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  1. Goes to show you that all your pontificating is absolutely worthless.
  2. All the matters is if you believe it will be at e.g. $4+, three years from now If you truly believe that, and you can afford to let the money sit there, then you have nothing to worry about. If you don't truly believe it will eventually return to your DCA and more, then I can see why you'd be worried.
  3. That sucks, but it's not real unless you sell. I don't even look at the value of my holdings. That sounds like torture. Just keep an eye on the price and don't plan on selling for a long time.
  4. How are you bleeding to death? Unless you spent money that you can't afford to let sit there indefinitely? It was always said to only invest what you can afford to lose and what you can afford to leave invested indefinitely. Because the nature of this whole market is unpredictable and in its infancy.
  5. "Banks" are being replaced by online banking solutions (PayPal, Venmo, Apple pay, Android pay, Coinbase, etc) and will have to adapt or die. A solution will come that makes brick and mortar banks useless, or already has. They won't have the monopoly and luxury of using something like Swift for 50 years.
  6. I don't feel that you explained how XRP is "elite". It has actually been terrible as an investment vehicle unless you happened to buy very early/at the perfect time. A large majority of people would have been a lot better off buying stock in Apple, Alibaba, etc. the past few years. My investments in the stock market are doing a lot better than XRP. So, it may have a lot of potential. But I don't see how it's elite. Elite compared to other "digital assets"? Maybe. But that's not saying much at all.
  7. Isn't what I posted in the OP an announcement of what you posted actually going live? They are both Visa Direct and MG hooking into that.
  8. Although this isn't massive news, I thought it was pretty encouraging: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ripple-backed-moneygram-strikes-deal-134648796.html https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-announces-new-debit-card-deposit-service-in-partnership-with-visa-300914094.html "MoneyGram—the money transfer company that Ripple has a $30 million stake in—announced yesterday a new debit card deposit service with Visa. The service, which works with Visa’s real-time payments platform, Visa Direct, will make it possible for MoneyGram customers to transfer money to over a billion Visa cards using MoneyGram." "Ripple bought a $30 million stake in MoneyGram back in June. At the same time, MoneyGram committed to using its xRapid service which utilizes its much-vaunted asset XRP. MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes said, in a recent earnings call, that the money transfer giant was already using the cryptocurrency to make cross-border payments and that it was highly effective. But will the new service utilize XRP? Well, in the past, Visa has made partnerships with crypto debit card companies only to later leave them in the dustheap. This would suggest that it wants to steer clear of any money that has ties to cryptocurrency. But, its recent partnership with Coinbase—which now offers a Visa crypto debit card—suggests that it is becoming more open-minded. And on top of that, Visa is investigating its own blockchain-based offering." It seems to me that the transition from traditional money to an Internet based system is inevitable. Also, it makes sense that something like BTC won't replace the entire financial system (banks, VISA, etc.). Ripple is positioning itself as a sort of conduit between the two (traditional finance & internet based finance), designing tools that allow the big players to transition to the new tech and still maintain dominance. I know I'm not telling you guys something you don't already know, but I thought this was interesting.
  9. No, the government will mysteriously acquire it after a few years.
  10. Yeah, agreed. In poker and investing you have to remain unemotional. You have to "play the odds" and make the decision that is best, knowing that you might lose in the short term. It's consistently making the right choices over a long period of time that eventually equate to success. Expecting an investment to take off immediately is unreasonable. I'm sure most of Warren Buffet's investments took years to show significant gains. You have to hold knowing the underlying value is there. That is normal for any good investment.
  11. Dude they are selling in order to fund their company. Ripple probably has overhead in excess of $10 million per month in salaries alone. In theory it's all worth it, as they support the expansion of the XRP ecosystem. If it works they will look like geniuses, having used an asset that they created to raise huge funds without dilluting their equity.
  12. Sorry, I came up with it at least 7 months ago...😁
  13. Xtra Rapid Payments Xtremely Rapid Payment Xtreme Remittance Protocol
  14. On December 27th, 2019 it will be $2.17. On January 3rd, 2020 it will be $7.14. I literally have a time machine. I can say that and not be bothered because you all think I'm joking.
  15. When you post articles on the Internet, you're inviting people to critique them. No one is perfect and neither are your articles. If you can't handle honest questions and criticisms of your work, that's your problem.
  16. Huh? I'm not attempting a straw man argument. I'm asking you to explain YOUR statement: "XRP is a pressure cooker of pent-up demand from its utility-driven value!" Why is the demand "pent-up"? That's what I meant by saying it was un-met ... the definition of "pent-up" is that it is being suppressed. Again, I simply asked "What demand are you referring to and why/how would it be unmet" or "pent-up"? I'm simply asking for you to clarify/explain your own statement. Why does that upset you?
  17. "Pent-up demand"? What demand are you referring to and why/how would it be unmet?
  18. Isn't XRP a stable coin? It seems like it's been at around 30 cents for months now.
  19. Gold has a market cap of $7 trillion. Do we compare it to Apple? No, and comparing digital assets to companies on the stock market is apples to oranges. If you want a closer valuation model look at gold or silver.
  20. It would help explain why CB just suddenly and seemingly randomly added XRP to their paltform.
  21. This is an important point. That aspect is really annoying, even when you aren't in a huge rush. For that reason alone I think a Nano or similar device is better. If the market goes insane and you want to sell some of your coins, waiting 48+ hours could be a huge problem.
  22. As long as you trust Coinbase to handle your money, I think it's a good option. "98% of digital currency is stored totally offline, in geographically distributed safe deposit boxes and physical vaults." It is similar to having a safety deposit box at a bank. As long as it's a good bank, that's generally safer than trying to store things at your house. Although for some people they would rather keep it in their own house in a floor safe or something. Keeping it on a Nano or other device is still probably safer than Coinbase cold storage. But there is the risk that you lose/forget your private keys or you die and no one knows how to access your coins. It might be easier to access them through Coinbase. Either way people should essentially write a will with instructions on how to access the crypto and it should be kept somewhere secure. But overall I think both are good options.
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