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  1. Didn’t even watch it, saw the name in the top left corner of the video and realised it wasn’t exactly going to be an impartial, factual viewing 😆
  2. “These tireless public servants will be a key part of our agenda to build back better — and I am confident they will help make meaningful change and move our country forward” President-elect Biden said it a statement. Let’s see if they intend to help or hinder the USA in moving forward in Crypto or become left behind the rest of the world.
  3. Then they’ll just up sticks and move to a country without any issues with it being a security, basically anywhere in the world apart from the US
  4. Thanks for the very detailed reply, that helps in my understanding. Thank you 👌
  5. Nice insights. So what would happen if Ripple was told they weren’t allowed to sell the XRP they hold, can that happen even if they are in Escrow? Is there enough XRP in circulation currently to allow ODL and other projects to carry on and still function as required?
  6. I’ve now got some, now have 10 different coins but still XRP being my majority. 👌
  7. XRP now 5th 😔 I was going to invest in DOT but kept the stake in XRP. I still hope it was the right choice down the line 👌
  8. I’m guessing once the new chair is appointed he/she will sit down and look over the whole case and see if they agree it was a worthy case to continue with. I am sure they will be up to speed with the facts prior to taking the appointment as it’s a high profile action from the SEC. It may transpire that a fine or other option is put in place to prevent a long costly legal fight, and I believe this is the preferred option.
  9. Apologies, I am sure I read somewhere that others members of that team also resigned but can’t find it. So please ignore my last comment unless I can find the source 👌
  10. I guess the only difference maybe here is half the team that brought the case against Ripple, left almost straight after.
  11. To be fair, thats an accurate comment and justified. XRP isnt performing as well as other coins and you should diversify your holdings. As always, Do Your Own Research 😎👍
  12. I kind of have to agree. He is clearly adding nothing of value to the forum and is clearly something to do with herald sheets. but hey, it’s not my forum so I’ll simply block him 👌
  13. Lol 😆 they really are awful, I mean, spelling the surname incorrectly in the first sentence 😂 Brad Barlinghouse 😆 Think @solodeji will be going on the ignore list now as it’s constant now and pointless.
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