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  1. Thanks for making that clear. I hope there will be a wallet for the Nano by the time the snapshot takes place. Plenty of time to sort it all out I guess 👌
  2. So if it has the same key as the Mew account I created, I’ll be able to use that to access the account on the Eth network, is that correct? I guess it was taken as a given that you’d just have the spark once you created the Mew account delivered to that. Obviously not. So if I have the mnemonic code when I created the Mew account is that enough for me to get my spark once it’s distributed? thanks
  3. Details are here - https://flare.wietse.com I did it after much trepidation and worry over the security aspects but there isn’t anything to worry about. I have a Nano and followed the instructions step by step, created the Mew Eth account and it was all very simple. Took about 10mins for someone like me who isn’t massively technical in regard to Crypto. mom happy that I don’t have to move my XRP to an exchange and back and they can stay on my Nano. I guess once the snapshot is taken in the 12th December, the spark token will be sent to my Mew account, which I have on my phone for si
  4. Afternoon all, so a quick update, I managed to set up my account using the xrp toolkit linking my Nano and creating a Ethereum account using Mew Wallet as per the instructions on XRP Toolkit. Followed the step by step instructions and all set up and linked in about 10mins, so if I can do it, anyone can. Didn’t have to release my mnemonic key from the Nano which is what I was worried about using XUMM as didn’t want to set my account to read/write access. Checked it was all set up and confirmed I’m all set to receive my spark, so very happy and thanks for everyone’s help. Hats off to @WietseWind
  5. I think I need to look at this again at the weekend. I was under the impression that if I have all my xrp on my nano I have to expose it to be able to receive the spark. But looks like iv’e got that wrong, no surprise lol
  6. Yes, it’s to get the spark token. Currently my xrp are on a Nano and I don’t want to compromise that as I’m not massively tech savy in relation to crypto so not massively confident in using the xrptoolkit option. Using an exchange seemed the easiest and safest way for me to get the token
  7. I guess what I’m asking is are they both insured if my XRP is transferred and they get hacked. Uphold holds 90% of crypto in cold storage and Bitrue, 99% according to their websites so I guess both are covered? I’m UK based if that matters
  8. So now that Uphold have confirmed to be distributing the spark token, which exchange would you choose? I have both an account on Bitrue and Uphold, or does it really not matter? https://twitter.com/flarenetworks?s=21
  9. If it’s a case of the xrp being on the exchange for the snapshot, I think I’ll move it to the exchange for that then back to my nano. Seems the easiest solution. Bitrue seems the best option at the moment. I’m right in thinking once the snapshot has been done you can move your xrp back straight away right? It doesn’t need to be left there until the spark are distributed?
  10. Sooo I have XUMM as read only so I can view my XRP balance. Now with the Spark token I need to change this to read and write access, but before doing this in XUMM it warns you not to do it if you have large amounts of XRP etc for protection as my mnemonic code needs to be entered. So is there a safer way, and easier way to claim the spark token, other than loading all my XRP onto Bitrue to claim the Spark. Sorry if this is repeating the same old, but I get lost in the Spark token threads as it gets way to technical. I’ve spent since the end of 2017 keeping my XRP on my Nano and safe and
  11. Thanks @Flintstone Really don’t like the idea of allowing full access, but I guess you can allow it during the snapshot and then turn back to read only? is there a risk in allowing full access? Forgive my ignorance, my knowledge basically got me to buying XRP over the years and making sure it was in cold storage lol
  12. Evening all. Quick question using XUMM. I have an account but is set to read only. Will it need to be read/write to be able to receive the spark tokens? Thanks
  13. So decided to move nearly all my XRP to cold storage whilst the price is still low. Revolut is convenient but if the price does rise the fees are extortionate when converting. So only a very small percentage now on Revolut as play money. When spark is dropped I should now get the allocation based on my wallet address if I’m correct. I have a XUMM account which is read only which shows my stack on the public ledger so I should be able to get the allocation based on that if I’m correct during the snapshot. my question is, if the allocation is based on this, where will the spark reside for tho
  14. At that price I’d probably just leave what I have on Revolut. No point moving it with the fees.
  15. @Flintstone I was wondering if the hassle was worth it due to the fees. To be honest, if the Spark isn’t going to be worth all that much on there own, not sure it’s worth moving them. does anyone have a clue what sort of value each spark would be based on current XRP prices?
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