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  1. Hi zerptilyaderp, I'm sooooooooo impressed with your valuation model regardless of its make-sense. An assumption on many inputs and no doubt velocity is the most key one. Any supportive table/arguments for velocity number? As an XRP investor, higher V is not a good news. agreed. To defence MV = PQ argument, the primary success of XRP in FIs gives your (price) estimates (even lower if higher V). But, I think it's a very good estimate of the success in cross-border TXs markets. No reason not to think the conquering other markets and/or human greed, etc. It's hard to be measurable but not trivial sources for price appreciation. According to BG, "Where Ripple is today with payments is analogue to where Amazon was with books." and "Progress we made in payments is one piece of the Internet of Value (IoV) puzzle."
  2. 각자가 가지고 있는 리플(XRP)의 질문이나 의견을 맘껏 전개해 보아요. 그냥 바로 궁금한 걸 물어도 환영합니다만 혹시 리플이 뭔지 좀 더 알아보고 싶은 분들은 아래 링크에 가셔서 몇 개 글을 보시면, 많은 의문이 해소되거나 더 나은 질문을 하실 수 있을겁니다. 리플 정리 자료 (https://coinpan.com/xrp/57436712)
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