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  1. I’d imagine this would lead to a shareholder derivative lawsuit.
  2. Isn’t that your toast wallet passphrase
  3. whiteout

    Hi! I'm Bob

    This isn’t how corporations work. The shareholders in RL don’t own the assets like the escrowed XRP. The company can, in its business judgment, do whatever it wants with those assets. The company and its officers answers only to to the board of directors except in extreme circumstances.
  4. To be fair the titanic isn’t in bad shape, the swimming pools are even still filled.
  5. My staff want their pay in dollars.
  6. Federal district court ruling is not binding across the country, and federal appeals court ruling is really only binding within federal districts in that circuit. However a federal appeals ruling is persuasive in all courts nationally and sets up a USSC appeal which would be binding nationally.
  7. Lol, what? I don’t give a **** about Amazon but I own a bunch
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