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  1. Gaet

    Bring back Coin_Hound

    I miss that dirty old dog. Get him back!
  2. I just read that W.U. and JP morgan are going to announce something at 16.30 eurotime regarding payment system. Could be huge
  3. I agree with the above that criticism should be allowed but frankly, more and more reading posts from certain members which only contain fud without fundamentals to support it, gives me headaches and I gladly put them on my ignore. In this mather I agree with OP, sell it and fly away
  4. You used to be fun. Now I only see you bashing XRP. Just sell it all already and move on.
  5. We are the best thing that ever happened to crypto. We work with regulators, banks, we are transparant and we have an excellent community full of brainiacs. Our ripple team is superb, our company sells real life products, they have their war chest worth 15 (even more) BILLION dollars, they invest in schools, startups, they invest in the future. However, for now we are tied to BTC. i think we will be tied to BTC for a long time to go, that is - until regulations come in. We will get hit aswel, we will go down aswel, but the world is knowing Xrapid, xvia, xcurrent. We are construting the framework right now, next step is full scale operation!! I believe SBI will lift us up
  6. Holy jesus. Just watched the news regarding the events happening in Canada and then you see a post like this about a lazy prick that needs to click one more link to acces the price and speculation club. What the f'cuk
  7. He never did a countdown to the school donations. It wasn't Ripple that contacted them, it was Donorschoose that contacted Ripple. We see young baby's with pictures, that could've been everything. For me he lost his credibility with trying to take credit for the donorschoose. He also took credit for Walmart - that was open information already accesable 2 months in advance. He is doing what we are doing, looking for connections and researches alot but to me he isn't more then any other one here in this chat. Alot of his predictions didnt came true aswel, in fact - only a very few came true, and those that did could be predicted by us aswel, but people tend to forget that. I had my fun aswel with this BG123 but now he and the people that think he's an allknowing xrp insidergod are annoying me alot.
  8. I havn't seen one day where Europe wasn't bullish. Everytime I wake up, the price rises. Go europe!!
  9. https://smartereum.com/4969/ripple-ceo-thinks-ripple-will-be-a-winner-in-the-longer-term-ripple-news-today-thu-apr-19/
  10. Thanks @noucktourno This smells like Ripple.. Assets + payment solutions. Awesome! But how can someone ignore a company like Ripple anyway these days? They have a partnership / working together with over 600 companies now. Booyah! Moonlanding baby
  11. If you don't like the XRP that you hold right now, i'll buy them for a discounted price. I will gladly spend them by buying an island later in the future. You can invest in dividends with the money that I've provided and I am relaxing with a coktail in my hand provided from my butler Alfred. +1 for both of us no?
  12. Yeah one of those technical issue is getting their fat head trough the door
  13. Yes, they are piloting but have not confirmed yet the official launch, @Guest yes you are right. They made their announcement last summer in august for march but postponed it to the summer due to security concerns, my mistake - I apologise
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