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  1. The intellectual dishonesty is in the difference between “I wish I had sold” And “If I had known better I would’ve sold” All the information was available. If you have regrets that’s fine but it’s not because you lacked access to knowledge.
  2. If you issue securities (ie sell investments) you either have to register them or have an exemption to registration. This is a rule 506 form D filing, a notice of sale of equity in a company, for an offering exempted under regulation D Issued to no more than 35 accredited investors and amounts over $7.5 million.
  3. If you will it, Dude, it is no dream.
  4. “If you had known”? This is nonsense, intellectual dishonesty at best. Nobody knows the future.
  5. whiteout

    Do you know what you shouldn't?

    Just curious. I’m a lawyer I ask lots of questions
  6. whiteout

    Do you know what you shouldn't?

    Delectro, What do you do for a living?
  7. whiteout

    Friend might split with his domestic partnership

    The fuq is a domestic partnership
  8. whiteout

    589.01 gets hammered

  9. whiteout

    Abandon the "XRP" trademark?

    Presumption of ownership of the mark, not anything else.
  10. whiteout

    How much XRP is enough??

    I almost accidentally the whole thing!
  11. whiteout

    40% in 24 hours....

    Depends on if we eat chillis