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  1. I’ve just put it in for sfin will see what we get lol. What you using sfin for after?
  2. Evening all, so I ended up with 5 EXFI as I bought NFTs with my SGB. So not a huge amount obviously, is it worth doing anything with it or just leave it?
  3. Ah I see, perfect thanks. I’ve also got the Bifrost, will we need to add anything in Bifrost to see the token or will just appear?
  4. Cool thanks guys. Should we have it set up prior to that in our Bifrost wallet?
  5. Congrats mate. I’m hoping the recheck they are doing may be successful, if not, wasn’t one of the lucky ones 👍
  6. Did anyone actually get in on the Vagabond airdrop. I know I signed up about a day after they announced and didn’t get in. They’ve just loaded the check tool on twitter
  7. Guess this could go to $50k and then you get your $10k Green back to $ 60k. Anything is possible in crypto right. It does seem to be shaking out the lower hands at the moment, question is how low will it be prepared to go. I’m certainly holding, these dips are all part of the game of crypto 👍
  8. As can be seen, this is the NFT but nothing happens when I click claim.
  9. Evening all. Is anyone using BestFTSO and receiving the NFTp tokens you get from delegating. I was going to try using them to get one of the claimable NFT’s, the one “Let Us Do The Magic” requires 2 NFTp and I have enough. It shows as available and I can click the claim button, but then nothing happens. I am using the Bifrost app and then the browser within it. What am I doing wrong?
  10. You have to use the browser within the Bifrost wallet to access the flare finance website 👍 Having spent the day playing around with it, I have come to the conclusion I need to read way more about it before trying it out any further. There is so much to get your head around and I haven’t even scratched the surface. I’m sure I’m doing most things wrong and so came to the realisation I’m better off leaving it basic, so turned everything back to into SGB and will stick to basic delegation using WSGB for now. I’ll spend the time looking more deeply into the various options and take the plunge again once FLR goes live. Realised it’s way more complicated than I hoped with the small amount of understanding I have at the moment.
  11. Lol couldn't use the Loan function as I didn't have enough SGB! Oh well, looks like I won't be trying that side of it
  12. Thanks both, it is a learning curve, and as the SGB was free, I don't really see any value lost as I am practicing on the network. I guess that was the intention of it all along. And yes, I also noticed that the value of CAND is significantly lower than SGB when converting and looking to swop back into SGB from CAND, oh well. The intention is to leave this running and staked until the 11th of December then move it all back into SGB, (not sure if I can covert DFLR into SGB) and then hold for the snapshot of ExFI on the 12th and then move the SGB back into CAND. Well that the plan for now lol
  13. Thanks @jn_r that was the part I was missing, I had CAND and SGB but didn't realise you had to add that into the liquidity pool. Now I also didn't realise that you need both SGB and CAND to be able to add into the liquidity pool, which was lucky as I nearly converted all my SGB into CAND, again, this is all new and I realise that would of been a a silly mistake. Fortunately I didn't. So I have added my SGB and CAND into the liquidity pool and then I was able to stake that into FlareFarm. All cool, seems to be working. So next question I have is what happens. next? I understand that from my stake in the FlarFarm, DFLR is the reward. Is the intention to keep these for when the FLR goes live and then migrate over to that? Is there any value in DFLR? Sorry, I know these seem trivial to those who understand and I may also be wrong on many points, so any direction is appreciated.
  14. It would appear I suck at this lol. So I have SGB and now I have CAND after exchanging some SGB to CAND. So I used FlareX to exchange SGB to CAND but when I go into FlareFarm it shows I have nothing available to Stake? So what am I doing wrong, I have both SGB and CAND, I guess its CAND that you use for staking? Appreciate anyones help, oh and I'm using this through the browser in the Bifrost wallet.
  15. Thanks. So how does it work. Do you convert SGB to CAND and then use the CAND to earn DFLR by staking?
  16. So this is now live. Is there any idiots guides to what to do as its fairly confusing for my tiny brain lol
  17. No worries, hope things are getting back on track. Appreciate the update
  18. Ah cool, I thought it was either I missed it or something came up. Thanks for the update 👍👌
  19. Evening, just wondering if there was any update on the huge news you had coming, totally forgot about it and didn’t know if I missed it already 😂
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