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  1. Can I wear my guy fawks mask and use a voice changer?
  2. LucidRain

    Which banks using XRP now?

    I view it more as a payment protocol that someone like Paypal could find value in. They already have their customers used to an outrageous service fee, using a protocol such as the ripple protocol could increase their profits and enable them to have funds transferred more easily. I don't see why a credit-card company wouldn't want to use something like XRP as they will almost have 0 cost to move money. Wait until more crypto exchanges come out and create more competition and soon there will be crypto-based credit cards. All there needs to be is more crypto-to-fiat links setup and companies like coinbase and Binance will stop having monopolies on the market. Thing is, there is a lot of risk with people opening up new exchanges. Lots of security risks and if done wrongly, you can lose all your funds and customers funds. That's probably why people still find favor in banks is because their money is 'safe'. If they get scammed the banks will replace their money and their insurance will cover it. Crypto is still a very new industry, which is why everyone always says not to go all-in on it. Things don't happen over-night, they take quite a bit of time to catch on. Especially complicated topics such as crypto don't appeal to your average joe. How many people do you know research payment protocol technologies? I have a question. Can there be private XRP channels setup, so that if I were a bank, I could put 200 million into a channel and then create my own source of liquidity? That way I can buy and sell XRP on my own XRP channel and then move my money to wherever I want and then sell the tokens and get my money back thus moving my money in an instant?
  3. The "article" is barely 10 sentences long.
  4. LucidRain

    XRP funds stolen from Kraken

    If you use your e-mail for 2fa and you have a RAT (remote administration tool) installed on your machine they can log in and verify your e-mail if you keep everything auto-filled in. The most secure practice would be to have a secure phone (better if it's a different device altogether) and use that only for 2FA by using google authenticator.
  5. LucidRain

    Best way to keep XRP safe?

    Find an old laptop, encrypt your toast wallet on there, then turn the laptop off and put it under your bed. Nobody ever thinks to look there. Also never connect the laptop to the internet. Keep a paper wallet just-in-case the hard-drive fails (even then you can use forensic tools to recover it unless it catches fire). If you have a TON of money, put the paper wallet in a safe-deposit box. The ledger is over-rated IMO. I know it's safe but if I wanted to pull the biggest crypto heist ever I would have put a backdoor in the nano S and cipher them out after a lot of people bought them.
  6. One of the main reasons why the ICO launch was big was because it burned the unused tokens, thus creating the total supply of XYO. The most recent gamma sale didn't introduce new tokens, but rather XYO was selling some that they had originally from the launch, which leads me to believe why the price went up. I would say one of the easiest real world applications for XYO would be for paying for a package as it arrives in your house. As the tracker on the box or inside the box meets the tracker at your house, you would then be billed for your package. Imagine this with amazon, if you could allow people to pay for their package once it's inside their home, it would be make the customer experience that much more fluid and customers wouldn't be responsible for packages being stolen off their porch because they never made it inside their home. If someone stole the package off your porch and didn't know there was a tracker on it, you could possibly identify where they are located and inform the authorities too! Also GPS is really easy to spoof (R.I.P. pokemon GO), and in the world of tomorrow, GPS will not hold-up, we need peer-to-peer networks. If GPS was to go down, what would we turn to? We could use a backup plan in the event GPS is taken down by natural disaster or unnatural. GPS is literally the backbone of the modern economy. I've been watching their youtube videos, they recently held a convention in LA and they talk about a lot of questions you may have (or if you just want to get up to date):
  7. Bought around $600 of it at the ICO, my stack was down to $120 for a while, but ironically when everyone else is down, it's up right now (note they are not yet listed on an exchange and are ranked 112 on CMC from token sales, but I just got an e-mail saying they will be on LATOKEN this Friday if you're interested..) It's worth $400 right now and has had lots of gains, not exactly sure why but they have interesting use-cases and they are essentially interested in instrumenting the planet and creating a lot of mini networks that do things such as protecting rain forests by alerting authorities when the sound of a tree being chopped down hits a beacon on the network. I can see it being used in a lot of geo-centric use cases and they aren't all about making the token M000N, more about making technology that does what they say it does.
  8. Meanwhile all the bots are shilling on /r/cryptocurrency and nobody bats an eye?
  9. Location based cryptos are good IMO, barely anyone is doing it and proof of location will be huuuugee. *cough cough XYO Network*
  10. I find that it's always a good time to add to your stack. If you're any good at chart reading, find a ETH/XRP trading pair and scrape a few zerps here and there.
  11. I'm fairly certain crypto doesn't abide by logic as we have witnessed time and time again.
  12. LucidRain

    Heaven forbid, but what if ......

    I'm fairly certain my family would accidentally delete my backup codes by accident
  13. XRP bc otherwise you can't play in any crypto ever again
  14. LucidRain

    Climbing in Bed with the Clintons

    Pretty sure XRP is one of the only coins not tanking in this red market rn
  15. So this topic includes XRP, but does not specifically state XRP. It includes cryptocurrency in general as being a valid form of money transfer method and one can deduct that this would include some of the world's fastest crypto tokens, such as XRP. https://bitcoinist.com/mastercard-wins-patent-to-increase-cryptocurrency-payment-speed/