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  1. I've been in XRP since 2013, it has blown my mind and exceeded my imagination that it is stable at $0.30. I never thought it would breach $0.10.
  2. I'm good friends with JoelKatz. He told me that he lost faith in XRP, so he moved some of his bag to Coinbase so that he can buy BTC. Then he plans to transfer that BTC to Binance and buy some BCHSV before they delist it. He is a huge supporter of Satoshi's vision.
  3. So with this logic, for BTC to gain adoption, Satoshi has to unload his bags as well?
  4. https://dailyhodl.com/2019/03/29/crypto-whale-watchers-say-ripples-xrapid-likely-powering-surge-in-xrp-volume/
  5. Ummm why do you need a bot to do that? You can do it by hand, xrp fluctuates $0.005 to $0.01 at least once a week.
  6. Short answer.... No. Long answer: RippleNet contains three products: xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia. Each of these products solve a different problem. The only product that utilizes XRP 100% of the time is xRapid. As of now, most of Ripple's customers are on xCurrent, but it is very easy to add xRapid. This is Ripple's plan, get everyone on xCurrent, then move them to xRapid. Customers will move to xRapid due to the cost savings in certain corridors. Hope that helps.
  7. Everyone, ignore any Forbes article where the author has a title of contributor, sr. contributor, etc. These are all opinion articles that are not based on fact and it is solely the opinion of the author. If I wrote enough, I also could be picked up as a contributor and just write articles about why does some **** float and others don't for Forbes. Highlight the Circle with an I and you will get this:
  8. We all know this is how the conversation went: Jed: We need to airdrop XLM to everyone in the world IBM: but how do we make money? Jed: I don't care about you making money, I'll make a ton of money IBM: umm, for this partnership and XLM to work, we need to make money Jed: Well, my girlfriend thinks you guys are bad for us. I don't need you fools and I'm not going to work with you anymore! IBM: Bye Felicia! Watch XLM crash and burn!
  9. Should I leak the xRapid partnership now or later?
  10. Getting a warning from Metamask with this site. Might be a false positive, but be careful!
  11. Yes, you can. If you are looking for an off-ramp for XRP/USD, you can use the following exchanges: Kraken, Bittrex, Uphold, and Bitstamp. There are more options if you are looking for BTC/USD off-ramp.
  12. @VanGogh It was the pump due to Swell and the expectation that xRapid was going into production. XRP always pumps before Swell.
  13. This. Just like Bitcoin, whenever there is a new fork, people move their money to that fork in hopes for free coins. When people move into the forking coin, the price pumps. Same thing just happened with BCH.
  14. You will need to generate an XRP address (see wallet). You can generate a paper wallet, use Toast, or any other method you prefer. Once you have that wallet setup, you will provide the public address to xrparrot as your destination address and xrparrot will deposit your newly purchased xrp there. You can also use your eToro address and tag, but i wouldn't recommend leaving your XRP on an exchange if you plan to hold long term. https://www.xrparrot.com/faq
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