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  1. It's a trial. Think about the companies that trialed or piloted with Ripple, and how long it took to go from concept to implementation. This is a flash in the pan. The real threat, imo, is if someone with enmity towards Ripple (r3, Swift, etc.) decides to take the opportunity to make a power move by aligning with Stellar to spite Ripple. This would have little to no long term value to either, but would cause some short term uncertainty for sure.
  2. Think about it this way - News drives speculative buying. They opened with news and there was a spike, but the rest of the content of Swell is for the benefit of the attendees. Therefore, those that bought anticipating news, are "selling the news". When more news comes out, the cycle will repeat. I have no doubt that there will be more news released, or something that drives speculative buying, but realize the difference between trading news and fundamental growth. I think Swell will have it's fair share of both. Be patient, I still think we break the .3 wall before Wednesday.
  3. Amex + Ripple?

    Why would there be an Amex watermark in that odd place?
  4. Amex + Ripple?

    Doubt this is real. Look at the Amex water mark. It goes over the border to the bottom tray. Calling Shenanigans:
  5. Also consider this fundamental prediction: And this TA from Coindesk of all places: https://www.coindesk.com/new-record-on-the-cards-ripples-xrp-jumps-to-a-7-week-high/
  6. This is actually a really positive development. IF XRP had the rise it's had, and no news was released, it would plummet back to 15 cents. If XRP was ONLY going up for this news, we can all expect a retrace of some sort. The fact that XRP has gone from 17 cents, to 27 cents, and then settled back with a low just above 24 cents, shows the market is building this development into the current valuation, and hopefully creates a new support at 25 cents. A 52% rise, followed by an 11% correction? I'll take that all day, every day, anytime. Be encouraged, XRP has come a LONG way. And the best days are yet to come. Keep in mind that none of this is due to the SBI launch, which was the only thing we were talking about in March/April. Q4 will be good times for all
  7. As always, Miguel hinted and over delivered: https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-grows-to-over-100-financial-institutions/ I think it's fair to say that this is a VERY interesting development with respect to partnership in payments, and XRP in particular @miguel Thanks for everything you do, consistency and integrity most of all. Excited to see what's next!
  8. Miguel Vias tweet: first institution uses XRP!

    Details on the other 99 client use cases
  9. Didn't @nikb say he wasn't sure if he was even going to be getting a ticket? Wasn't sure if it was in jest, but if this is a conference for bankers and other FI's it makes sense that spectators aren't given priority. If I had the choice of being there with the 9 most devout XRP evangelists, or having those 10 seats be filled with decision makers at FI's that can authorize an evaluation of Ripple at their respective banks, I know which one I'd rather see happen.
  10. I don't know how he could possibly know the exact amount, but big name speakers get paid, this is a very basic concept. He may have looked online and seen this: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/capitolreport/2014/03/05/bernankes-250000-fee-for-speech-puts-him-near-top-of-food-chain/ And then adjusted for inflation and the extra cost for keynoting. Who can tell. It's been shared already, but just to emphasize the point; Vinnie left Ripple in a very loud, very public, and very negative way. He then called us all sheep and sold at 90-95% less than the current trading value. He's salty, and once he spends all of the profits from his far too hasty sale, mark my words, he will be very public about many more unfounded and irrelevant points.
  11. BTC correlation

    A little, but any major swing in BTC will still affect XRP. We won't decouple from BTC until a large enough portion of the daily volume is from the use case, rather than speculation.
  12. Behind the Scene - XRP Inception

    Hahaha - you can almost hear "curse you google image search!!!"
  13. If ...during SWELL

    I also think it's more than coincidence that David used Airbnb in his example of corporate global XRP use-cases.