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  1. I just posted the evidence, and the method by which it is both possible and has been exposed. Believe it, or not. Up to you.
  2. By request.... For those interested in how this can happen... https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/how-to-tweet Tweet source labels. The Tiff account is on her phone while a web client controls Dr.T ...
  3. Just a PSA to those that follow the XRP Twitter Celebs. @LilBender , has discovered that Tiffany Hayden is also XRPTrump (Dr. T) https://mobile.twitter.com/BredGarlicHouse/status/1082187198638759937 I make no judgements. If you like either of those personas, that's your business. But an open, transparent community is good for XRP and its holders.
  4. "Claims micro transactions are the only way to build liquidity." Also, because of the new pathfinding algos built into RippleNet over the summer, EVERY xRapid and xVia transaction, regardless of size is broken up into micro-transactions across all participant exchanges.
  5. UI is adaptive to your monitor settings. I talked with the team about color contrast and they are planning themes for users to select. Just not urgent for Day 1 launch.
  6. 1.4% for me. Cheaper than all the fees and transfer costs associated with CB.
  7. Yes, you will lock in the rate when you fund the XRP card directly from you bank account. The transaction will show as pending while the ACH clears, but that just means you can't transfer yet. Again, while pending, the cost in fiat and the number of XRP are locked. Once the ACH clears, you can do whatever you want with the XRP.
  8. I Had the same instant transfer abilities for a while. I think they killed it on the whole platform because people would buy, transfer and then call their bank and claim fraud. FYI, I use uphold for all XRP stuff now. CB > ETH> Binance for other Alts
  9. There's a big difference between products with built in leverage that are backed by "physical" assets and those that are backed by consumer credit. Also, MBS, CDO's and Swaps are all OTC products without central clearing. Notice that, due to having proper clearing and oversight, we never have payment or delivery issues in the US Options and/or Futures markets (beyond a few individuals that get wiped out, but the assets are always delivered). There's leverage without systemic credit risk. FOREX markets also operate on massive leverage. Again, with proper clearing and oversight, no issues.
  10. This is exactly right. In 2007-8 you had MBS's being leveraged 30:1 and then sliced into CDO's and those being releveraged at 30:1. Implicit leverage of 900:1 on an asset that by definition was leveraged at least 4:1 (20% down home mortgage, and of course many were not 20% down). The math comes out to about 4000:1 total leverage on the housing sector. Supply of crypto is fixed, so just as you point out for the physical gold market, the more claims, the more valuable. There could be some leverage concerns for those that are short claims, but a robust futures market can mitigate that risk.
  11. Why fork it? Just securitize it. In fact, this has already been done with GBTC.
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