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  1. Please help me understand why, if I'm successfully finding the Songbird app in Ledger Live, I also need to intall Metamask in a browser?
  2. is XRP price already reflecting the fact that selling pressure is going to lighten up in the next few months or not?
  3. brand-new accounts telling us to buy more. Not good.
  4. Anyway there's nothing wrong in drawing trend-lines using close prices
  5. But 4H candles' close price is different from 1H / 1D / 1W candles close price If you use close prices for drawing, you get totally different trend-lines. Price lows and price highs, instead, are the same. For example the ATH price is the same, no matter what is the time frame.
  6. just out of curiosity, why do you consider the "close" price (for something that is trading 24/7) to be more important than actual support resistances? As you know candles' high/low are important price levels, they are are immutable and unchanging at any time frame, while the close prices (thus trend lines) change completely at different time frames
  7. To clarify, the XRPL address is starting with an r example: https://xrpscan.com/account/rQ3YfCVkkRfjB3d83XuMaNgsg5VbRbp7GU
  8. You have an account on the XRPLedger I suppose (the public address where you sent your XRP) Now take this address and put it HERE https://xrpscan.com/account/HERE You'll find your Spark address and amount under "Flare Spark distribution"
  9. he sent you a fax? it's > 0.000031 now
  10. the poor Hopium shouldn't be banned just for using Hyperboles That man is as tall as a house. This is the worst day of my life. The shopping cost me a million dollars. My dad will kill me when he comes home. Your skin is softer than silk. She’s as skinny as a toothpick. This bag weighs a ton. XRP is going to $1.
  11. Stock markets are constantly getting money from ordinary Janes & Joes. But it's gone up in the last decade or more. Why it must be different for cryptomarkets?
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