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  1. My apologies but I have been warned and received a penalty point about this article as it doesn’t mention Ripple or XRP. I was only posting it to show that the SEC are clamping down in dodgy coins and those people pushing them illegally. I won’t do it again 😔
  2. So we seem to be holding onto second in this very long race to the top. As a psychological thing, this can only be a good thing. If it holds or rises, is anyone’s guess. It has to start somewhere and at some point I guess 👌👍
  3. Thank you, I am sure we are not alone. I may also add that I am holding a fair amount of XRP and will be holding until it reaches a point where I can start to sell off at points that make it worth while. On the same note, I am in no rush as I intend to hold until I reach those points. I am willing to loose it all, and if that happens, it happens. The capital invested can be lost, sure it will be annnoying, but I have written the cost of the asset off, as I hope all of those that invest in Crpto do. Unfortunately, I dont think this is the case for a lot of invested parties. It is clearly evident in the responses on the board and the topics created that there are a lot of people who have invested far more than they can afford or should of on the premise that it will make them overnight millionaires. I hope that it works out for them in the long run. It cannot be stated enough that you should never invest more than you can afford, EVER, no matter what you or those around you think, especially in a speculative market like Crypto. There are just to many people online that seem to know for a matter of fact what is going to happen in the markets and the unfortunate thing is that people believe them. It cannot be said enough, so I will say it again, please only invest what you can afford to loose and do your own research to come to your own conclusions. Ignore anyone that profeses to "Know for sure" the future changes in the market, they dont and they are lying to you!
  4. So much information available online in relation to XRP and all its use cases, current and future and as always, lots of people asking what the future price will be and when will we "Moon". There are those that believe it will go sky high at some point due to an announcement, and the flip side are those that have determined it will sink further into oblivion and never recover. The realisation of both sides of the argument is that it's a speculative market at the moment and no one can tell, those that Hodl can just hope that the changes Ripple are making will in turn increase the price and utilisation or XRP. But what has struck me is that it really is open to any price at the moment, there is simply no justification to XRP's current price. Sure it rises and falls with Bitcoins dominance over the Crypto market as a whole, but the actual price of XRP today is simply a speculative price. You only need to look at the zero use case coins that are in the hundreds of pounds pricing to realise that the figures in the current market simply make no sense, so in turn, why do we even worry about it. I believe, and I may be wrong, but once the real uses cases of XRP are proven and are being used in day to day trading live, the Crpto market as a whole will have no choice but to evalute the pricing of the no use case coins, and these are the ones that will crash and those coins with actual use cases will drive higher in price as money moves from the no use case into the coins with actual use. Again, just my late night thinking and it may, as has been before, be totally wrong ?
  5. Just had an email confirmation from them, link to the statement below - Blockbid.io.
  6. https://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/netcoins-lists-ripple-xrp-20180813-00303
  7. I will also be taking a break for a while. I have alerts set all the way down to 0 so if it keeps going low I’ll keep buying when an alert is triggered, but I won’t be watching every bloody hour as I am now ? so hard to not keep checking, but need to for the sake of my bank balance, each time I check, I end up buying more ?
  8. This is also something I need to address, and something I’ll do this week. Although trying to explain this to my parents who struggle with a mobile phone is not something I’m in any rush to do ?
  9. You didn’t wake up tomorrow and your Zerps are all locked away and your loved ones have no access to them! its easy to put off, but I was wondering, have you all got a scenario in place if the worst should happen to you, can your family access your off line storage? I went through how to access my storage yesterday with my partner just in case and feel better knowing that if and when we ever to hit the big time and I’m not here to see it, my family can still at least live the dream ?
  10. Still here and no intention to sell. I don’t understand the mentality of those who panic sell. I was always in for the long haul, as such, these dips are just speed humps in the road before we hit the open highway. Relax, sit back, and have a little patience ?
  11. As per my apple update as of this morning. Wasn’t sure if people was aware but I guess this makes it more appealing to the masses ??
  12. Evening all, I’ve been closely watching the forums and must say been impressed with the variety of opinions from the members on the board. I like the fact that most are not in this with there eyes closed but relish in the factual information available to the masses to provide an objective opinion in which those who wish to invest in XRP can make valuable decisions. I know I have based on the research I’ve done and I have taken this forum as a base for my personal research, so I’d just like to say thank you for all your efforts and contributions.
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