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  1. Crypto31

    Abandon the "XRP" trademark?

    Ripple owning a ton of XRP is much more relevant. Should they abandon that?
  2. Crypto31

    Abandon the "XRP" trademark?

    Owning the Trademark of XRP doesn't actually have anything to do with XRP itself. They could simply be protecting from someone else owning that Trademark. It's a non-issue to me. Since again, the actual XRP is not affected whatsoever by the Trademark of the letters XRP.
  3. Crypto31

    A Simple Explanation for XRP

    Fine but it doesn't really resonate with a typical consumer's perspective, in my opinion. That would be more like "Currently if you want to send money to someone in Europe or Africa, it takes several days and costs significant fees. Like $10 in fees to send $100 (or whatever it is). With Xrp and Ripple, you can send the money and it will get to your friend or family member within just a couple minutes and for FREE or close to it".
  4. Crypto31

    I can't remember where I kept my Bitcoin

    You didn't answer the question about payment method? You should be able to track down the credit card or bank account statements to see the list of transactions for that time period.
  5. Crypto31

    Do NOT diversify

    But Warren Buffet told me not to put all my eggs in one basket, so I don't know what to believe! ?
  6. Well he claims to be a shareholder. His tweet: "XRP surge shows PNC Bank’s recognition of the Ripple protocol. With Bill Clinton keynoting Swell 2018, blockchain is going mainstream! As Ripple’s Greater China Chief Rep from 2014-16 and a Ripple shareholder, I’m confident financial institutions will adopt blockchain."
  7. I bought Apple stock in 1990, and then I sold all of it in 2000 right before the big crash. Then I rebought and I've been holding ever since. Still kicking myself!
  8. Crypto31


    Was it a "limit" order? If you placed it at a limit order it won't fill until it can be filled at the price you requested. If it was a "market" order then it should have been executed at the market price almost immediately.
  9. After watching the Theranos episode on 60 minutes I am increasingly skeptical of what people say... I believe in Ripple/XRP but I am of the "show me" team.
  10. Hopefully you are using Coinbase Pro which has much lower fees.
  11. Cool. Can you elaborate please? Any credible evidence that this is actually a profitable endeavor or could be? Who makes the bots currently and generally how do they work?
  12. No, I haven't but it looks good. I will read it thanks.
  13. Hello, Hope this finds you well. I am an XRP hodler and an entrepreneur. I am fairly "young" at 31 years old and started my first business in 2011 after college. It was in sporting goods and I did well for a first crack. I ran that business for 6 years and since then have had several "failed" startups. I've also been employed as a salesperson at a few different companies. I have advanced experience and skill in web design, Internet marketing, social media marketing, and graphic design. I've read dozens of books on business and it is a serious passion of mine. I will probably be starting, investing in, and running businesses until the day I pass, God willing. The reason I tell you this, is because I see a potential opportunity for us. It is certainly not to brag, as my resume is not worth bragging over. It is only to tell you that I am a serious entrepreneur committed to one day being successful in the business field. And if we come up with something good, I can be a contributor. It came to my mind that we have a number of bright minds on this forum. If we are right and XRP becomes a prominent part of the global economy, will there not be several highly successful businesses that exist as an off-shoot? Who better than us to start and own those businesses? For example, XRP based investment firms, accounting firms, banks, etc. It doesn't have to be just limited to XRP, either. I thought maybe this thread could serve as a brain storming session if any of you are interested in this project. What needs will there be? What value could we bring? Any thoughts welcome and by the end maybe it could evolve into a real opportunity. Why not combine your investing passion or hobby with a real business that you own/operate (or own a stake in) as well?
  14. The Fed just needs to print a ton of money and use it to buy a ton of XRP. Problem solved.
  15. May as well interview the CEO of Toy's R Us.