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  1. id say the hindenburg was probably more of the other campaign that had the election wrapped up not sure why politics are consistently brought into xrp
  2. but yes about 7% fees on CC but looks like fiat straight to XRP is possible
  3. ill give you feedback asap bc i mostly buy zerps after having a few brewskis
  4. so when i buy ill send direct to my nano. but they do not have a sell feature
  5. has anyone tried bitit.io? im currently being verified. looks like you buy and send directly to your own wallet
  6. anyone signed up for bitit in the US? im trying now. im in maryland. positive or negative experiences would be welcomed. wanting to skip coinbase bc thats the only way i can get into the crypto world from fiat currently
  7. if only cnbc was a neutral news channel. has to dig at trump any chance it gets let me end this by saying no news organization is neutral. but it would be nice to have one that is “as advertised”.
  8. brad is currently fist fighting coinbase coo for accusations of manipulation. heard it here first
  9. i literally cannot wait for xrp can moon so i can sell out and get away from this political forum
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