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  1. I agree the title is a bit click foddery but I wasn't sure how much of a technical issue it was to connect the potential "outsider wallets". I wasn't sure if this would involve significant changes to the code base so was perhaps looking for a dev to put the comfort blanket back on me
  2. I am on board with that - Do you know how much of an issue it will be to connect the wallets?
  3. I am not sure if anyone has read this but thought I would share. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/608132/first-large-scale-analysis-of-the-ripple-cryptocurrency-network/?utm_content=buffer24774&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer It would be good to get some of the tech guys to come back on this to explain the validity of the risks...
  4. Brian Armstrong might not be a fan of XRP but he is a fan of traffic on his exchange and XRP should be on his radar. Is there anything we can do on social media to push this? i know Bobby Lee did a vote on the next crypto to join his exchange. Surely something can be done to push the agenda?
  5. My take on it is pretty simple if you are looking for a coin to bounce up every week then xrp is not your coin. You should look at the 0.0000005 coins. xrp is a long play and if you have the patience I am sure you will probably make more money than bouncing from pump and dump coins
  6. I was thinking at least that figure (40%) I have 65% on xrp which feels about right. xrp is brilliant and my largest bag but there are other coins that I personally rate and like the idea of having a mixed folio even if xrp is the weighted bag
  7. I had a spare 67 euros off the back of buying some cryptos and bought 300kish. It is now worth 800 euros and that is just in 3 months. Do I think Doge is a great coin compared to xrp...not a chance but it has a large community and they have recently started exploring some innovation on the Reddit thread. It is your money and like with everything in crypto only risk what you can afford to use. The way I viewed it was next time I want buy something that I don't need I stop myself and buy crypto instead. tberg73 has hit the nail on the head in terms of doing your research on this stuff. You wouldn't throw a could of hundred dollars at a random person on the street trying to sell you magic beans. Crypto is no different. For every great coin there are tons of scams relying on noobs to buy the hype. If you buy something you believe in rather than the twitter or polo shrill.
  8. Here is an article talking about how Bitcoin can be overtaken as early as 2018. Obviously nothing is a sure thing in Cryptoworld but there is some sound reasoning behind how and why it will happen - http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-31/ethereum-forecast-surpass-bitcoin-2018
  9. I can actually see a number of coins having a larger market cap than bitcoin in the not too distant future. Currently Bitcoin is the best know so naturally it is the coin that is invested in at first but once blockchain tech becomes more mainstream people will invest in others. Litecoin for one is a much better coin from a tech perspective than Bitcoin but is suppressed. XRP is going after a much bigger use case than other coins/tokens so the market cap will naturally rise due to technical superiority and clear direction.
  10. I think this is a tough one as very few of us will actually sell at the very top of the market as the profit is so tempting. this is what I set myself as a target 10% - $1 25% - $4 25% - $10 25% - $40 15% - When I decide to retire what ever the price is I hold a few other coins but you would be a little nuts to know XRP's potential and not have at least 40% of you fund in it. i have about 65% of mine in xrp
  11. I think is really good if you to promote cold wallets. You never know what could happen and these are well worth the money. Since getting mine I have been sleeping like a baby ?
  12. I know what you are saying about some of the events not being the magnitude of consensus but Money 20/20 is a huge event in the FI space. Draws in CEO of banks around the world. If a major announcement was to be made I would put my money on that one. This event will have 'mainstream media' attending so would be excellent to maximise exposure and promote awareness the activities and success Ripple is experiencing.
  13. This guy writes some good content regarding the crypto world and is a really nice guy. He is always happy to help noobs' looking to get into it. https://cryptoyoda1338.wordpress.com/ I live by a rule when trading. There is always someone smarter than you and trading attracts the most intelligent people in the world so you are up against it. Buy a certain amount and hold and have a small % of your investment that you follow the hot coin at the time. That is what I do but is by no means investment advice it just works for me. If you are new to trading I would recommend just buying and holding - You could do a lot worst in this bull market.
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