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  1. Ok, seems a lot of effort to post once, up to you I guess. No quarrels with anyone, just posting my personal observation, no harm intended 👍
  2. The SEC hasn’t said BTC or ETH are not securities. Long time lurker 😆 yet despite the massive rise in price recently, you thought this should be your fist post.....call me a cynic 🤨
  3. Nope, two different cases, the SEC case against telegram was for completely different reasons and thus a precedence hasn’t been set - “SEC did not really go after Telegram over the securities definition. The SEC says that once Gram investors receive the tokens, they can resell them to the open market. SEC stated concern was around the secondary market, where individuals with no accreditation could buy Grams without having a clear view of the risks. “
  4. Afternoon all, so the sun is shining and we are still above $1, happy days. Off out to play in the garden and enjoy the fresh air. Hope you all get to go out and enjoy the outdoors also, try not to spend your weekends following charts or arguing on a forum. Stay safe and enjoy life, this will all go up hopefully one day soon enough 😎👌
  5. Never said you was specifically the person I was referring too, it was a generalised observation. You appear to be taking things to heart and would appear to be the paranoid person. You think I’m attacking you personally which simply isn’t the case. As such you immediately go on the defensive and then blanket an entire community as crazy nut jobs 😆 If your sensitive nature doesn’t allow for a generalised observation on an anonymous forum, perhaps the internet isn’t for you 👌
  6. Funny how when the price dips a bit all the new negative accounts pop up to harass members and stir the pot. Don’t rise to it, it’s been shown time and again that these accounts are raised to stir up communities 😉😉
  7. But this is the whole point in crypto, you simply can’t. You can guess based on past performance, but you can’t say with 100% certainty it will happen. One could have as much conviction that it’s going to rise exponentially from here and the past has just been the lull before the storm. By the way, I’m not saying this to be obnoxious, I’m just making a point of saying that surely anything is possible and nothing is certain 👌👍
  8. I think all of us have the best intentions to sell at agreed points we set ourselves, especially those of us who have held despite the ups and downs over the years. I have my exit points and percentage to sell on the way up, but that little devil inside of me will always be there telling me to hold for a little bit longer, it’ll go up again, don’t sell yet, you can make a lot more if you hold it 😆 Time will tell if I end up ignoring the voice and doing what I should or fall prey to his whispers and continue to hold and hoping I don’t regret it 😎
  9. When is the next date for the XRP case to have anything significant, I guess price fluctuates just before due to people being either optimistic on news or negative. Shows how emotional the markets are and how it still really is all a gamble at this point. That said I do appreciate the effort people put into trying to read the markets from historic activity, I wonder if there will be a time in the not to distant future once regulatory steps are imposed on crypto as a whole, when analysis will truly assist those who spend the time and effort to do it.
  10. I don’t know you, as such I don’t form opinions of you personally. You could be the nicest person on the planet. The internet always pulls out the best and worse in people. I don’t mean to offend, and I’m not offended by those on the internet. It’s a tool for information, that’s all I use it for.
  11. Ah there it is, the tantrum of a child. Only seeing what they want to see and only hearing views they want to hear. Your irrational outbursts are baseless and pointless, you achieve nothing in your rants except highlight your shortcomings. Hope you have a nice day 👌😎
  12. 😔 does it really matter, let’s just move along.
  13. 😆 bit of rise over the last few days and people loosing their minds when it drops a bit. It’s all part of the game, sit down, enjoy the outdoors and stop watching the charts. Will be what it will be, go out, enjoy life, come back, see where it’s at, rinse and repeat 👌😎
  14. Yes this, sorry for getting you all excited lol 😆
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