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  1. CMC = Coin Market Clairvoyant? Don't think so.
  2. Moderators should create a white list of domains allowed in the Press forum.
  3. Dario_o

    The tide is starting to change, here comes the Ads.

  4. Dario_o

    The tide is starting to change, here comes the Ads.

    "You know nothing XRPRJB"
  5. if a BTC block get mined, many transactions get verified at the same time, usually but if a lot of empty blocks get mined (because miners are greedy and want raise the BTC fees) the number of unconfirmed transactions goes high very quickly
  6. 9767 Unconfirmed Transactions at the time of writing this
  7. Dario_o

    How would liquidity affect the price of XRP?

  8. does it start automatically or F5 is required?
  9. Dario_o

    Friend might split with his domestic partnership

    The One of the two people which has been persuaded to get involved in cryptos has to buy a Ledger Nano and pay for the 20 XRP to activate the account