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  1. 10 trillion traded to date doesn’t equal 10 trillion of investment.
  2. whiteout

    Wanting to pull the trigger on more XRP ...

    You should probably hem and haw about it until it’s at a new all time high.
  3. whiteout

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    I’m just hodling until I start to sell. Don’t have the time or energy to mess around with short term capital gains from buying and selling constantly
  4. whiteout

    Practical Advice for an Impractical Forum

    Plus the net investment income tax for another 3% or so. Moral is don’t live in CA. Also if you’re cashing big numbers the top federal cap gains rate is 20 not 15%. So a California resident will pay about 37%.
  5. Snoop is 100% mainstream corporate and has been for a decade get a clue
  6. Yeah these are different products. So much wanting!
  7. whiteout

    Price frustrations

    Yeah it’s hard to make money from other people’s work. Cool your jets.
  8. whiteout

    Facebook vs Ripple

    I don’t see that cross border payments on a user to user basis via messenger competes with ripples goal of bridging international settlements.
  9. Quantcast and quantlab aren’t the same company.
  10. whiteout

    A Snoop Dogg Discussion

    This whole thread is a joke
  11. whiteout

    A Snoop Dogg Discussion

    I had the brew she had the chronic. The lakers beat the SuperSonics.
  12. whiteout

    As Cryptocurrencies Rise, Who Needs Banks?

    Lots of ledgers not just one.