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  1. I would also like to try and understand this? Is allvor just giving us their product for free?
  2. Market bounce back,to early to call. The faster tps coins are all moving back up it trend continues all should stay together imo. Hopefully we get some g20 word by end in. But far to early to call anythingg imo
  3. Hodor your the man! The cream of the crop always rises to the top. We ain't seen nothing yet
  4. Please read the three part much ado - much todo on ripples website for proof of this. Baby steps people
  5. Right enough, arguing over spilt milk... Thank you @Gourlay i was just stepping in as you wrote this.
  6. Well said! Chris Larson recently commented how different the world will be in 10 years. I think i can hold for that long too!
  7. Of course... but i like maths, and all the calculations i've done. ive never come in with under $100. Ask 4 more info if u like
  8. All subjective but, For me to live without working for the rest of my life and to pay off families mortages etc, I would consider 20k xrp to potentially be enough? Idk if that will be, but i think a few clever sells and it will be enough. At 20k - 1 xrp @ $500 = $10mill (if it ever reaches that - im prepared to wait many years) Idk about you but i would have to work many lifetimes for that sorta money
  9. When xrp hits $100, i wanted to know what peoples plans and dreams are, is there something you'll be doing / buying? When it reaches this i'll be selling a stack and buying an around the world ticket for my girlfriend and I for a year. What will you do?
  10. Im 23, got a relatively large stack, which of course be small for sum. I dont see myself cashing any of it till im 25. Or my first sell price hits $100.
  11. Im don't acknowledge this bearable guy as anything but a stirrer, however to predict that means he needs to stand by that claim.... if the price was 22 as mentioned above... i mean come on you guys seriously couldnt be heralding him from the rooftops.
  12. What amazes me is how the SWIFT systen is still supported even when its clearly inherently flawed! The SWIFT consortium becoming a regulatory agent in the new world of banking to me seems like a win win for all parties (including us) involved.
  13. Understood dude and knew you didnt mean any sorta preachy s*** on here. Fully respect the people of the faith (all faiths) who do work for the world. I think we all should see our new found wealth (when it comes) as a gift instead of a right. Buck the trend, you never need to be greedy in life
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