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  1. Who says XRP isn't a currency? Jed seems to be getting paid off quite nicely.
  2. Not sure how legit this site is but seems legit: https://www.argent.xyz/ledgerhack/ Allows you to check if your data was leaked and what data was leaked. for me it says email address only thankfully.
  3. What is the reasoning behind the title? one could also say that maybe the Ripple people are trying to unload some XRP before there is no longer an exchange/market capable of facilitating large sales.
  4. I paid myself 9 Billion XRP! oh wait, no...that was the Ripple co-founders
  5. Nowhere in your post do you give any reason/evidence as to why XRP “is the most attractive one right now” or why “XRP will surely back to 0.5 in no time”.
  6. Based on what? Being delisted from coinbase?
  7. you said: “... best to buy at the bottom, because the only way is up. ” I am asking, because you apparently know, where is the bottom? and why should I believe it will go up from there? I know of plenty of stocks and companies that have had bad things happen and have never recovered. Ever. so please tell me where the bottom of XRP is and why the only way is up and I will gladly buy.
  8. Yeah but I didn’t tell you to “buy the bottom, because the only way is up” of anything, did I?
  9. What is the bottom, exactly? Even if we could buy at 0, there’s no guarantee it would go up. This thing is trending downward right now. Big time. It is best to get out while you can. I would not be surprised if XRP is at 2 cents in 2 months. and even if everything goes favorably with the SEC, we don’t know when the price will actually rise again (if it does).
  10. Goes to show you that all your pontificating is absolutely worthless.
  11. All the matters is if you believe it will be at e.g. $4+, three years from now If you truly believe that, and you can afford to let the money sit there, then you have nothing to worry about. If you don't truly believe it will eventually return to your DCA and more, then I can see why you'd be worried.
  12. That sucks, but it's not real unless you sell. I don't even look at the value of my holdings. That sounds like torture. Just keep an eye on the price and don't plan on selling for a long time.
  13. How are you bleeding to death? Unless you spent money that you can't afford to let sit there indefinitely? It was always said to only invest what you can afford to lose and what you can afford to leave invested indefinitely. Because the nature of this whole market is unpredictable and in its infancy.
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