it's only a matter of time for XRP to have its day again. Not worried. Doesn't mean you can't profit predicting the movements of the herd...
  12. 2 comments: 1. David was without a doubt joking about the moon date... 2. David also did say there are 2 non bank "household name" partnerships they have yet to announce yet. That was not a joke. Read between the lines and buy XRP if you don't have it, or HODL if you do.
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