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  1. So I took a look a Jed's Taco Stand just now and it is sitting at 35 XRP and if you look at his transactions, he dumped a lot today! https://bithomp.com/explorer/rwsiRpi2PQmyhjeg48wNGyXPNRtGhgyURJ
  2. Wow this article is so bad and inaccurate. Another crypto "news" website that will be added to my shit list.
  3. If you do not own your keys, everything is at risk.
  4. Did they freeze all withdrawls or just XRP? Have you tried trading the XRP to BTC and moving it off?
  5. My suggestion would be to redesign the page so that everything fits in the window, so you do not need to scroll down to see the results.
  6. I'm waiting for the questions of... What's better a hardware wallet or paper wallet Which is the best hardware wallet Which is the best exchange to buy XRP
  7. LOL. Not yet if you believe some people, it was filmed in a movie studio
  8. LOL... 5 Years ago - "We are going to moon in 5 years" Today - "We are going to moon in 5 years" 5 Years from now - "We are going to moon in 5 years"
  9. Yes it can. It has been set to $0.05. Enjoy!
  10. Coinbase allows you to schedule recurring purchases, if you don't mind their higher fees.
  11. Umm the same way you purchased XRP, but do the opposite.........
  12. Get ready for XRP ATMs! https://medium.com/xpring/investing-in-coinme-6b25821706f8
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