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  1. Quite a little BTC dump overnight. Will be watching today to see if current prices hold and look to buy both BTC and XRP if they do.
  2. A few weeks ago was a great time to load up, but I reckon most here didn't buy. More than a few finally capitulated and sold, and are now starting to buy back. It didn't help when fools like CryptHawk were screaming for $0.05 (he is now fully back on the bullish bandwagon, which is literally the only thing that has me worried about XRP at the moment). Nobody has a crystal ball but if you are buying crypto, presumably you are doing so expecting outsized profits, and thus buying at this price, or $0.18, or $0.30 probably isn't going to make much of a difference (except for the size of the stack that you ultimately sell). If you have the money to spare and are interested in XRP and have a long horizon, then yes, I think this is a great time to buy.
  3. It all depends on your horizon. If you are looking for a purchase that will appreciate compared to next week, possibly not. Conversely, if you are looking at your investment in terms of years, then yes, this would seem like an excellent opportunity to buy (caveat emptor, not financial advice, yada yada).
  4. This current run from $0.18 to $0.24 kind of feels like the previous run from $0.21 to $0.31 from September to November. But there is a key difference this time that makes it seem more likely to be a true reversal. Volume. Look at the stretch from Sept to Nov. Price increases but volume does not. That is generally indicative of a false run. Now look at the current run from $0.18. Volume is picking up rather substantially and is much higher than the previous stretch from the fall run. I think we're on to something.
  5. Dropped down to retest $0.24, as predicted, and bounced off nicely. If we hold that level, we should find ourselves above $0.25 hopefully this weekend if not early next week.
  6. Very well could be. There is really no way to discern intent from the charts, at least that I know of. BTCSV is definitely dumping, but XRP has been climbing since before this whole fiasco started. Currently up around ~33% from the lows. Enough time spent in this market has taught me a good deal of caution and skepticism, but the technicals are flipping positive for the first time in a while. BTC still leads the pack in terms of popular sentiment and, if it keeps going up, people are going to notice and start getting excited about crypto again. But, I do agree that we shouldn't get carried away here. Until we convincingly break through resistance at $0.30, there is no reason to expect a macro bull run. Although we are coming up against the long term down trend line, currently around $0.27-0.28 depending on when we get there, and this would be a good first step to take. Where are we now on the chart? Somewhere just past Depression in my book. If we break $0.30, then I think we can graduate to Disbelief.
  7. And all of this happened while BTC dropped... XRPBTC having a nice little run. Probably won't last though, since XRP doesn't seem to have any motor against BTC currently. Both should continue to perform well against the USD pair though.
  8. Bots have shown us the next resistance point... $0.255. We will probably grind around a bit before retesting that area. Currently above the 0.5 fib on this most recent run, so looking good. We may drop down to retest the old resistance line at $0.24 before making the next move, which would be a classic R/S flip.
  9. Shocker... he had all the credibility in the world Seriously though, this is good news for the crypto world in general. Last thing we needed was a crazed psychopath with billions worth of BTC and an ax to grind. BTC is looking very strong. The next firm resistance after 9k is a zone between $9500-9800. Volume is rising which usually precedes further positive gains.
  10. XRPUSD has crossed bullish on the weekly RSI (green circle), always a good sign and very consistently predicts for more upward movement. On the shorter time frame, we are in an ascending triangle having tested the resistance at $0.24 several times. Every time we tap it, it becomes more likely that we break through, and I suspect there will be a big jump once it is cleared. I am looking for a pretty quick jump up to ~0.26 after 0.24 is cleared.
  11. Helps that you are so heavy in VET these days, had a nice little run.
  12. Yeah, that's what I was worried it was about. I think you can go ahead and cool your jets on that..... there is zero chance that the world's elite are going to decide to relinquish their control on the world's currencies in favor a crypto token owned by a bunch of people like you and me. Let's get back to cheering on ODL corridors... you know, the actual use case that XRP was designed for.
  13. Oh dear... what does the XRP army expect from Davos of all things?? The "dot connecting" that the XRP faithful engage in is sometimes cringeworthy. There are so many real use cases to be excited about, I wish we wouldn't damage our credibility by going into all of the global currency stuff. But maybe that's not what you were referencing and I am genuinely curious about what the Davos expectation is.
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