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  1. So does that mean I need another ethereum style address? Do I need to input it like we did with the flr snapshot? Different chain ID, how do I get that? thanks for the help
  2. Erm, so I got lost in it all again and now my mind is frazzled. My snapshot of XRP was on my Nano, so self custody. Will I have to do anything to “claim” songbird?
  3. Not really worth spending anytime on it then?
  4. Ah, yes, but only a little bit for a short period 😊 From what I’ve seen of all these you tubers, you basically fudge over actual statistics and change the narrative to suit your own goal. Then the “sheeple” will continue to think you’re the messiah and follow you, in turn increasing your ad revenue to encourage you to blow more smoke up their @rses to justify the hope that if you keep holding you’ll get a ticket to the moon anytime now 😜
  5. Sooooo back to XRP, I was right, XRP held $0.50 and BTC held $30k. Time to start me a YouTube channel 😆 Really is a guessing game for the time being. Let’s hope XRP gets a bit of air time to possibly break ATH this year if the court case ends favourable and the USA and all those exchanges that delisted get back in the game. I bet Mr Musk is a gambling man and bet he holds XRP also, he just hasn’t said anything yet. Bet he’s waiting for a favourable outcome before saying anything, hoping to push the price higher 😎🥸🥳🤩
  6. Anyone using this? Be good to hear your thoughts and if it’s worth doing? thanks
  7. Hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy to tell people to manage risk, have stop losses etc once you know the price will continue to drop. But what if, like most investors you worry just as much about it going straight back up the moment you do take money out of the game. The biggest problem is that people are greedy, they want the get rich fantasy to come true, we all do. The biggest problem is people are investing too much and can’t afford to loose it. Which allows emotion to influence the decision making. I agree with you, this in turn means they start to believe it when someone shows a chart saying it will moon soon, keep holding. Once this emotion takes hold, all reason is lost. No matter the losses, they won’t cut them, they will believe the hype and watch it bleed out. How many times a week do we see the same level heads on socials tell the same thing, as you’ve mentioned, have a plan, stick to it. Set exit points, don’t let emotion take over and only invest what you can afford to loose. It will never change, you know it, I know it as do many others.
  8. Yes, this is the unfortunate thing. People need vindication for their own choices. It’s a really bad position to be in. Had they done what people have been saying since the beginning, only invest what you are comfortable to loose, their wouldn’t be a need for this. But people don’t. They get greedy, the get rich quick schemes, millionaires over night. As long as there are retail customers, their will be those touting they know what’s coming. And unfortunately I have no sympathy for those who loose large amounts. I hope it goes back up, and we all know it will, just no idea when or how big 👌
  9. None whatsoever, not a chart or anything similar, just a guess. It’s as good as any chart and probably as accurate, but at least I’m honest in saying I have no idea, and it’s just a feeling 😉 I don’t profess to have the answers, and the worse thing in these downtrends are there are people looking to others to provide hope and justification for their own investments. DON’T, make your own choices, it’s down to you, you can’t blame others, the sooner people start to wake up and realise this the better 👌👍
  10. I’m hoping the $30k BTC and $0.50 XRP are support levels simply because they are rounded numbers. Physiological if they break it will go lower still. We shall see. Retail are easily spooked and the whales know it. I guess it’s up to them if they want to hold those levels or let it drop further. I have no doubt it will go up eventually and this is a long term trap, as always, by the whales. Let retail feel it’s constantly dropping, level off, encourage buy in from retail as it starts to rise fast, then crash it again. Rinse and repeat. It’s the same old story being played out as it has been for the last four years. This will go lower, no doubt. It’s just how low do they want it to go 👌
  11. Surely you must be looking at this slowly bleeding out and thinking, maybe I was wrong and it’s not going up, it is in fact going down, and probably below $30k. With all the negative news constantly coming out, retail have been scared off for now and unlikely to return in a rush anytime soon.
  12. Totally agree. I think people forget how early this all is to the majority of retail. Nearly all will still not have heard of XRP let alone half the other coins. This is the building blocks of the next generation and it’s bound to come under fire. The old guard are protecting what they understand and control, cash. They won’t let go without a fight, or at least until they have their claws into digital assets and feel they can control that also.
  13. Can the same not be said about BTC. When that started it was a constant noise, never going to reach $100, then $1000, then $10000 etc etc etc. This is an emotional market that feeds on the greed of retail investors. It makes absolutely no difference what the market cap is, never will. If whales can manipulate the price to show a rise is imminent, people will get sucked in and loose money. Those with money will always pray on those without as greed takes over rational thought. The fact you can buy percentages of crypto allows more and more people to dip their toe in. It’s more about how many millions of investors put $100 into it as it will make them rich, that’s the perception whales want more people to see. The more people on socials pushing this narrative the more people will invest. Again, just my thoughts and probably totally wrong 😂
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