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  1. I just came across this news "XRP pilot program": What New Partnership Says About XRP’s Future A company processing $20.0 billion in cross-border payments is launching an XRP pilot program, adding more real-world demand for Ripple’s native cryptocurrency. The company is Cambridge Global Payments. Read in detail here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-prediction-new-partnership-says-future/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  2. Well, one reason is that JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies. It was only a few months ago that he called Bitcoin a “fraud,” adding that he would fire any employees caught trading virtual currencies. Although critics of Ripple insist that banks have no intention of adopting XRP, Wall Street’s resistance to blockchain is weakening. Read Here in detail... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-prediction-bofa-jpmorgan-might-adapt-ripple/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  3. As of Thursday morning, ETH prices are up 0.43% against the U.S. dollar and the Ethereum to USD exchange rate is around $870.60. China’s crypto crackdown goes international? Blockchain startups receive SEC subpoenas CFTC lets employees trade cryptos Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ethereum/ethereum-price-forecast-china-sec-probe-cftc-rules-change/?utm_source=rp.etoro&utm_medium=referral
  4. You would think that by now—after months of fighting the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)—investors would be able to separate fact from fiction. Apparently, that’s not the case. Here’s a brief list of the commenter’s questions and concerns: “[How] do you come to the price of $10.00 when the question of xrp token is in doubt?” “[Does] it have any use?” “[Banks don’t] have to use it. [It’s] only used by ripple […] to make more money from unsuspecting buyers who buy it up not knowing its price is artificially kept low.” Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/price-analysis-new-investors-come-old-myths-xrp/
  5. Tuesday morning brought some good news for the cryptocurrency market, but it was a mixed blessing for Ripple. The total cryptocurrency market cap rose 6.2% overnight, bringing in fresh investment from fiat currencies. That’s the good news. Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/price-prediction-xrp-pushed-back-dark-horse-status/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  6. NEO, commonly referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum,” has overtaken Cardano to become the sixth most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. The NEO coin price has shot up nearly 17% on Monday In Detail... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/neo/cryptocurrency-reasons-neo-coin-price-skyrocketing/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  7. I’m incredibly bullish on Ripple (XRP). XRP trading volumes fell below $1.0 billion yesterday. This is disturbing. Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/price-prediction-xrp-plagued-weak-trading-volumes/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  8. Hey... Here is the Review Of "eToro Exchange" In this eToro exchange review, we’ll discuss the cryptocurrency aspect of eToro including the eToro pros and cons, how to buy on eToro, how to sell on eToro, how to deposit money on eToro, how to withdraw from eToro, how to deposit with PayPal, and other frequently asked questions. Know More Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency-exchanges/etoro/exchange-review-things-know-selecting-best-social-trading-platform/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  9. Cryptocurrencies Are Caught in a Correction The cryptocurrency market is falling, which was completely contrary to the price action that characterized all of last year. I just came across this... what you guys think???? https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/news-today-market-falling-btc-eth-ltc-xrp/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  10. Hey Here is the New Venezuelan Cryptocurrency..... What do you think? Here is the... Petro Cryptocurrency... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/petro/everything-investors-know-venezuelan-petro-cryptocurrency-ptr/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  11. A logical reading of this information should have been sending XRP prices soaring, yet the crypto is down 5.9% this morning. The XRP to USD exchange rate is down to $1.07.
  12. Hey folks... What do you think?????? Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-prediction-ripple-surge-466-billion-market/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral It signed a partnership with MoneyGram International, Inc. (NASDAQ:MGI) at the start of the year, then followed that up with similar arrangements with Mercury Foreign Exchange Limited (otherwise known as Mercury FX) and IDT Corporation(NYSE:IDT). This looks like a strategic move.
  13. I have some NEO Coins... I would like to share some NEO info.... https://goo.gl/yoyy9M
  14. Although volatility rocked the cryptocurrency market on Saturday and Sunday, Ripple prices ended the weekend higher than expected. Even better, the cryptocurrency market cap topped $500.0 billion for the first time in weeks. Just read what leading politicians had to say about cryptos: https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-prediction-ripple-outlook-improves-fiat-crypto-inflows-surge/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
  15. Here I have shared ... Different ways to buy NEO Cryptocurrency How to Buy NEO Coin: Step-By-Step Guide https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/neo/buy-neo-cryptocurrency-neo-coin-5-different-ways-explained/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat&utm_medium=referral
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