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  1. Sorry, I came up with it at least 7 months ago...😁
  2. Xtra Rapid Payments Xtremely Rapid Payment Xtreme Remittance Protocol
  3. On December 27th, 2019 it will be $2.17. On January 3rd, 2020 it will be $7.14. I literally have a time machine. I can say that and not be bothered because you all think I'm joking.
  4. When you post articles on the Internet, you're inviting people to critique them. No one is perfect and neither are your articles. If you can't handle honest questions and criticisms of your work, that's your problem.
  5. Huh? I'm not attempting a straw man argument. I'm asking you to explain YOUR statement: "XRP is a pressure cooker of pent-up demand from its utility-driven value!" Why is the demand "pent-up"? That's what I meant by saying it was un-met ... the definition of "pent-up" is that it is being suppressed. Again, I simply asked "What demand are you referring to and why/how would it be unmet" or "pent-up"? I'm simply asking for you to clarify/explain your own statement. Why does that upset you?
  6. "Pent-up demand"? What demand are you referring to and why/how would it be unmet?
  7. Isn't XRP a stable coin? It seems like it's been at around 30 cents for months now.
  8. Gold has a market cap of $7 trillion. Do we compare it to Apple? No, and comparing digital assets to companies on the stock market is apples to oranges. If you want a closer valuation model look at gold or silver.
  9. It would help explain why CB just suddenly and seemingly randomly added XRP to their paltform.
  10. This is an important point. That aspect is really annoying, even when you aren't in a huge rush. For that reason alone I think a Nano or similar device is better. If the market goes insane and you want to sell some of your coins, waiting 48+ hours could be a huge problem.
  11. As long as you trust Coinbase to handle your money, I think it's a good option. "98% of digital currency is stored totally offline, in geographically distributed safe deposit boxes and physical vaults." It is similar to having a safety deposit box at a bank. As long as it's a good bank, that's generally safer than trying to store things at your house. Although for some people they would rather keep it in their own house in a floor safe or something. Keeping it on a Nano or other device is still probably safer than Coinbase cold storage. But there is the risk that you lose/forget your private keys or you die and no one knows how to access your coins. It might be easier to access them through Coinbase. Either way people should essentially write a will with instructions on how to access the crypto and it should be kept somewhere secure. But overall I think both are good options.
  12. Notice my last sentence: "But I suppose if they did they would likely not share it unless you were willing to pay a good amount for it." I was mostly asking if someone on this board happened to be involved with it themselves and then if so I would later ask if they'd be willing to sell the bot to others. But thanks for the reply.
  13. Oh, yeah, the whole buy on one exchange and sell on another has never seemed like a good idea to me long term. I was thinking more along the lines of a bot that can recognize the patterns and buy and sell at the appropriate times. Basically assuming that everything sort of follows BTC for now and exploit that. Or find patterns somewhere else. I know there are people that claim to have working trading bots but I'm not sure if they actually do have profitable ones. But I suppose if they did they would likely not share it unless you were willing to pay a good amount for it.
  14. How do we get in on the arbitrage bot game? Does anyone have success with this or insight to this and does it work? Thanks.
  15. Great. Any plans to also add it to the main Coinbase.com site someday as well?
  16. He's probably just on a drunken bender in the Caribbean islands somewhere without the Internet.
  17. What/where is your objective model for determining what you think XRP's price should be? I.e. what is your basis for even believing XRP's price is low right now? First establish that XRP's price is low before we should discuss reasons for it being "low". Just because speculation shot the price up to $3+ doesn't mean that's where it belongs right now. I'm guessing you aren't personally satisfied with the current price. But your personal, subjective feelings about the price are quite useless to the rest of the world. It sounds like you're comparing XRP to traditional companies. The two are obviously very different. This market is currently based largely on speculation. Fundamentals don't really matter the way they do with a company. It's apples to oranges. Stop trying to understand it and just enjoy the ride because right now it's the wild wild west. Place your bet like you would at a craps table and have a drink. If you want to invest based on traditional indicators then go to the stock market.
  18. Yeah saw that and it probably is. But like I said a Medium article is not authoritative. Medium is a 3rd party. It should be clearly listed on the BTT and Tron website that Tronscan is included. I sent an email asking airdrop@bittorrent.com to confirm. Edit: Looks like Justin Sun answered my question:
  19. Kind of annoying that they don't include Tronscan on this page: https://www.bittorrent.com/btt/airdrop/ Is it just assumed that the Tronscan wallet is included? You would think they would be more clear about this. A Medium article is not authoritative.
  20. It takes a lot longer than you'd think, especially in a new, groundbreaking industry. Look at Apple or Microsoft's timeline. What you're seeing in terms of news and partnerships is the tip of the iceberg, and underwater is a ton of work that takes time. And also factors outside of their control that take time to develop.
  21. They only care if it will net them more money. They could give a rat's you know what about Jed unless he can hurt their return, which he can't. The Wolf of Wall Street was obviously totally different in that your quote was from a stock broker's perspective, who had no vested interest in the value of the stocks. Whereas Jed and everyone at Ripple would benefit from the price of XRP rising.
  22. Coinbase remains the easiest place for curious, non-expert people to buy crypto.
  23. "Ninety percent of these projects are B.S. I’m looking forward to that changing. Things like Tron, it’s just garbage. But people dump tons of money into it, these things that just do not technically work." -Jed McCaleb of Stellar Shots fired! Not saying I agree with him, but interesting that he would say this. I think he may have a feud with Justin Sun. From: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/crypto-pioneer-jed-mccaleb-most-105604729.html
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