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  1. Although my $$ has been on the sidelines I feel like I’ve been invested since the highs of early 2017. I had plans to buy at .32 when it was .75-.80 down from 2.25 then settled at .24 and lower to .18. I Just pulled my .1 limit buy order and am going to wait some more. I thought I could catch a wick fill my .1 order and head back up. Now I don’t know where the bottom is and don’t want to fill an order then watch it drop by 50% in the next few weeks. Crazy days but Happy Holidays to all and hodl on!🤪
  2. Well, one year has come to pass and here we are. I’m still on the sidelines waiting for a good time to buy. MPC days single digits I’m in at just above that. No DCA just pacients. Once I get my buy price. I’ll set a three digit sell order and wait it out.
  3. No relation to Zerptime. I have been in this community for about a year and chime in from time to time when I foresee dark clouds forming. My concern about Institutional investors is real and they are not going to agree that anything under .50 is a steal. They are the real thieves and will make sure they enter and will make a profit or sit out. Retail have emotions they don’t. XRP is the real deal and ripple is the real platform for xborder payments. They will enter soon when they feel we are near bottom but not before the SEC decision is finalized. No trader is going to risk their career on a big bet with that decision unresolved. Here is how I see it play out BTC will be manipulated down to sub 3k XRP will follow breaking sub .2. Big volume will be an indicator of Inst. investment. Things remain flat until the SEC decision if favorable then we take off. Remember DYOR and good luck.
  4. Not to sound offensive but that cliche is getting old. Why would anyone purchase something that is going to be discounted in the future. I don’t disagree that else are early in the game but buying just cause the price is below .50 is impatient at best the price is now sub .3 and think about how many more zerps you would have if you waited. Me I’m waiting but not gonna get caught if the price drops 30% while I sleep and get stuck in a hole.
  5. Something is not right here, BTC is plummeting. SEC announcement about XRP being a security could come anytime now. And the overall crypto volume is very low. With the traditional exchanges extremely volitile I fear that anyone with a buy order for below current prices could be in for a surprise if the market comes crashing down. I had a large buy order for sub .2 and pulled it out of fear that it would fall right through that zone and out me in the red from the onset. I am watching the market closely and when I feel it has stabled I will enter but all my buy orders are off the table until further notice DYOR and good luck.
  6. I agree with DD. Between .20-.25 we had volume of 10,000,000 per day. When we hit .39 there will be a quick drop to low .20’s but should not go much lower than that. I predict a slow climb north for an indefinite period, ok 12-24 months, as FI beta test and adopt. Another factor is regulation. With a decision either way it will help stem growth after we bottom as markets crave certainty. Just my .02 DYOR and keep some dry powder.
  7. There is a lot of opptimism here and I am optimistic as well but I believe this guy from Seeking Alpha when it come to the XRP bottom. Just trying to present the other side of the debate https://seekingalpha.com/article/4182440-xrp-dead
  8. I firmly believe that big FI's want to get into the crypto market but are not willing to risk their job or credibility at their job to do so presently. The majority are gun shy from the sub prime loan fiasco, derivatives swaps etc. to place any speculative bets. But, there is a smaller minority of younger managers that see the utility of some DA over the long term and these are the ones that will be the early adopters of DA and I believe that xrp will be one of the top choices for them. That being said, FI's and fund managers follow the number one rule of protecting their principle and will not risk entry until there is some momentum toward regulation, easier ways to transact DA and price. The biggest hurdle is price. The other two issues will work themselves out over time as this sector matures and the value of the market is recognized and understood. Price is key to these groups and up until now they feel that the price at current levels is too high. When they are ready to enter, market manipulation will begin (maybe it has begun who knows) and prices will start a downward trend to pre-December 2017 levels in XRP's case this will be in the mid.20 range. I know that I will be called out as a FUDster but the reality with the pros is there is no emotional component to their transactions either the pricing fits into their model or it doesn't. If they value the asset but the price is too high then they will find a way to drive pricing down and then enter within their acceptable range. If these managers feel that regulation and transaction barriers will work themselves out they will take on that risk and begin downward manipulation to gain an entry position. Call me crazy but the fund managers are coming and it will be far below the current level of .50/XRP. For me I am waiting and have been waiting since the price around $3.00 to enter and I hope that my limit buy is positioned just above the market entry of the big guys. This market is very volatile and extremely speculative; I don't have a crystal ball but, I do have the experience to understand the market and the requirements for institutional whales to get in on the game. FWIW I am very bullish and hopefully will be a long time holder but I will not allow emotions enter into my business decisions. Good luck and enjoy the ride.
  9. Be careful, don’t try and catch a falling knife. Do your own research, most analysis is showing a continued bearish trend based on xrp resistance and concern about regulation of BTC. I have place limit buy orders in the range where I feel it will test and rebound. Buying in this deep seems impatient to me but my strategy is my own and I don’t judge other for making independent choices with their own funds. No one at Ripple labs is concerned about near term xrp price. The only sustainable traction we will get is from FI adoption and successful testing and I think that is a couple of years away.
  10. @ALAXRP This: https://nypost.com/2018/05/15/feds-eye-major-regulations-on-cryptocurrency/
  11. No FUD or trolling look at the fifteen day chart everything is continuing to level off to December levels. I believe in the platform but also feel the price is too high and any missed expectations will cause a sell off Once we have our 200 FI announcement this will move upward and continue with more news. Before that Whales rule and will continue to manipulate the market I am bullish in XRP in the long run but feel we have not bottomed as of yet
  12. Be ready people, I don’t think the news coming out of New York next week will be what people are expecting and I feel we are in for further decline. The speculation around Snoop Dogg performing to celebrate a major announcement is unfounded. The most probably reason is, it’s an event week and Ripple wants to generate demand around its brand and products nothing more. Remeber it blockchain that is the elephant in the room not crypto currency. In the big scheme of things Riople is relatively small and this is the chance to garner more brand awareness. The hype surrounding the event is just hype and after the party on the 15th I suspect there will be a lot of disappointment and panic selling. Expect the price to go sub.40 and keep your powder dry.
  13. You could be right about a 1200 value for BTC. But, there is utility in the xrp coin and after we reach 200 beta users ( still waiting for that announcement BG) then I see we move up. Sub $2 by EOY.
  14. Ok it’s been a while since my last post BTC is passing the death cross ETH is down 50% since I last posted and XRP is sitting at .50 and I am still waiting for my first buy. Due to these factors I am going to wait to see where this shakes out. We have dropped from 1.20 to .50 since my last post in a little over a month. I believe in XRP but with no real value, BOT manipulation and BTC dragging everything down I am going to wait to see what happens in the next few weeks. I still have dry powder and will be buying soon as I am in the zone but unlike those that buy at every .02 dip I will wait and make one large buy when I feel that we have it a real bottom. That is around .20 where we were in December before the pump if irrational exuberance. What say you?
  15. Disagree there will need to be governance to ensure stability with the global FI’s or they won’t adopt. Open to hearing a counter thought.
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