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  1. I'm starting to get an ominous feeling... radio silence with a thread full of frozen accounts of new customers is not a good sign three days in. ? @enej, won't you please assuage our worried minds with an update? Sincerely, tmac
  2. Im having the exact same issue. Whenever I try to send Ripple from "My Wallet" (the hosted one), it asks for a password. I never recall being asked to create a password for a "watch-only" wallet, and as an over-anxious perfectionist (particularly when what little money I do have is involved), I most certainly would've saved this password like I do all others in multiple locations. Tells me password for watch-only wallet is wrong and that sending funds is disabled. I never wanted a watch-only wallet, why oh why do I have one?! I want to make sure I can get back my own money from my own account before investing anymore. The "user wallets" I created after the initial send XRP just fine. It's the first wallet created by GateHub upon creation of my account that I don't seem to have access to. I never would've sent funds to that wallet if I'd known this would be the case. But now that they're there and I can't seem to touch them, I'm wary to put any funds in any GateHub wallet altogether until I can be sure my initial XRP investment is liquid. Can someone please help us? I've never had this problem with any other cryptocurrency. Sending usually "just works" and doesn't require an additional password to move funds from a "watch-only wallet" function that I never wanted in the first place. ? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to give up on Ripple!
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