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  1. whiteout

    ICE/Baakt and XRP

    Of course wall street will sell derivatives it’s in their blood
  2. This is a strictly procedural decision and has no bearing on the merits of the case
  3. whiteout

    When is the Ripple Trial

    This has nothing to do with the topic at hand
  4. whiteout

    When is the Ripple Trial

    As to why a former SEC officer would defend ripple in court the answer is very simple: for money
  5. Drag out lawsuit with discovery and procedural motions until XRP moons; accept settlement in XRP from Ripple’s 1Billion XRP per month funding tap. Easy game. Or, lose to Mary Jo White and bottomless legal fee war chest. Easy game.
  6. whiteout

    "Helios" Stock Nasdaq

    Have you looked at the fundamentals here? This company bleeds money.
  7. whiteout

    BTC dumping again

    I know it for myself. If XRP goes to 0, I’ll kick myself life goes on. If XRP goes to the numbers people seem to see as possible like $50, that’s a 200x bagger on my initial investment and means I’m debt free and then some. Your definition of “early” is no more valid than mine, they’re both arbitrary. It’s not as early as it was in 2012, but we are still looking an asset without widespread adoption and utilization so the sky is the limit. It’s early compared to people who will buy in 2020. That’s really my point, the downside is limited to your initial investment but the upside is uncapped for all intents and purposes if you are disciplined enough to hold.
  8. whiteout

    BTC dumping again

    The beauty for XRP for many investors is it so early in this that XRP is capable of producing life changing money and the downside is not a “lot of money” by any measure.
  9. I wish it was that simple but nation states can print money and have armies.
  10. whiteout

    Ripple's revenue model?