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  1. Thank you for the comments. Your using Wordpress, which is fine, but consider using a hosting platform with a proprietary security system that can secure Wordpress websites. (WPEngine for example) Yes it is a Wordpress Theme. We have a developer on hand that handle the upgrade as soon as it is needed. We don't see the need to go to that extreme at the moment because we need to see the reaction from users first so that we can make the neccessary changes in that direction. Wordpress is notoriously insecure if it's not updated consistently Yes we are are aware of this too and have that under control with the host Make sure to security audit any plugins you use Yes of course Get an SSL certificate when you launch Already in place. There is a live site already https://spendacoin.com/ Give yourself an accessibility audit before launching OK will do Reconsider the Orange on Blue Logo OK Also consider getting a logo designer, or purchase a logo template OK It's very clear you purchased a Wordpress theme and made some minor adjustments. Consider getting a professional Wordpress Developer & Designer who can make the theme sing. Yes, we have one ready as soon as we need it The Mega-menu needs troubleshooting. It often closes prematurely due to hover state issues Ok Thanks we'll look into that Add some padding around Product sub-categories. Sometimes the thumbnails bleed into eachother Noted. We'll have a look Troubleshoot the white wash effect used when loading. It didn't dismount after navigating to a product page Ok Thanks we'll look into that http://612.569.myftpupload.com/cryptocurrencies-101/ not liking the bold text throughout. Yes that page has been updated already'for the migration but I'll have it updated on the staging site ASAP May I ask what you think about he content in general and about the rewards we're offering to draw attention to the use of XRP and Cryptocurrencies in general. In other words do you like the concept? Again Thank you for those comments, greatly appreciated.
  2. Ok thanks for the comments but please take it easy and don't jump to any crazy conclusions. This is definitely not a scam. What we're trying to accomplish are a few things and for those of you here we are trying to promote the Ripple (XRP) token so that it can hopefully gain some more stability in the markets, If you can't see that nor appreciate it then we're not getting the message out clear enough. So instead of jumping to conclusions and calling this some sort of a scam why not help us out a bit here and maybe this will be beneficial for everyone. I didn't ask for anyone to register or participate on the site yet. The address I sent you to for the critique is a temporary testing area which will disappear once we migrate it to the actual secure hosting address which already exists and is functional but we are not happy with that platform. Have a look: https://spendacoin.com/ Since the site will be addressing not only those of the Cryptocurrency Arena we felt it necessary to refer to Cryptocurrencies by name and symbol for 2 reasons. Many people still don't even know what a Cryptocurrency even is Of those who do we want to make sure there is no confusion between the name and the symbol As for the $50 worth of XRP for $75 we were told from someone who is selling them on other platforms that this is the amount he charges to people who want to buy some with US Dollars. The way he does it, and the way he showed us to do it, can vary and there are also fees involved. I would invite someone here (maybe you RippleHerTo Shred) to show me the least expensive way for us to acquire $50 worth of XRP and transfer it to someones wallet. Like I said where still in a testing phase and looking to correct any mistakes and/or content. One more thing if anyone has any ideas on how we can help this forum and XRP on the site please let us know. Again this site draws attention to people who still have no idea what a Cryptocurrency is and we are also trying to build a community of people to promote the uses of Cryptocurrencies that is why we have a few pages in there that might help this along. Have a look http://612.569.myftpupload.com/cryptocurrencies-101/ http://612.569.myftpupload.com/the-spendacoin-project/ Many people who are not involved nor have any Cryptocurrencies are pretty scared and skeptical. We even thought of a neat way for folks to acquire some Cryptocurrencies like XRP just by selling off some no longer stuff they have hanging around it their garage, basement or shed so that they can get involved on a small level without having any sort of great risk. This information is in the site and it's pretty easy to locate. I'm wondering if I should make that issue more prominent on the home page. Comments? Ideas? Once Again the web address 612.569.myftp....... is just a temporary address to work on the site before we push it over to the main secure hosting address. So please no need for alarm. We're serious about what we are doing and the products listed (except for a few that we play with in testing) are all real and exist that have been listed from some vendors that have already signed on.
  3. Hi Again All We were not happy at all with the last update so we went out and re-did the whole thing from scratch We are in the final stages of the new platform and while we add some finishing touches if any of you could be so kind as to have a look and let me know your thoughts, as you have in the past, it would be great help. Besides the Rewards Program already in place we've also added a Cashback Program where users can use Cashback awards to acquire some XRP too! I'm curious to know what the community thinks about this program and how we implemented it. We are testing the new platform now at a staging site and can be viewed currently at this address: http://612.569.myftpupload.com/ We are planing to update the current live site as soon as possible so any and all comments good, bad or indifferent will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. After joining the community about a month to get some advice about XRP so that our team could finish updating the website we created, (and getting some very helpful constructive criticism that I personally didn't expect but am very thankful for) I'm happy to say that we have completed enough of the updates to relaunch the site. More updates will be added soon but there is enough in place now to get things rolling. We were able to put together a nice rewards program where you can earn point for both Buying & Selling Just About Anything and you can transact in USD, XRP, BTC and LTC. Points are redeemable toward purchases on the site including the purchase of Cryptocurrencies. As a token of our appreciation to the XRP CHAT Community we are giving you two coupons to use on the site toward purchases. $20 OFF COUPON - COUPON CODE: 421AXRPC18 FREE SHIPPING - COUPON CODE: 421BXRP18 Coupons Expire June 30, 2018 1 Coupon each per Sign Up & you'll automatically get 100 Reward Points when signing up.(min $100 purchase) Sign up is Free & Listings are Free as well Feel free to give these Coupon Codes out to your family & friends too. Note: We chose XRP as one of the Cryptocurrecies to use because we believe that it has the best rate of success above all of the rest. We added Bitcoin & Llitecoin mostly for their popularity but plan to push XRP as the featured Cryptocurrency to use moving forward. If you have any ideas on how we should and could do this please let us know. As we add more features I will be back with other incentives and goodies The website is https://spendacoin.com Thanks Again for helping us along!
  5. Hi Again Is the someone here who could be nice enough to answer this question please. I have an idea of what it should be but I just want to be sure Thanks
  6. No, you can help, I'm in the States as well. What I'm trying to do is set up a reward program that will reward let's say $50 to whoever reaches a certain goal. So I'm trying to figure out how much the whole transaction is going to cost before I do this. I'm familiar with coinbase so please tell me how I could go about this. Let's use the scenario that I have no XRP, I'mnotsigned up with coinbase and neither does the person I have to give the XRP to. That should answer all the questions. Appreciate the help
  7. I would like to know what the quickest and least expense way is for me to purchase let's say $50 worth of XRP and then transfer it to someone else's wallet. I have accounts with Gatehub and Coinpayments .net. Is this sufficient or do I need to sign up for something else?
  8. Hello Again All We have made a lot of progress with the update that we are doing on the site. (It's nothing like what you see at the moment) In the interim, as some of the final touches, we have put together a rewards program that will give the users the opportunity to redeem points for things like XRP tokens. What I am looking for now is any opinions or comments on how we should implement this so that we can put it in the coding on the site and get this up and running. Here is how it will work. For every dollar spent on the site the user will earn 5 reward points Since the users can also list items for sale on the site they too will earn reward points for any item that is successfully sold the seller will receive 10 reward points for every dollar of the value of the item sold. The buyer will get 5 reward points per dollar spent The rewards will be redeemable for a variety of things, they can be spent on the site or redeemed for other things like XRP tokens. Here is a look at the reward chart we have right now. 100 rewards points for signing up 200 rewards points for referring a customer to the site and that customer signs up and makes a purchase. Referred customer gets a $10 discount coupon 1 reward point for sharing on facebook 1 reward point for sharing on twitter. (We're kind of stuck on what to with reward points for sharing on social media. We're thinking we might have to cap this in that only a certain number of shares will be allowed per user. Then we can offer more reward points per share) We're also going to give some special reward points to anyone who helps us out with this concept (even to those who give negative constructive criticism like before!) and some other rewards for everyone that is a member of this XRP chat. Redeem Rewards Chart $20 off coupon for 2000 points $15 off coupon for 1500 points $10 off coupon for 1000 points $50 off coupon for 500 points We want to create a reward of XRP tokens so the question at his point is: How do you think we should do this? We’re thinking the minimum reward should be $50 worth of XRP tokens and that they should cost 5000 points. The next question is: What would be the most inexpensive way for us to do this? We're also going to have a section on the site where anybody who wishes to sell XRP tokens may do so. Thanks in advance .
  9. Good Question. I'd like to know the answer to this question as well
  10. Romano in New York. Forza Roma!
  11. I just downloaded this plugin and had nothing but issues. Has anybody gotten this to work? I looked at the plugin site and there seems to me little to no support
  12. I cant seem to get this to work. Has anybody had any luck with it?
  13. Thanks for the heads up. The only reason why I didn't sign up here earlier is because I was in communications directly with Ripple support about a few tings, then I had a problem logging into their forum and was told they were having issues. They directed me here. I never heard about this forum before that. As I said earlier I am aware of the outdated site aspects and we are working on an update but in the interim I am making some adjustments to the site. Don't want to have to a lot of work 2 times.
  14. This is one of the simplest answers to a question that I've had to answer in years. I think most of the ones I and to answer in elementary school were much harder! So I'm digging into the question and going to answer it differently as to how the question was put. The key to Ripples success, and for any Cryptocurrency that wishes to be considered and used as a currency is to get it in the hands of the mainstream, so that they can start using it in everyday life, as an alternative to FIAT currency. The first Crypto(s) to accomplish this feat will survive. I also believe there IS space for more than one but not 100 so the first ones there will win at that game. You don't need to be a genius to figure this one out. On another note I would guess that Bitcoin is the forerunner at the moment but only because its name has been made popular. But I'm very sure they can be overtaken with the right strategy and approach for many reasons. As more Cryptos become popular the space avaialbe for others will deminish so, again the first ones will have an edge. In fact most people of the masses don't even know there are other Cryptos out there. I know this for sure because I've looked into it, hands on, out in the real world. I'm doing what I can to get these out there but I'm a real small fry in this space. That's why I put that post up when I signed up the other day.(that someone moved apparently! I had posted it in Giveaways and it was moved to services) I think I have some pretty good ideas and I'm trying to gain some interest and people to jump on this train with me. Nothing to lose here. If any body here is interested in having a look Here's the link to the thread that I started the other day
  15. Hi Again All Sorry but my real-life job needed me for a few days so I had to put this aside. Any Thank you TH for those thoughtful words. You are right I truly believe that Ripple and XRP can be one of the strongest survivors in this Arena so long as they cover all the bases. IMHO The ones that do that will succeed and whoever gets there first will led the pack. This is not going to take efforts of one person or entity but a a lot of talent working together. Sure it might take time but it has to start somewhere and why not sooner than later. So for my part I am ready to take on and work with whomever to get things moving on the outside, with the mainstream, if you will. Sure I'm a small entity but so is the area that I'm focusing on. Since it's most likely going to take time and I will have to take baby steps to get from level to level so be it! I said it before and I'll say it again. I firmly believe that the Cryptocurrency that builds the strongest foundation and gives it's coin or token something substantial to thrive on will be the winner here especially, with the mainstream that looks for substance like meat and potatoes. Win their confidence and you win the game. Pretty easy to figure this out. So here is the question again. I have a few things that I'm working on before I do the update on the site that I am well aware it needs. I don't want to do the work twice so what I'd like to know form this forum is what I asked in the first post of this thread about the giveaway I have in mind, if you think it's a good idea and if not what other way do you think I should do this. So far I got a few thumbs down which is fine. If its a bad idea then I'll toss it and put my thinking cap back on. I just need to know if that is truly the case and why the idea is bad. It's easy to say something is good or bad but there should be a reason behind it so we can come up with a better idea Thank again for all the comments we are taking everything that is said here seriously and into consideration Finally I truly hope that what we're doing can in some way, shape or form add value to Ripple and XRP, hope you all feel the same
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