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  1. As with most asymmetric events in crypto, I'm tempted to just shrug and attribute it to whale activity, to whatever end they might have had planned. The wicks are usually informative as new resistance points, so something to keep in mind if BTC should push back up to the 9100 range. Beyond that, I have no clue.
  2. XRP is oversold on the daily chart, Bollingers and RSI... if we are not starting some type of terrible declining market, then there should be a bounce coming in the next few days... any day now....
  3. The weekly XRPBTC chart is just screaming for a big green candle. Cup and handle pattern still intact, but will need to have a biggish price advance, preferably this week, to keep the pattern in play. The near term target is around 4500 sats. MACD bullish but starting to wane. Still oversold on the RSI. If XRP shoots up to the $0.40's like some are expecting, that would get us there.
  4. If VET goes up to $3.50, you won't be hearing from me anymore (cue the troll saying "You promise?")
  5. This is a pretty chart for VETUSD. I know, its not XRP, but there are more than a few members of this forum who are also invested in VET, myself included. Falling wedge broke to the upside, nice big green candle on the weekly and looking to climb higher. Oversold on the RSI and the MACD just crossed bullish. Everything is positive. This could be a very explosive growth opportunity at its current price.
  6. BTC looks relatively bullish to me. Ever since crossing over the bear trend line, it has become solid support. On the weekly chart, the bearish momentum on the MACD is fading and looks to cross bullish in a few weeks. I'm not necessarily expecting a big rally from here, but I think the danger of a big drop is fading. Looks good.
  7. Apologies, I thought that was one of your methods. Thanks for taking a glance anyway
  8. @dr_ed made me aware of this and has mentioned many times on this board, but I highly recommend following Bob Loukas' 4 year journey videos about BTC. He gives the one of the most clear-headed, rational viewpoints from his experience as a forex trader. He completely nailed his call for the bottom of BTC earlier this year by breaking down the behavior of BTC into four year cycles. I know, I know, he's talking about BTC, but I think his input gives good rationale for the entire crypto market. TLDR, he is calling for an ultimate peak of BTC in this current bull cycle from anywhere from 40k-400k. He also acknowledges that he is not omniscient and the whole thing could crash to zero, but his take seems more credible than just about any other analyst I've seen out there. Also puts these small, day to day movements into larger perspective. This last video is about 30 minutes and worth every second.
  9. If you're a holder and not a trader, then absolutely yes, this is likely a more productive use of your time. Or just not watching at all
  10. I don't know.... things still look good to me. This next week should be informative. I adjusted the cup pattern to take into account the recent swing low, which I have now charted as an ABC retrace coinciding with a 2. Wave 3 upward, if valid, up to about $0.36 this week. @djdhrubs and other EW gurus, would appreciate your input. Still very much a novice with EW and feeling my way a bit. This is what I've got:
  11. Took a couple of days off from watching the price and, I gotta say... it felt good. For those who are not planning on actively trading their XRP, I highly recommend it. That being said, I took a dive into the charts today. First off, I have to say that, based on the chatter here and elsewhere, I would have thought that the price of XRP had tanked down to $0.24 or less. I was very pleased to find it sitting right around $0.28. I was expecting a SWELL dump and this was about my best case scenario. Now, the charts. I am looking at the XRPUSD daily chart and have some trends that I am following. We have a couple variations of an ascending triangle that both converge on December 10ish as the final date. I think this is a legitimate pattern. We are oversold on the Bollingers, very near to oversold on the RSI, and the MACD is trending back toward a bullish cross. Objectively, I view this chart as fairly bullish. I think the big question here is whether we can breach the $0.315 level, which seems to be rather severe resistance. We have dumped both times we touched it, quite hard. My suspicion is that, if we do break it, it'll be in one giant move that just obliterates it rather than tap, tap, tapping against it. But that's not technical analysis, just a hunch. Anyway, the overall bullish trend is still intact. I'm going to mess around with some fibonacci analysis tonight to see if I can glean anything useful.
  12. Trying something today... not looking at the price. Since I'm not going to trade, it's the only option left. Feels very nice actually. It will make charting kinda hard (impossible) but I may go with this for a few days. If you don't hear from me, that's why Feels very liberating.... y'all should try it.
  13. The channel has currently been breached to the downside. If the daily candle closes below, I would have to believe this is a sign of further losses to come. The news out of SWELL was excellent; new corridors, new partners, ODL just starting to get ramped up. If we don't bounce back today, I would say short term bearish, long term uber bullish. I don't trade XRP, so if we dip from here, I'm just along for the ride. May pick up more if it drops substantially. OTOH, you could make the argument that the purple line is the true line to hold, in which case we are just peachy.
  14. XRP is still alive so far. The bullish case remains in play if and until this channel is breached. Higher lows since 9/24.
  15. Closed my speculative LTC bet up 21% and converted over to VET. Still a small stack compared with my XRP holdings but something fun to watch while we stare at $0.29 XRP...
  16. I think we exhausted all the people that wanted to sell at $0.30. Now, we need to exhaust those that are lined up to sell at $0.32. After that, there should be less resistance up to $0.40.
  17. Can you convince this guy to post on our little thread here? Seems like he's a pretty advanced chartist from what I can see. Would love his input and contributions.
  18. We will just have to see. Anything is possible. Crypthawk has not provided any objective chart data to support his assertion of a big drop and, as others have noted, he was wildly bullish right before he flipped to being wildly bearish. He made that flip during a period of little activity, so there wasn't some sea change that happened, he just said he missed something and now it's going to $0.14. He is not someone who's opinion I particularly trust or value. FWIW, I was also calling for a SWELL dump, but so far it's 2 f$%&ing cents. Let's dial it back a bit 😁
  19. The cup pattern has been rekt by the dump. If we post a quick recovery, it may still be valid. The upward channel that we have been in, conversely, is still very much intact.
  20. Well, it happened. I had been worried about a SWELL dump and the manipulators didn't fail to deliver. A lesson to learn for the millionth time... when everyone is expecting something to happen in a market, it's already priced in. In this case, CryptoTwitter had been on fire about the SWELL pump, rocket fuel, moon lambos and such so we all inherently KNEW it wasn't going to happen. I will say this, though. If this was the best they could do, I'm actually feeling quite good. We dumped all the way below $0.27 and have since regained quite a bit, showing that there are still a lot of buyers out there. By the way, Ripple, the company that is the primary steward of XRP, just announced that two dozen companies, including a bona fide bank, are using XRP to move money around the world. Utility is in its literal infancy and is ramping up faster than even the Ripple execs envisioned. For the people here that want to gloat over a 2 cent drop, feel free. Take your victory lap. Your posts won't age well in 6 months, 12 months, 2 years etc. But enjoy the day.
  21. I would guess this is automated (bots)... but maybe we're on to them!
  22. Interesting... during the flash crash, it wicked right down to my trend line on the cup chart. Probably a coincidence... but quite a coincidence, no? Make that 5 long wicks that have touched that line.
  23. I would guess it's people who don't much care for XRP. Wanted to kill the rally. Mission accomplished.
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