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  1. This is a positive in my opinion. SWIFT are probably realising they need to up their game with ripple becoming more and more in the limelight.
  2. No lurking for me today. Just haven’t had a proper chance to catch up with the chat. This topic produces pages at an astonishing rate now! ?
  3. Thanks @zenkert There I was quite happy lurking in the shadows reading all the chat unnoticed but after a few vinos one night, @cuber goes and throws a line out for me to join in! Thanks bro! ?
  4. True story! Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with informing close family about it anyway. Surely we are all big enough to realise it’s an individual choice after completing our own research and that we are solely accountable for It. Yes it’s a risky investment, no one knows for sure how it’s going to pan out in the long run but I’m truly grateful that this opportunity was shared with me so that I was also given the chance to partake in this journey.
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