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  1. You should probably buy or maybe wait if you’re not ready to buy yet.
  2. Average age of the XRPChat family

    37 and I work too hard. Xrp rounding $100 gets me ever so much closer to quitting. I’ve got a young family to provide for too. I don’t want anything fancy except for time to spend with them. The more I read the more it seems like if XRP is going to reach 100 it will be on the way to higher numbers eventually. Will be hard not to cash out for 7 figures, but not a bad problem to have.
  3. That’s not how 4chan works
  4. It’s not besides the point, even assuming that the total value of the ledger is a real concept rather than a different way to make the lame market cap argument (it’s not), the point is that the total value of the btc ledger as you state is speculative and the future value of the xrp ledger that would support a high valuation will be driven by actual institutional use and therefore real value. So it’s completely possible that it would dwarf the current speculative value of either ledger.
  5. I’d also add that to the extent xrp allows unlocking of nostro vostro I don’t expect a full or even fractional capture of the $27Tn there but what xrp does allow is for that money to be unlocked and some portion of it can be applied directly to purchase xrp for these institutions without affecting their balance sheets significantly.
  6. Even if individual transactions are net 0 between buy sell there will be institutional reserves purchased for their own use on a large scale both by market makers and by the banks their selves directly in order to provide this liquidity. You can’t have a liquid transaction that doesn’t move the market without significant value already in the market. And an institutional market maker will need to hold reserves in fair excess beyond their expected volume value for continuity of service. For the volume of daily money transfers ripple is targeting there is necessarily going to be institutional xrp holding in the many billions of $ across global competition.
  7. Friends reactiion...

    Out of all my friends and family only my wife was able to see the big picture and potential here. Luckily she’s the only one who matters. For the rest of them, I will buy the drinks.
  8. If you were a hotdog, would you eat yourself?
  9. Buy the XRP before you get married otherwise it’s community property yo
  10. XRP 2018 > Litecoin 2017

    This thread is going places.
  11. I think I read that the settlement value is frozen at the time of transfer and the marketmakers eat the difference if any
  12. The vast vast majority of customers don’t have any idea that these companies are using crypto currency behind the scenes. X rapid allows the companies to save money and pass some savings on to the consumers and gain competitive edge that way. It’s not for people like you.
  13. It's a matter of time

    Why would Ripple IPO it doesn’t make any sense.
  14. This is the answer. Diversify into real estate, stocks, index funds and cash. There’s no need to diversify within crypto.
  15. XRP Rings - Coming soon!

    Any cease and desist letters yet?