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  1. I have same question for basically ANY state- bitrue website lists all 50 states as restricted regions (not serviced). US exchanges have stopped trading XRP, although XRPL DEX might work, I haven't tried it. Seems odd that this subject has not been discussed in greater detail on the chat, or I'm just not seeing the threads. Resolution of the lawsuit needs to happen quickly.
  2. Hodor was an inspiration and validation for many investors, including yours truly. I bought XRP early and held through $3.00 with the moonshot vision. I will be patient. The King is dead. Long live the King.
  3. The Nano can be destroyed and your coins will live on, you just need your private key which can be used to resurrect the coins on another Nano. I left my XRP on an exchange for many months because, as a Newbie, I was anxious about losing them while moving them, especially when the price was at $3. Trust me, when XRP makes a deep run, you will be anxious about where your coins are. Then I read about tether, and how exchanges using tether could go bust, and that really got me going! In the end I bought into the Nano solution, and successfully transferred my XRP...but only half of them, since
  4. Thanks John_Buh, looking forward it!
  5. Hello XRP community, Glad to be here. The following article was offered by a former member and current guest who has left the building more than once: https://mises.org/library/when-money-dies-germany-and-paper-money-after-1910 The article concludes, "These words were written in 1932 by the American economist Edward Kemmerer, one among the clearest arguments against fiat-currency ever written. "No gold, No printing" history tells us: the most important monetary lesson that central banks, once upon a time up through the present day, refuse to learn." So where is the "gold"
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