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  1. the poor Hopium shouldn't be banned just for using Hyperboles That man is as tall as a house. This is the worst day of my life. The shopping cost me a million dollars. My dad will kill me when he comes home. Your skin is softer than silk. She’s as skinny as a toothpick. This bag weighs a ton. XRP is going to $1.
  2. Stock markets are constantly getting money from ordinary Janes & Joes. But it's gone up in the last decade or more. Why it must be different for cryptomarkets?
  3. I made the Flare address using Ledger Nano, so I should be fine?
  4. I've now added my Flare address into the Message Key field in my XRP Ledger address. I know the spark tokens are going to be delivered to this address, but being an ERC20 token, should I have some GAS/ETH somewhere or doesn't matter at all?
  5. how to join the zerpening? May I get an invite?
  6. Looks like a brand-new generation of bag holders has born today
  7. I don't expect much from this WSB pump. - Much of the movement already happened imo. - So many whales and a lot of longtime bagholders ready to take profit - Not so many shorts to squeeze - If you look the age of 80% of the accounts in the /r/wallstreetbets you'll find out those are 1 or 2 day old accounts, probably just bots
  8. How do you know? Where do you get the info?
  9. Actually reddit is full of bots made to manipulate real people.
  10. Poor guys.. they should know pumping XRP it's a lost cause due to the amount of whales out there ready to dump
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