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  1. This ODL cliff has me more concerned than any development in 3 years I've seen. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. I’m gonna be a millionaire soon enough anyway, just hoping that XRP gets me there a few years faster!
  3. So 3 billion more coins in circulation in just under a year, at this rate it’s about 15 years to clear out the escrows
  4. How is team ripple our opponent? If anything we bought a piece of part of their action.
  5. That’s why I’m all in preflop
  6. I have run across some UPU sovereign citizens in my career and it’s my experience that anyone who mentions the UPU is certifiably bonkers.
  7. I will sell you my toe for $16 billion, with polish
  8. There’s only one of my left big toes and there’s 41 billion circulating XRP, at $.41 per XRP that means my left big toe is worth $16 billion
  9. Maybe, but why would ripple want to sell its 50 billion XRP for $30 billion if it can sell the same XRP for $300 billion, or $3 trilllion?
  10. Whether rapid itself drives demand and XRP price is unclear but seems neutral by common sense and as explained by Schwartz’s comments. Bob Way explained succinctly that the upside for XRP from xrapid is the institutional demand from the participants in the Xrapid pipelines: exchanges, market makers, corporations which want to send XRP directly and so forth. The assets don’t self balance, and market makers need to replenish XRP from ripple or from the open market in order to maintain liquidity.
  11. So if you have 35000 XRP, losing 100k is worse than losing $2million?
  12. riding this thing from $60 down to $5 would be quite a punch in the gut
  13. whiteout


    Sorry brother you may be out of luck. Contact the police.
  14. whiteout


    You’re going to have to give us more info, what was the nature of the scam, where did you send the funds, maybe destination wallet too
  15. Just like visa A little competition is not fatal
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