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  1. Am I already able to monetize the FLR i expect to receive on the Eth address in some way?
  2. what would happen to XRP price if BG stepped down tomorrow? and what if he stepped down not before a settlement with SEC?
  3. Because of his selling right at the same moment hype news were released to public.
  4. I really can't find anything official stating that LTC holders are getting Spark tokens Probably no airdrop is expected for LTC, but only earning Spark rewards for staking FLTC ?
  5. Reading the update https://blog.flare.xyz/integrating-litecoin-flare-recap/ I can't understand how many Spark should people get for each LTC they own
  6. but in late 2016-early 2017 the hype machine Ripple was in good shape, now it's almost broken
  7. Hey @Jack21 how to change title of a thread? I'd love to fix some bogus titles I found
  8. May we know the name of this exchange/trading platform?
  9. Too much of it owned by few people. Can't be new global reserve currency. Nevertheless its price can raise for so many different reasons.
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