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  1. Oh I don't doubt that. I've been holding right since November last year, accumulating throughout the subsequent drops. Just from a trading POV if anyone had insight, I like to have solid theory if not complete closure when my money is involved!
  2. 700m 24 hr volume increase in under 30mins. Now its dropping hard. Anyone with experience able to confirm a theory - whale making one last push before taking big gains.
  3. Mark Carney is governer of BoE. He was formerly Goldman Sachs and then later part of the Canadian department of finance. With his role through Brexit I fully expect he’s got one eye firmly on emerging and revolutionary technologies so the U.K. are at the forefront of any potential game changers within the finance sector. Considering the impact leaving the EU could have on London’s finance sector, coupled with his history at GS and network of contacts from days gone by in Canadian banking (alleged advocates of the tech) I am sure this will lead to the BoE be willing to take potential risks if there is a step to be had on other nations in this sector
  4. Here in the UK, my business takes 2-3 days to receive a BACS payment, but if sent by CHAPS is same day (paid for) However transferring money between me and my friends is instant, and no we're not of the same bank. Just seems to be a case of if its from personal accounts its instant, if its a business account it's not.
  5. It's all about self interest and preservation with these folks. And that comes from the pressure of their political doners and their ivory tower friends. On the surface of it, crypto currencey has been created to give people an alternative source of finance and transaction capabilities without the oversight of banks, governments and probably many more that would be impacted negatively. Essentially all those with copious amounts of power because of the wealth and control they wield. Beyond the surface we know there are many revolutionary use cases, but I don't think many of these want the conversations to even take place to begin with as it's very difficult to put the genie back in the box. That's why the US will fall behind Asia in this market, they think embracing change will lessen power and influence - and they are scared of it.
  6. I am someone who got into bitcoin originally due to all the hype, but after doing my due diligence in the market, I sold on the up and invested my profits into XRP, because I actually agree largely with what he says. There is no real utility (in my mind) to bitcoin. It is highly manipulated (as all are) and I can't see how it will serve a long time function as it has nothing beyond perhaps a store of value. The world agreed gold is valuable. The world won't come to the same conclusion at the end about bitcoin imo When the muddiness eventually clears, not all will survive, only those with a real use case combined with being allowed to, live on.
  7. I admire your optimism, however those 20k people were all keen to get in, they pre-registered. Out of the 4m, not all will take the plunge. I'd be satisfied getting back over a dollar, maybe $1.25, stabilising, then going from there.
  8. Because people are deliberately trying to spam the forum with topics spreading FUD, either to get weird keyboard warrior reactions or because they are incentivised to do so. There are plenty of topics to read / research and ask questions if they genuinely wanted to know more so there really is no other reason. Forum to discuss merits? Of course. But as I say. Plenty of other opportunities if they genuinely want information and want to understand. They don't.
  9. Announcing tests / partnerships etc etc we have seen recently won't do a thing. The market is moving in sync as a whole Regulation and real world use. That's the only thing that will break XRP away from the pied piper of crypto.
  10. Very good read, thanks for sharing. We are all pretty aware there is market manipulation going on no doubt, biggest concern for me from this is the amount of USDT not backed by anything that's spread into the market. Could be in for a rocky ride if this proves true, which will obviously create scare for investors and have a further knock on effect. Let's hope that the industry can get it's houses in order sooner rather than latter, because the bigger the house of cards, the bigger the mess when it falls.
  11. I genuinely think once we get volume those kind of flash crashes will be a thing of the past because buying and selling will be steady. A dump of say $1m won’t impact it as much as it’s just loose change (figuratively speaking) it ever shot to 80 plus, there should be enough usage volume by then for it to maintain a level. I haven’t done any kind of maths to find that figure, it was used as an example At least I hope so (please correct me if I’m wrong).
  12. I just took two numbers either end of a scale as an example to show possible growth with patience (and balls). I agree it will be quicker overall, but for some even that’s not quick enough
  13. That’s rubbish. People do lose money. A lot of money.
  14. Ha yes that is very true. I can’t even speak for myself with any real surety on what I will do in the future. But hopefully most people can put it all into perspective and realise they haven’t exactly had to work hard for this opportunity. No fields have been toiled, no backs have been broken. Those that do find it too difficult though probably put in more than they can afford to lose, in which case I have no sympathy because we all know the #1 rule when investing in crypto.
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