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  1. Curious if any of you all are looking at this project yourself. https://xyo.network/ Seems like they have a competitve advantage and the only entity I can see competing with this is the army, but then again I could see the army using this network in-addition to theirs, so they wouldn't even be real competitors. They've already got a live map of their million+ sensors placed around the world, doing much better than many ICO's in my opinion. This project views the physical world as an API and things like paying for your amazon package once it's inside your house could become mainstream. I could see it being used by governments or even pokemon-go app owners to prevent people from GEO-hopping all over the world using VPNs or proxies. Surely there's much more uses for this project, just trying to throw out a few examples.
  2. LucidRain

    A Snoop Dogg Discussion

    It's an attempt to educate the mainstream public about Ripple and XRP. Most people don't read about a niche crypto-token on a daily basis so for most people this will be their first time hearing about it, via SnoopDog, how fun. Now if Snoop and Ripple can team up to make a song about 'X - R - P' then who even needs coinbase (nobody that's who). I'm imaging that Snoop is talking about XRP in this song. I'm gonna take it slowwwwwww.....
  3. Right but why can't they just trust me to claim the right amount and if something smells fishy then they can do a deep dive. Right now they are giving you a financial colonoscopy, they want you to do their job and profit from it too. Pretty retarded. It's free money they would not ever be seeing so they should just be happy they get it at all.
  4. Pretty sure it's hard to enforce a law about something you can't even define 😉 I will pay some taxes when I finally cash out to FIAT but nothing else, make it simple and you'll get more compliance. Make it diffuclt and people will just forget you exist. If the IRS wants to do the leg work and find out all of my micro transactions then go ahead and waste your time and effort to have that money, but im not going to be your monkey and mule.
  5. So we buy computer coins with the money we still have left over after we get taxed only to become taxed again? Pretty sure the IRS has no way of enforcing this since the burden of proof is on them. If they can't be bothered to prove it, I can't either.
  6. LucidRain

    Average age of the XRPChat family

    23 here, working and trying to find ways to create alternative income for myself so I don't have to sit in an office all day and be someone's monkey
  7. I didn't really have a target, I'd say that having the anonymity of the internet and always being able to create a new persona/account and start fresh allowed me a place where you could act out and get a lot of reactions out of people without any of the social consequences for your actions. You could 'rustle people's jimmies' and then carry on in your normal life with pretty much 0 kickback, sort of as a litmus test for seeing what is acceptable and what's not. Some of it had to do with the fact that I just found it kind of fun and I wasn't always set out to troll people and ruin their day, it was more like I'd be browsing around and I'd find someone that appeared to be clueless about a subject so I opted to have some fun with this person since they seem vulnerable to /sarcasm. It was never really about subjects I didn't like, often politics or dissenting opinions about topics that I felt I had the 'best' view on or if I was to find someone that I could tell had a view based on a very mainstream idea, it made me angry knowing that this person was a victim to such a shallow ideology and mainstream news so I'd try to troll them into reasoning to 'show them the light' (pretty cringy I know). I believed that most people wouldn't change their ideas unless they came across the idea themselves so I'd try to piece it together for them in a sarcastic manner without explicitly telling them what to think. Funnily, enough I've always been one of the silent observing types that needs minimal interaction and I would be very ungrateful if I said I did not have a good childhood. I've always had internet friends too Thanks! Will definitely check him out. There are different types of trolls. I didn't like to cause destruction just for destruction, but more so I would try to have fun with that person and joke around. I played a lot of competitive video games like Dota, Left 4 Dead 2, and trolling and flaming was just a natural extension of the experience as egos tend to get pretty heated and everyone is trying their best and wants to win. I wasn't always first to act, but if someone was flaming in-chat and we were able to turn the game around on them, I'd 'reverse-troll' them and rub it in their face since they seemed so sure that they were going to win. Now I'm pretty above that, as I don't really talk in my games (except to my teammates) and just focus on playing. I'd say the best way to talk to a troll is to troll them yourself with sound logic and reasoning, especially if you can do it without them even realizing you're reverse-trolling the troll (trollception?). If they can't formulate some sort of response aside from just spewing gibberish or insults then you can assume you've won, or bested the troll.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm fairly new here and I really think XRP is one of the best tokens with a really good use-case and an amazing company to back them up. I like to study new technologies and I've just begun to make a YouTube channel where I host my thoughts on XRP and Ripple. I've been reading up on XRP for a while now, maybe not as much as you guys, but I came across it one day and I immediately knew I had to be apart of this. I'm glad that places like this still exist, I've seen a lot of optimism and good arguments, and I find it funny how you all handle trolls. I used to be an internet-troll myself, so I can relate to the troll mindset, but now that those days are behind me, it's funny to see the extent that some people will go to try to put others down and you can often see straight through it, especially if you have experience as a troll yourself. A little about me: I study cyber security and have a writing background and I enjoy taking big topics and attempting to break them down into easy-to-digest words that everyone can understand. Please let me know if you agree or disagree with how I interpret what Brad Garlinghouse has said when he was meeting with some Korean investors and had an interview with Digital Ventures. Any kind of constructive criticism is welcome If you're interested in the video I did, you can find it here:
  9. LucidRain

    How low will XRP go?

    Wouldn't surprise me to see sub 20 cents. I hope it does bc I'll be able to get a lot more bang for my buck. Its still tied to Bitcoin so I'm hoping this is the end of Bitcoin and once people stop using that as the standard we will see XRPs true value.
  10. LucidRain

    XRP FUD from Stellar's Jed McCaleb

    He spends a lot of time stalling to formulate his sentences and spends a good portion of his time saying absolutely nothing. He reminds me of a drug addict. So glad Brad is helping to contribute TO XRPs image instead of him.