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  1. sorry for the -5% guys, yesterday I bought few more XRP
  2. here's the transaction if you need to contact them https://xrpscan.com/tx/6E5356C3877E9598A508756444742281BEC2FFB5D78267AD48AE193EAEC7451F
  3. the only feeling I have right now, is XRP is going to 4th position in Coinmarketcap
  4. that's not my point, even if no money goes into cyrpto, inflation due to quantitative easing (aka central banks printing money) means big inflation, meaning $100k in 2030 could really be equal (or even less) to $20k in 2017 so 100k BTC in the future is.. very likely
  5. printing billions means inflation, go google it instead of being irreverent
  6. I thought we were talking about "$100k. how much money needs to be injected for that" but, ok, let's change topic
  7. do you realize that central banks are printing fiat money like never before, thus $100k value in 10 years could be just like getting around the 2017 ATH price?
  8. Let's get back to $0.21 first XRP is completely disappointing price-wise, 0,00002112 BTC today FCS
  9. "Next month, btc generation will be halved to 900 daily meaning only 7 million dollars will be required daily to sustain prices. " What he's referring to is not the mining costs, but the money required to buy all the new BTC produced
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