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  1. Is this region specific then as I can still earn on my xrp in Nexo but I’m based in the UK
  2. These swings are all part of the game, sit back and relax. It will either go past ATH or it won’t. This is all resting on the court case now. If it goes well, we start flying, if not, then it’ll take a while whilst Ripple moves out of the USA and settles anywhere else on the planet that sees XRP as it is, not a security.
  3. Am I right in also thinking that either the Ledger Nano will need to support the airdrop, or a wallet or exchange to be able to trade. I’ve done mine using ledger live and XUMM so not reliant on exchanges, all offline in cold storage.
  4. I already did the ELS Elysian trust line, are all of these the same sort of thing?
  5. So are these all like the SGB or FLR airdrop, or is there any risk involved? Always reluctant when so many airdrops start appearing. Or is everyone setting up trustlines to these? Am I naive in thinking you should do it, no risk, potentially free money?
  6. I have and I’m in the UK, I agree, I think we should all sign this. All to gain and all to lose for a simple form. No matter how much you hold, SEC are saying all previous and current sales are a security, it’s madness. The more the merrier, click that link 😎😉
  7. Looking into it but seems very complicated for my tiny mind. Anyone use it or recommend an idiots guide to using it? thanks
  8. So I’ve probably got this wrong but as I currently have my SGB accessed through Bifrost, once Uphold release the SGB can I just send that to my Bifrost account and add it to my existing balance?
  9. Uphold will be trading as well hopefully by the end of the month 👍
  10. If I was just looking to get into crypto now I’d say SGB and FLR have some of the most potential at the moment. But it comes down to what you want to gain from it, if it’s just financial then only invest what you can afford to lose in a heartbeat. This market swings violently and regularly and takes no prisoners. One moment you think you’re flying high then the next you’re crashing to earth with a bump. Remove that stress level, only invest invest what you can afford and set yourself price exit points. Ensure to take profit when it’s available, and you’ll get along just fine 👍👌
  11. And for those using iOS, Apples own Stocks does the same natively as a widget.
  12. https://www.crypto-law.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Order-Denying-Motion-to-Intervene-Granting-Amici-Status-10042021.pdf
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