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  1. Unfortunately I'm starting to become immune to the hype. is XRP the level playing field? I'll believe that when I see it
  2. And you expect us to believe this
  3. Genuine question, why are we monitoring SBI VC live book news so closely? Aren't people already able to buy XRP in Japan via other exchanges?
  4. This is the outcome when you ignore someone
  5. Let's get back to those Clover Cloin f*****s, who are they? is there an agreement to fix the number of XRP sold each day?
  6. My theory (usually the act of bumping old threads being made by someone who attempts to be a smartass but is too dumb to actually succeed) is confirmed
  7. Comparing XRP to Amazon stocks is a mistake. Stock current price equals the sum total of all its future dividend payments when discounted back to their present value, meaning that its market price is not exclusively calculated by seller and buyers. If Chris Larsen wanted to deplete its holdings this would cause XRP price to shrink immediately. TL;DR Chris Larsen is not a billionare, actually
  8. It would be great to know who are the people behind this "Clover Coin"
  9. BTC whales also are BTC maximalists too usually, so I don't think your scenario is likely to happen
  10. The fact that they never sell more than 1 Million XRP / day could mean that an agreement is already in place. BTW we'll have selling pressure from escrow jed dead projects founders xpring projects charities whales for a bunch of years.
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