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  1. what you like on MS Paint ? could get a few riddles going and your very own cult within a week.
  2. $3,000 per coin and ill help reduce that problem a little bit. Think about it, you know where to find me.
  3. but ******* know if it happens to me ill be giving TED talks on day trading and changing your life through positive thinking. Pretending i planned it all out when in reality i spent the entire year of 2018 rocking in a dark corner hoping some cartoon bear is right.
  4. it didn't look too great last year either. the crypto market is completely unpredictable (for most people) . one day It can make you rich the next it forecloses your house for you. If you see it as a bad investment take what you have left and run for the hills. providing it gets over .75 I'm happy as a pig in ****. and if it doesn't hit that ill keep adding and bringing that breakeven point down with the market
  5. if it went from 25 cents to 3.5 last year in a matter of two weeks. A sudden rise to $8 this year is not outlandish at all. its optimistic but not outlandish in the crypto market.
  6. apart from when you need a number for your username to comply ....in which case the answer is 44 . To the question however, i find this a tough one and if im honest i currently have no exit strategy. im lucky enough to have been aware of XRP through this bear market which allowed me to slightly more than quadruple my stack from what it was during Decembers run. i now feel i have risked enough cash for now until i have rebuilt my fiat position (likely complete this by years end). my plan at the moment is to review my position December 2020 but that by no means suggests
  7. to be fare to him after this bear market im struggling to afford food as well. sometimes i have to choose between more zerps or eating that week. lthankfully i choose the zerps everytime and busk my way through the week
  8. didnt see your "girl" in the photo is she tied up in your basement or did you make her get out of the way for the photo ? aint no way you are living with a female with decor like that. no homely vibe what so ever. yo ass live alone hombrey.
  9. can you not afford a decent cushion set ? that couch looks pretty bare ...... also quite worn, did you pick it up for a decent price off craigslist ? also did you go round and light all those candles just for the sake of the photo or are you just a gay male that likes to sit alone surrounded by candles ??
  10. hubby says if i rub his privates he will buy me another 100,000 XRP but im not sure because he gave me 50k last month instead of a new handbag but i think ripple is never going up so im not sure ......... what do you all think ?
  11. had to resubmit my vote. im moving on up those brackets !
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