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  1. Well this is interesting. For the first time that I've been following this rising wedge pattern on BTC dominance, we have run out of it. Could this be the reversal for BTC? Probably not, but bears watching. These past few days are brutally boring to watch....
  2. I think we should get a better sense on their quarterly reports, probably in a year or so. If profitability increases substantially, then yes I absolutely think that you are correct and others will notice. Double bonus if institutions have entered the crypto space in earnest, because they may just look to invest in XRP at that point. Right now, I don't think xRapid is having any material effect on MGI, as it seems very early on. Not sure why the price increase, but I agree that it could be due to speculation. I have been looking to establish a position in MGI but it keeps going up lol. I wish I had that same problem with XRP... the entry keeps getting better and better there
  3. XRPUSD 15 min... I'd say this qualifies as a double-bottom, no?
  4. I agree, it could go anywhere, but the pattern of the ascending wedge is quite convincing and thus I see it ending well short of 85% and resulting in a substantial drop from there. Let's check in on that chart... shows we are nearing the bottom trendline and likely due for a BTC bounce, which jives perfectly with the broken triangle above. Let's see if all comes together like it should! Expecting a BTC bounce here in the next day.
  5. More fun with triangles. Looking at BTCUSD 15 min. Looks like we broke out of an ascending triangle to the downside (follows logic since an ascending triangle is usually a continuation pattern and it was preceded by a drop, thus... continuation). We then formed a symmetrical triangle which, depending on how you draw it, we may have already broken out of to the upside or is set to break tomorrow. Target for the upside from that triangle is 10700ish.
  6. Just bought a bit of BTC on this dip, looking to add a bit more if it goes down to 9000. Backing up the truck if we see 6000-7000.
  7. BTC dominance still set to peak around September 20 and then all clear for alt season!
  8. We had a nice little bump after the double bottom but seem to have fallen into a descending channel. Good news? We may have just broken out of it. If we're going to watch the price on days like this, might as well try to find something interesting to watch...
  9. Bit of a boring day, but you guys know I like charts, so here's another one. Looking at XRPUSD 15 min: we had a double bottom and nice little bounce, not unlike one that we had 2 days ago right before the big run up (I'm still a little sad that we've gotten to the point where I describe a 2 cent rise as a "big" run up, but here we are). Any way, the patterns are the same, so maybe we get another "big" run up over $0.30?
  10. Need a bounce here off the lower trend line to stay in this potential triangle. Watching the XRPUSD 15 min.
  11. The pattern usually ends in a downturn, so we could reasonably expect "alt season" to begin there.
  12. The BTC dominance chart continues not to disappoint as we touched the lower trendline (literally right at midnight as the chart suggested in advance) and are now bouncing back. BTC is rallying right now and I expect this to continue. BTC dominance could creep up to around 72% before it reverses back downward again. This is our best case scenario: BTC rises quickly and we lag behind but continue to rise. So far, so good.
  13. @baobeiiiii You are absolutely correct, we broke out of the descending triangle. Not sure I agree that we've flipped into an ascending triangle, it actually look more like (not again) a symmetrical-ish triangle. This one, if real, definitely has a bullish lean to it. This bears watching and I'm not quite ready to call this pattern legit.
  14. I think the key here is that you are looking at Liquidity Index, not volume. You'll have to rely on someone better informed than me to tell you what "liquidity index" means in this context, as I have asked that same question before to crickets. Volume has been up, especially during this downturn. Most of the volume is still driven by trading. @dr_ed has been posting daily volumes on the Epic Pennant thread. Hope that helps.
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