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  1. People in this thread is just giving ispiration to whom is probably paid to find completely new FUD topics, I would refrain from responding.
  2. Here comes another FUD journalist searching for new material
  3. Dario_o

    UAE and Saudi Arabia unveil new cryptocurrency

    Is this the one and only private ledger Brad mentioned?
  4. Dario_o

    Proof of Coinbase adding XRP?

    Seeing that again is becoming frustrating
  5. Dario_o

    Private ledger debate

    But what's the actual use of a private ledger if (public & liquid) Exchanges are needed to run xRapid? This whole story makes no sense
  6. https://ripple.com/insights/a-global-look-at-the-future-of-blockchain-and-fintech-innovation/ What does the future hold for fintech innovation overall and blockchain in particular? That question was posed to a panel of visionary leaders assembled from around the globe by Ripple’s SVP of Business & Corporate Development Kahina Van Dyke at Swell 2018 last fall.
  7. Dario_o

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    WTF I just read
  8. by a new independent not-for-profit organisation, the Corda Network Foundation. Please edit that crap
  9. https://www.coindesk.com/ethereums-constantinople-upgrade-faces-delay-due-to-security-vulnerability https://medium.com/chainsecurity/constantinople-enables-new-reentrancy-attack-ace4088297d9
  10. Dario_o

    XRP Classic (XRPC)

    Legal dept. at Ripple should tear this down
  11. Dario_o

    Smells like its close to Ripple

    stablecoin main issue is lack of liquidity and fiat pairings across the globe, not a real threat to XRP actually
  12. https://nvd.nist.gov/info