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  1. that 589 number has become totally unsettling just like reading HODL or watching Baywatch movie trailer
  2. Dario_o

    Ripple UNL dominance less than 50%

    Looks like you know many folks there
  3. It doesn't looks so https://www.swift.com/our-solutions/global-financial-messaging/payments-cash-management/swift-gpi/swift-gpi-for-banks/members
  4. Looks like Swift is making progresses with their GPI https://www.swift.com/news-events/press-releases/corporates-pilot-to-start-testing-new-multi-bank-payments-tracking-on-swift-gpi
  5. Dario_o

    SWIFTNet using RippleNet?

  6. This is from last June https://financieel-management.nl/artikel/fintech-wil-blockchainalternatief-voor-swift-introduceren
  7. Dario_o

    Bloodbath on Reddit

    yes censorship is a common thing there
  8. I tried to read that, but failed to find the statement about the merging
  9. Dario_o

    Ripple charts not responding

    working great as usual
  10. it's -92% from ATH already. Now please recover.
  11. Dario_o

    The Load of the Server Suddenly spiking up

    Did you find the process that's using 100% of CPU?