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  1. This is a nothingburger, I’m reading this as “we haven’t decided yet”
  2. Well they’re not free you gotta at least go through the motions of pitching a globally disruptive tech that is built on the backbone of your failed, abandoned scam coin project
  3. Yes generally this refers to japans culture of the sea and this eye refers to the eye of a starfish which is still millions of years of evolution away unfortunately
  4. I think it’s strange how all her selfies are from the same side
  5. I charge over $89 for each phone call that’s 0.3 hours long. If people are willing to pay him money for this service (collation of news, individual questions and speculation) then more power to him I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.
  6. Do you put 88 in your username because you are a white supremacist?
  7. Lol this is because Elon Musk is a liar
  8. At $10, crypto is 20% of my net worth and I’ll have to fight my wife off the sell button with a wooden spoon
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