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  1. My question was why. If Ripple has brand equity and will continue growing, why would it benefit XRP to totally disassociate?
  2. Why can't it be Ripples or XRP? Isn't having Ripple, XRP, and another name too many names?
  3. Yup. And they may do well to take a page out of Nike's book and find the right "athlete" for their company if they're serious about marketing. Someone like Mark Cuban who has credibility in the financial sector and among households. Sadly, seeing someone like that put their seal of approval on something is worth more to most people than all of the technical validity they don't understand.
  4. Well, I could argue that a business (especially a bank) should be constantly attempting to evolve and improve regardless of customer demand. How do they know their competitors aren't already, for one? But I see your point. And how consumer focused advertising could well be business facing advertising because they work together. Hopefully the people at Ripple are smart enough to figure this out. I agree with you that these Twitter matching charity things (though it may be a great cause) are not moving the needle or getting much of anyone's attention.
  5. Good post and I don't disagree with you. But, what about the point that Ripple is probably mostly business facing. Outside of trying to entice people into buying XRP, which Ripple as a company may not care that much about, they are mainly targeting banks, etc. Doing a big consumer facing advertising like a Superbowl commercial may be somewhat useless in the eyes of corporate Ripple. I could be wrong here. It would certainly just increase awareness and credibility, but it isn't a natural fit compared to something like McDonald's.
  6. You can laugh, and I was originally joking, but the Kardashians move the needle online these days more than any other group of people. Kim alone has 115 million Instagram followers and 58.6 million Twitter followers. For comparison, "CBS’ The Big Bang Theory will finish the 2017-2018 TV season as the country’s most watched series with an average of 18.634 million viewers. NBC’s NFL Sunday Night Football is the season’s highest-rated series in the key 18-49 demographic, with a 6.2 rating; it also takes the No. 2 spot in overall audience (18.285M)." If Kim or another Kardashian girl were to post about XRP, it would easily be the biggest commercial the coin has ever gotten. Also, is Kim just joking or is there significance to her saying "We moved onto bitcoin!". If there is a secret organization controlling the world, she probably works for them and there could be something to her statement, no?
  7. Let's be honest...all this talk and evidence of banks using or potentially using Ripple's tech and XRP is not moving the needle. If we want bitcoin and XRP to re-verse track it's going to take real news like this: https://news.bitcoin.com/kim-kardashian-receives-her-first-bitcoin/ As funny as it may sound, Kim has over 100 million followers on social media. Her following is basically a medium/large size country with Kim as Queen. The more we see influencers like this jumping on board the better. Now can someone send her some XRP?
  8. Crypto31

    Best way to buy w USD

    I think it's for everyone. You don't even have to make a new account if you already have a Coinbase account. I think it's just a marketing thing. It's directed more toward people who are interested in "trading". So it has sort of a more technical interface and the fees are much less. It makes no sense to purchase anything on Coinbase, it's just that most people don't know about Coinbase Pro (what used to be called GDAX).
  9. Crypto31

    Best way to buy w USD

    I just use the web based version: https://pro.coinbase.com It's the same account as your Coinbase account. So you can just log in to Coinbase then visit that link for Coinbase pro. I deposit USD to avoid fees entirely on the deposit side. It hasn't hurt me since the price usually goes down while I'm waiting for the deposit to land. If you want instant purchases you have to use a debit card. Or use Uphold it sounds like.
  10. Crypto31

    Best way to buy w USD

    Uphold may be better, but I deposit USD to Coinbase or Coinbase Pro. Once you have the USD deposited, make sure you buy the BTC or ETH or LTC on Coinbase Pro (which used to be GDAX). Don't buy on Coinbase. The fees are much lower on Coinbase pro. Then transfer the BTC or whatever to Binance and buy XRP there. This may no be the best way but it works for me and it's low fee.
  11. Crypto31

    Ledger Wallet file Malware

    Just fyi, malware programs often flag things as malware that really are not.
  12. Crypto31


    For sure. I too get annoyed when I see all this "positive" news and the price does nothing but go down. But, I don't have enough money in it to be overly concerned. And, I accept that I went into it knowing that crypto is brand new and highly speculative. As I said before, it's the wild wild west at this point. We don't have decades of precedent, fundamentals, and regulation the way we do with the stock market. We're playing with fire here. But I think it will pay off in the loooooong run. When XRP and others become accepted by the general population. Right now we're still in the fear and resistance to new things phase.
  13. Crypto31


    Welcome to the world of investing. If anyone could time any market well they would be a billionaire in a couple years or less. If it was obvious or clear to sell at that 15X point, you would have sold. But it wasn't. So deal with it. That's the nature of investing. You have no one to blame but yourself. No one stopped you from selling. Stop complaining and accept reality and then choose the best choice going forward.
  14. Crypto31


    Okay, so what's your point? You're upset your get rich quick plan didn't work out? You don't have the patience to give it a couple years? Or are you mad at yourself that you didn't sell? I'm just content with seeing what happens. I am down on my investment but there's no reason to sell. So all we can do is sit back and enjoy at this point. I didn't invest more than I could afford to not care about. If someone did that in something so infantile and speculative, then I'm sorry but that was stupid.