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  1. Obviously trying to pick the bottom or the top of any investment is a very difficult, if not impossible task. I understand that many smart people choose to ignore timing by dollar cost averaging, etc. And, I am by no means a professional trader or someone who studies technical analysis. Having said that, I do believe in paying attention to the market and trends and capitalizing when you can by buying near the bottom. Even long term investors like Warren Buffet talk about "being greedy (buying) when others are fearful", i.e. buying when the market is down and making good value purchases. Looking at the charts it seems like BTC and XRP are near a baseline. BTC hasn't been this low since September 2017 from what I can see. And, besides the equally low points earlier this year, XRP hasn't been this low since December 2017 before the big run up. So, do you think we have reached bottom? Or do you believe it will go lower? Will it be flat for an indefinite period? If it were possible to spot a bottom, is this it, in your estimation? Why or why not? My personal take is that this is the bottom or very close to the bottom. If it it's not, it would mean the crypto and XRP market will die and revert to 2016 and prior prices. Since I think the fundamental future of these assets is good and the general market size and sentiment will improve, I don't see how they could revert to those previously low levels. I could see a long flat period, though. Thanks for your input.
  2. YouTube videos on topics like this are like tabloid magazines. I wouldn't draw any conclusions based on them. They are pretty much for entertainment purposes only.
  3. Mmm yeah but not sure this will even be perceived as "help". Unsolicited (legal) advice isn't always accepted. In a thread of "Great job, super cool!", I just thought bringing up trademark violations would be a wet blanket and not necessary. Also, drawing a connection to that quote about evil is more than a stretch...OP wouldn't be doing any harm, even if he sold these. This is more of a hobby project and I doubt Ripple would care. If anything they would probably welcome the exposure. I'm not saying their permission shouldn't be asked for, but Trademarks are mostly designed to prevent "likelihood of confusion" among consumers. Since Ripple doesn't sell a similar product as these physical coins, this isn't something that would likely bother them.
  4. Ripple owns the trademark for "XRP" https://trademarks.justia.com/859/35/xrp-85935696.html There was a previous topic about this: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/27862-abandon-the-xrp-trademark/#comment-575014 Not sure about the logo, but they probably own the trademark for that too. If they don't, someone else does. I didn't want to be negative and tell the OP that these coins probably constitute trademark violations so I didn't say anything earlier. It's tricky because I'm not sure if Ripple's trademarks extend to physical coins since they are mostly designed to just cover the financial services industry. That would be a question for a trademark attorney. This might be the type of thing that Ripple would allow if you asked them. People abuse and infringe on trademarks all the time, and usually it's too small of a deal for the trademark owner to care about enforcing their trademark. It costs at least tens of thousands of dollars to levy a Trademark infringement lawsuit (attorney fees).
  5. If we see .21 we will likely see .20. Mark my words.
  6. Crypto31

    A word of advice to young monkeys

    Yeah, and that's the right way to look at it. From an honest perspective and focused on the actual business fundamentals. I'm very bullish on XRP long term (which could mean 3-5 years before we see explosion). Every business is to some degree dependent on proper timing and macroeconomic forces to realize its potential. My point is that I think it's a little unfair to tell young monkeys not to be upset, without also including an apology from some old monkeys for telling said young monkeys that the price would be a minimum of $3 by end of year. I personally never made price predictions like that, I was just an onlooker and a novice on XRP compared to most of you. And I know not everyone is guilty of hyping XRP. Many people, like yourself, have always been sober minded about it. But, it seemed like the general vibe on this forum the whole year was if someone suggested we'd be at 30 cents by end of year they would be labeled a fudster.
  7. Crypto31

    A word of advice to young monkeys

    I'm in the old monkey crowd in that this crash doesn't really bother me. I haven't invested enough to worry about it and I think it will go up again eventually. However, I can't blame some young monkeys for being upset when there was so much hype surrounding XRP and crypto. Some of those who probably claim to be old monkeys should stop making price predictions and being delusionally optimistic.
  8. My point is the original post says "10 billion is too expensive" and literally a few lines up, directly above it says "10 million". Maybe don't make a thread if you can't get that part right.
  9. That's quite a bit less than $10 billion.
  10. The quote from Ripple you posted says 10 million but then you say billion. Which is it?
  11. Doesn't his argument fall apart with this claim: "#3: "Is the investment of money in a common enterprise?" Yes. The "Ripple network". Is the purchase of XRP an investment into the Ripple network? I thought the answer to this was a clear no. Ripple and XRP are two different and totally independent entities.
  12. Crypto31

    Does XRP Have a Name Problem?

    XRP is a fine name, in my opinion. It's harder to say than some of those that you mentioned, but it sounds more official and legitimate. Zerp is a word that sounds like it would only be used in nerdy circles. I thought that it was just a joke/slang word.
  13. Crypto31

    Are we not all on the same team?

    I agree the legitimate, honest people on this board have a positive impact. And the substantive, truthful information they post. That's why I come to this forum: for accurate insight into the underworkings on Ripple and XRP. In my previous post I was referring to disagreements people may have on here or Twitter. Or outlandish claims like 589 by EOY or 10 minute videos on YouTube with no actual truth to them. I don't think any of that crap matters. It should just be ignored and the smart, rational and honest people can have a discussion without all of that.