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  1. I'm fairly certain crypto doesn't abide by logic as we have witnessed time and time again.
  2. LucidRain

    Heaven forbid, but what if ......

    I'm fairly certain my family would accidentally delete my backup codes by accident
  3. XRP bc otherwise you can't play in any crypto ever again
  4. LucidRain

    Climbing in Bed with the Clintons

    Pretty sure XRP is one of the only coins not tanking in this red market rn
  5. So this topic includes XRP, but does not specifically state XRP. It includes cryptocurrency in general as being a valid form of money transfer method and one can deduct that this would include some of the world's fastest crypto tokens, such as XRP. https://bitcoinist.com/mastercard-wins-patent-to-increase-cryptocurrency-payment-speed/
  6. LucidRain

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    IDK I don't really like to watch Youtube videos of CryptoCurrency news. I usually just read whatever is on my curated news feed on my phone or I read what people have posted on Steemit. I personally don't enjoy watching a video to get the message when I could have read it in half the time.
  7. LucidRain

    Word of caution. Stolen funds

    I know of a very secure method of storing wallets with unlimited backups. Will do a video when I get back from vacation. Edit: it's also free
  8. LucidRain

    Net Neutrality VS Ripple

    While ISPs could technically do that, they would have to outline it in their business plan. AFAIK, the bill gives them the ability to become a certain type of ISP and the government is supposed to help make sure they stay true to their type. So while an ISP could be known for bundling internet packages together for someone that only wants access to Facebook, YouTube and google services, people will be able to pay for only that part of the internet (sad I know), restricting access to other competitive sites would need to not be part of their unlimited access plan or something along those lines. It's not like one day they can be like, oh I don't like this, let's throttle its users by 90%, and an ISP that did that would receive backlash from its users. IMO, ISPs do the least required of them by law and want to make the most money possible and reach the largest variety of customers. I'm sure there will be some stories of 'evil' ISPs that do this, but there would always be a way around it, people are very creative
  9. LucidRain

    My Newbie Unbiased Theory

    In a world where instant gratification and instantaneous results are expected, why would an instantaneous payment method not be used? Makes things a lot easier
  10. Haha, I just got a 'big boy job' last year so I decided that before I get used to living with money that I would take some time and invest some crypto and invest in stocks, so while I'm still driving a beat up 2000 pickup truck around, I think I've setup a nice little foundation for myself that will be ready for building upon 😎
  11. No, since it's tied to Bitcoin and Bitcoin needs to no longer be the market lead.
  12. Curious if any of you all are looking at this project yourself. https://xyo.network/ Seems like they have a competitve advantage and the only entity I can see competing with this is the army, but then again I could see the army using this network in-addition to theirs, so they wouldn't even be real competitors. They've already got a live map of their million+ sensors placed around the world, doing much better than many ICO's in my opinion. This project views the physical world as an API and things like paying for your amazon package once it's inside your house could become mainstream. I could see it being used by governments or even pokemon-go app owners to prevent people from GEO-hopping all over the world using VPNs or proxies. Surely there's much more uses for this project, just trying to throw out a few examples.
  13. LucidRain

    A Snoop Dogg Discussion

    It's an attempt to educate the mainstream public about Ripple and XRP. Most people don't read about a niche crypto-token on a daily basis so for most people this will be their first time hearing about it, via SnoopDog, how fun. Now if Snoop and Ripple can team up to make a song about 'X - R - P' then who even needs coinbase (nobody that's who). I'm imaging that Snoop is talking about XRP in this song. I'm gonna take it slowwwwwww.....
  14. Right but why can't they just trust me to claim the right amount and if something smells fishy then they can do a deep dive. Right now they are giving you a financial colonoscopy, they want you to do their job and profit from it too. Pretty retarded. It's free money they would not ever be seeing so they should just be happy they get it at all.
  15. Pretty sure it's hard to enforce a law about something you can't even define 😉 I will pay some taxes when I finally cash out to FIAT but nothing else, make it simple and you'll get more compliance. Make it diffuclt and people will just forget you exist. If the IRS wants to do the leg work and find out all of my micro transactions then go ahead and waste your time and effort to have that money, but im not going to be your monkey and mule.