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  1. https://cryptobriefing.com/japanese-obsession-xrp-explains-ripples-relocation-interest/ Ripple’s CEO said in an interview that it is shortlisting countries for relocation. Brad Garlinghouse criticized American regulators on their confusing stance on cryptocurrencies. Japan seems to be the top contender for the new Ripple headquarters.
  2. Following a series of smaller transactions, the malicious actor behind the KuCoin hack has moved 18 million of XRP. https://decrypt.co/43247/kucoin-hacker-moves-4-5-million-of-stolen-xrp
  3. David Schwartz, CTO at Ripple, recently delivered a lecture at Berkeley, a lecture during which he shared his views on how he sees XRP and XRPL fitting into the broader picture of a world with CBDCs. https://eng.ambcrypto.com/xrp-xrpl-cbdcs-bridge/
  4. This Is Why Ripple CEO Brad Galinghouse Is Disappointed With PayPal’s Crypto Play https://zycrypto.com/this-is-why-ripple-ceo-brad-galinghouse-is-disappointed-with-paypals-crypto-play/
  5. Ripple Has Three Favorite Countries In Case it Leaves US https://cryptonews.com/news/ripple-has-three-favorite-countries-in-case-it-leaves-us-8071.htm
  6. RippleNet member TransferGo has partnered with Visa giant to implement seamless transfers on its cards, while Ripple-friendly Nium teams up with neobank Unifimoney in SF https://u.today/ripplenet-members-transfergo-partners-with-visa-while-nium-joins-forces-with-neobank-unifimoney
  7. Japan is likely to become a new home for Ripple, according to CEO Brad Garlinghouse https://u.today/ripple-looking-into-japan-as-one-of-possible-markets-to-relocate-its-headquarters-to
  8. In a tweet calling out the payment giant’s move into crypto, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said he was disappointed with Paypal’s upcoming crypto integration since he believed this would spur the benefits of crypto as an asset https://eng.ambcrypto.com/why-is-ripple-ceo-disappointed-with-paypals-crypto-venture/
  9. isn't it bi-directional then? I can only sell crypto for fiat, but I'm not allowed to buy crypto with fiat?
  10. usually when BTC spiked and altcoins got crashed so badly, we got a Bart on BTC soon after or the day after.
  11. The largest and most comprehensive poll ever conducted in the XRP community : 1000+ community members participated in this "poll"
  12. With my computer it would take about 1759218 days to complete the task. Maybe your computer is much much faster than my Intel i7
  13. 2^44 combinations which then have to be passed into further SHA512 and then this has to be converted into XRP address to see if such generated address is actually your wallet is too much
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