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  1. whiteout

    Ripple Network forked to create SystemD

    How do we access our State wallets? By providing you our master and secret ripple keys?
  2. whiteout

    Ana Botín (Santander) talks about Ripple again

    Yes and one day they will throw the giant iron switch with open terminals to switch between the two systems.
  3. Most people who hold coins on exchanges already will just ignore this even if they hear about it.
  4. whiteout

    A word of advice to young monkeys

    Chimps aren’t monkeys they’re apes you monkey.
  5. This is a 44d basis filing which means its registering an existing foreign mark. As far as likelihood of confusion it’s unlikely that Ripple can claim ownership of the letter x.
  6. Plaintiffs sued Ripple claiming securities fraud in state court. Ripple, as Defendant, filed a motion and successfully removed the proceeding to federal court.
  7. LOL indeed. Hogs get slaughtered
  8. FUD posters confused by price rise. Story at 11.
  9. The intellectual dishonesty is in the difference between “I wish I had sold” And “If I had known better I would’ve sold” All the information was available. If you have regrets that’s fine but it’s not because you lacked access to knowledge.